Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two Moon Gardens - Spring Hunt

A while ago we told you about an up and coming hunt we are having here at Two Moon Gardens. Now we have some more details for you and an all important announcement that the main hunt prize can NOW be viewed at Ferndale.

Smaller Prizes for ALL, but the main prize is group only.  This will be a garden called TRANQUILITY - it is unlike any other we have made. Here is a photo but it really does not do it justice - you need to come and see for yourselves. We are sure you will love it.

Tranquility -

Yes it is a pool - 40m x 40m and 100 prims, with steps into the water - surrounded by tropical palms and planting - it is a dream garden.

Now for the hunt information - This will be opened by DJ Ranger at the end of the TMG Thursday dance tomorrow 24th April at about 2pm SLT.  The dance begins at 12 noon and lasts for 2 hours if you would like to come along please consider yourselves invited. $1000L on the board for BEST in THEME and this week we have BEST IN FANCY PANTS.

When Ranger announces the hunt has begun you will be able to look for 15 normal coloured monkeys containing some other smaller gifts - most of these are totally new items to Two Moon Gardens so are well worth winning. These are open to all to find so please do tell your friends, they are welcome to come hunt for them too! Remember, Group membership is NOT necessary for these. If you find them you win the contents of each one.

Sorry, but there are no clues on how to find them but we will say there will be 5 on the ground level and 10 in the sky on various platforms. So you can take our teleport system and go and explore.

For our Group Members* we have The Golden Monkey to find.  The Golden one will appear every two hours - see the clock at the Central meeting point for the time of launch of the next one if the current one has already been found. The Golden Monkeys will be launched on the even hours starting at midnight Thursday/Friday 24/25 April. The last one will be launched at midnight Saturday/Sunday 26/27 April and will remain available until found or until 2am on Sunday at the latest.

[Information for the lucky winners - each item is copy/modify but be careful if modifying mesh objects as this can seriously affect land impact!

To help you find one all we can say is it is somewhere on the ground level - each one starts out quite small so you will need to look carefully, however, it will gradually grow in size until it is found or it becomes time to launch the next Golden Monkey. Each new Monkey launched will appear in a different location. These Golden Monkey locations are unknown to most of the staff so please do not ask them for hints.

* Do note to be able to collect the Golden Monkey you will need to belong to the Two Moon Studios Update Group - there are joining boards by the group gift near our central meeting point and at the meeting point itself. Or if you wish you can ask one of the staff to offer you a group join invitation.

* There are some wonderful advantages in joining the group - a monthly gift plus the opportunity to try the Lucky Boards and win yourself a garden or some great plants. Prizes are changed weekly, one of which is an extra special prize for the lucky winner from each round. This is of one of our larger more expensive gardens and registering for that requires some time on the sim (10 mins) for your name to be added after hitting the board. For the others just hit the board and one winner will be selected when the target is reached.

You may see our staff team also hunting but they will only be looking for the ordinary monkeys and not the Golden Monkey, that one is for our customers only.

Winners names will be posted on the notice at the meeting point. Maybe one of those winners will be YOU! Good luck and happy hunting!

The TMG Team led by Miss Bunnie Badger and TwoMoonGardens Resident (aka our own MONKEY)

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