Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More New Special Offers at Booty Central

Today Bunnie has changed the special offers and lucky boards for you all - we now have:

In the Sale Board is Sandy Cover at Half Price for just 250L - this is a lovely beach garden and includes some lovely small sand hill beach sculpts, a small ocean with animated waves. There are also animated grasses, trees, plants and flowers which gives the scene the effect of a breezy day. Two separate romantic couples cuddle animations are included and the pool water has a texture changing facility.

Our New item today is a pack of 10 Vegetable plants for just 99L - this is a real must for all you folks who want your very own vegetable garden. Plants are modify and copy as usual so you can group them in neat rows or if you do not have room for a full veggie garden then why not pop a few lettuces etc in between the flowers in your main borders. Link 2 single plants to give a Li of just 1. The pack includes - Beetroot, chard, chilli pepper, courgette, corn, cucumber, lettuce, raddish and both red and unripe tomatoes.

Our Promo now is Moments at just 199L - this is just 28m x 25m garden with trees and flowers and a cuddle rug with 30 animations and all in a total of only 66 prims. Ideal for those smaller spaces. This is the first time this has been on sale since the Easter Hunt, so if you missed it then now is your chance to own a copy.

In the Bidbox we have Paradise - one of our lovely Panoramic Gardens. Rez this on the ground or use it as a sky box it works equally as either. The bidbox is a wonderful way of obtaining a really amazing garden at a bargain price as bigs start at just 99L - the normal price for this garden is 950L!

The Big Prize Board has Spooktacular - one of our Autumn Gardens you can use for Halloween. If you are planning a Halloween party this would be the ideal venue. Couples cuddle bench and Halloween sign and of course some pumpkins! Remember slap this board and stay somewhere on the sim for just 10 minutes to register your name.

The other Booty Boards today have the Meridian Bridge with lights, a Fat Pack of Summer Plants and Summer Tree number 1. All great prizes for the one lucky winner in each round for each board.

Here is your limo for Booty Central ~

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Today's Special Offers at Booty Central

All of the boards at Booty Cental have been changed today - here is the roundup of items on offer:

Our Half Price Item is the lovely Enchanted Woodland ~ on sale for just 499L.  Get your copy and laze about on the cuddle bench in the shade of the trees.

New today is the Triple Flower Cluster for just 99L ~ a really nice inexpensive filler for any garden setting. Come and see for yourself, 3 mesh plants included with a land impact of just 2 li when linked together, we know you will just want them.

Our Promo pack is a fat pack of Meadow Flowers for just 199L, and in the Bidbox is the really popular Panormic Garden ~ Warm Autumn Daze. This is just the right time to be thinking of your Autumn layout so you might want to come and bid for this.

For the Lucky Boards ~ on the Big Prize Board we have Caribbean Plaza and for the Booty Boards we have A Path to Home in Purple and The new Coffee and Cuddles Fancy Garden. Come to Booty Central and try your luck on these.

Here is your limo for Booty Central ~

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Forthcoming Event - Michele Netso to Sing at TMG

We are pleased to announce that Michele Netso has agreed to come and sing for us all at Two Moon Gardens on Monday, 26th August 2013, from 1 pm until 2 pm SLT.  The venue will be our lovely Elegant Falls garden and the dress code is to be casual. 

Michele (shown above at her piano) is a successful RL artist and has been singing all her life. Her real passion is true Jazz. That she enjoys entertaining is evident in her performances and her personality shines through.*  If you would like to listen to Michele's superb voice then follow this link:

Do put this date in your calendar everyone - Monday, 26th August 2013, from 1 pm until 2 pm SLT. 

* (based on an extract from Michele's bio)

Friday, August 16, 2013

TMG Dance - 15 August 2013

Each week we have a super dance event here at one of the larger garden venues - we have the amazing DJ Ranger and his lovely wife Middy to spin the tunes and organise the trivia.  As you can see from the photo below this time they dressed at none other than our own Bunnie and Monkey.

There are Lindens on the board for Best in ???? and yesterday we had Best In Costume.  As always our loyal dancers dressed in some stunning outfits and even our two hostesses (Bunnie and Isis) got in on the act as the gorgeous Pinkbell Girls.

Another feature of the event is a challenge for our DJ, you must come along and see for yourself what his next task will be.  For our dance on Thursday, 29 August 2013 we have Best In Jeans with 1000L on the board.  Party starts at 12 noon until 2 pm SLT and will be at our Meridian in Summer venue, so make sure you put the date and time in your diary and come and join the fun.

Here is your limo for next week ~

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sweet Escape - Another Fantastic New Promo Garden

Yes, 'Sweet Escape' is yet another fantastic new garden today ~ we are sure you will love this one.  Small but perfectly formed it fits a 512 sq m plot yet is only 39 prims for the garden and just 5 more for the cuddle bench.  So for all of you with few prims to play around with this is an ideal option.

As you will see it has a super fountain set in lush grass with flowers and a nice shady tree.  All this for the Promo price of 199L ~ prices like this will not last long so hurry and get yours today.  If you want to view the garden just take the LM link from Booty Central.

New Small Promo Garden

 *NEW* SHADY PATIO is our most recent creation.  Another real bargain not to be missed ~ it is now on sale at a promo price of ONLY 199L (be quick it will soon revert to its normal price of 399L).

It is a lovely smaller build with a sofa and 2 chairs set on a patio surrounded by lavender colored flowers, summer trees and ferns.  It comes complete with torches, candles and lots of cuddles.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sales and Boards Updates Today

More wonderful things for you here today: 

We have another BRAND NEW 99L Promo for you ~ SUNNY DAYS ~ this is another in our series of small gardens.

Then in our Sale Board you can purchase the lovely Panoramic Garden - A Burst of Blooms for HALF PRICE.  A real bargain this one we are sure you will agree.

In the Bidbox we have everyone's favorite, Blissful Moments and the Big Prize Board has Piazza Romantica.  Both superb gardens for any plot.  Then the other prize boards have - The River of Passions, Beach Passions, A Suspension Bridge and Windy Palms.  You can also pick up Aqua Meadow Grass for just 99L.

Also remember the Homestuff Ultimate Hunt is still ongoing, so if you have not found your own copy of Waterside why not come along and hunt?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sales and Booty Board Updates

We once again have some super new things on sale for you and more goodies in our Booty Boards. On sale at just 99L each are Chamomile Flowers and the lovely new Daydreams small garden.

In the Booty Boards are Rapid River, The Lavender Patch, Fairyweed Lavender and Fairyweed Brown.  The Big Prize Board has the ever popular Landscaped Canal Pack.

On Sale for just 249L is Honeycott Fall and the Bidbox contains White Water Canyon.  These are amazing opportunities to obtain two wonderful gardens at bargain prices.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Promo Garden for 99L

Our newest Garden is now available at a special Promo price of 99L.  It is called Daydreams and it is just 20m x 20m so it is ideal for small gardens.  Alternatively use it in addition to a larger garden or gardens to fill any extra space you may have.  This will only be available at this special price for a short time.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Homestuff Hunt Starts Today 2 August

The Homestuff hunt is one of the largest in Secondlife and as one of this year's sponsors we have made a super new garden for you ~ this is called ~ Waterside.  It is partial mesh and has a lovely moving water wheel with seating nearby all within a countryside garden.  You must come and see for yourself.  The hint board and example of the hunt item you need to find are at Booty Central.   You can also take the landmark to see the hunt garden for yourself.