Friday, October 24, 2014



It will soon be time for winter on the ground here so before then we have a  FANTASTIC END OF AUTUMN SALE for you all! Many of these are HALF-PRICE or EVEN LESS!! MAKE SURE YOU COME AND CHECK THEM OUT!!
*Autumn Splendor* - normal price 499L - NOW on SALE at 399L   
A neat gabebo set in lovely Autumn Landscaping in all the golden colours you expect for this season
*Cherry Blossom Place*  - normal price 799L - NOW on SALE at 399L   
A superb spring/early summer garden with lots of super cherry trees - ideal for those of you in the souther hemisphere who are just in those seasons right now or for those of you who like eternal spring/summer in SL
*The Cottage Garden*  - normal price 550L - NOW on SALE at 349L
The neat little cottage like garden shed is set in a walled garden with picnic bench, cuddle log and central pool.  

*Eden in Autumn* - normal price - 799L - NOW on SALE at 399L 
A large 64m x 64m all mesh build with large central grassy area and horseshoe shaped path and edges with amazing Autumn trees and plants yes really low prims - just 81.
*Elegant Falls in Autumn* - normal price - 1499L - NOW on SALE at 699L
One if the very popular large venue spaces dressed up in its Autumn colours - it has arches, waterfalls and plants in abundance plus heaps of space for dances or other activities.
*English Summertime* - normal price - 599L - NOW on SALE at 349L 
A firepit, cuddle bench and neat gazebo with table and chairs inside - all set in a lovely English style garden.
*Forever Autumn* - normal price - 599L - NOW on SALE at 349L
The path here leads to a central circular area with fountain alongside which is a cuddle bench. Trees and flowers in Autumn colours surround the paved area.
*HEARTS AND FLOWERS* - normal price - 999L - NOW on SALE at 499L
This extremely romantic design is perfect for those having an engagement, wedding or anniversary - with steps going up to a central hearts inspired small dance or seating space. 
  *HEARTS AND FLOWERS SKY GLOBE* - normal price - 799L - NOW on SALE at 399L
This is the sky globe version without the stairs up but with a texture changing globe instead - equally as romantic but for those of you wanting to be higher from the ground.   
*LAND TO OCEAN STREAM* - normal price - 499L - NOW on SALE at 249L
Two version of this in one box - one that has the stream neatly going to a sim edge or lake and one that has the stream disappearing under rocks so that is works well for those with no lake or sim edge. 
*LAZY DAYS* - normal price - 550L - NOW on SALE at 349L   
A fenced, paddock like meadow area with wishing well - lots of lovely trees and soft planting.
*Majestic Falls in Autumn* - normal price 1500L - NOW on SALE for 699L
This is a stunning 50m x 50m build with a large dance floor, planters exploding with flowers, tumbling water falls and lovely autumn foliage.

*Meridian in Autumn* - normal price - 999L - NOW on SALE at 499L 
If you are looking for a courtyard garden for an older style property then this is perfect for you - it has waterfalls, a large central cobbled area and is surrounded by a moat like stream with bridges across.
*Nature's Island* - normal price - 699L - NOW on SALE at 349L
This off-sim island is lovely - small trees, plants and rocks. Plus our own built in menu drive seating allows you to choose a variety of places to sit - bench, rug and two sets of rocks.
*RADIANT FALLS* - normal price 1500L - NOW on SALE - 699L
A softly lit arch envelopes the stage leading to a large dance floor with lots of flower beds.  A monster of a garden at 80m x 80m with a 182 prim count.
*THE ROCK POOL* - normal price - 499L - NOW on SALE at 399L
This is another garden featuring our own menu driven seating system with lots of different rocky places on which to sit in this small but perfect rock pool garden. 

*SPRING POND 1* - normal price - 299L - NOW on SALE at 149L 
A small neat spring pond that will fit into almost any garden space.
*SPRING POND 2* - normal price - 299L - NOW on SALE at 149L
This small spring pond has two water levels but all in a compact space so would fit easily in the smallest garden.
*TIME AWAY* normal price - 550L - NOW on SALE at 450L  
One of this year's new builds this has seating for 6 avatars in a central pergola with sundial.
*TRANQUILITY* - normal price - 699L - NOW on SALE at 349L
For all you swimming pool fans - this is a pool with terrace and surrounding trees and flowers.
*TUMBLING FALLS* - normal price - 699L - NOW on SALE at 499L
An all mesh build with low prim count for its size - this has a lovely courtyard and tumbling waterfalls plus superb planting.
*UNDER THE ARCHES VENUE* - normal price - 1500L - NOW on SALE at 699L
A superb venue that fits wonderfully into place with or without the optional arched pathway sections. This needs to be seen to be appreciated in full.
*UNDER THE ARCHES DOUBLE PATH* - normal price - 999L - NOW on SALE at 399L
Use this on its own or with the above venue - as mentioned this needs to be seen to be appreciated.
*UNDER THE ARCHES SINGLE PATH* - normal price - 499L - NOW on SALE at 249L
If you love the path but only have room for a single section this is for you. Come and see in world.
*WATERSIDE* - normal price - 499L - NOW on SALE at 399L  
A working waterwheel here is set alongside a cuddle bench under nice shady trees and surrounded by plants.


* NEW HAPPY LETTER BOARD ~ The Flower Patch 1 *

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Update on Sales and Prizes - 11 October 2014


UNDER THE BRANCHES* - NOW 249L A great 40M X 40M garden with only 58 prims - this is a real prim saver! And at HALF-PRICE it really is a wonderful chance to add that something extra to your land without having to worry so much about prim count. It comes with trees, grasses and flowers and a lovely sunbeam shining through the foliage. Come and check it out for yourself.

HORIZONS - INSTANT LANDSCAPED GARDEN* - NOW 249L - Another HALF-PRICED gem in pretty lavenders and yellows, with a super winding path going through the garden with trees, shrubs and flowers on either side. Compete with rustic bench this is a great 120 prim garden. 
WOODLAND PLANTS * - Also HALF-PRICE - there are 4 plants/grasses in this pack - use them in your woodland or even in garden borders. Modify and copyable make them a really good buy - take the landmark from the sales sign and see for yourself.
OTHER SALE ITEM IS - WILD VIOLETS* - a 1 prim, mod/copy blue/lilac colour flower patch that can be used with other flowers or on their own. rez as many as you want to fill in those spaces in your planting or add to woodland areas - these violets are really versatile. Come take a look for yourself.

Both of these are just one prim each and modify/copy - Number 4 is in right gold and orange with daisy like flowers, whilst number 5 is in deep yellow with a darker almost brown centre. Check them out today.

Happy Letter Board
THE FLOWER PATCH 1 - this really pretty flower patch is a great prize - in soft lavenders,
purples and yellows. Mod/copy and 10 prims - rez as many as you want.

BIG PRIZESWEET MOMENTS* is on the Big Prize Board this week. A 30m x 25m garden with only 899 prims - it has a neat wall with fencing, cuddle bench, central fountain and plenty of super plants and trees. Come and slap the board and give it a try, you might be one of the lucky winners - one winner in each round. Please remember you need to stay on the sim for 10 mins to ensure your vote is registered.

Two great prizes on our Booty boards: -

The first is - THE MEETING PLACE ~ DARK WOOD* - seating for up to 10 avatars - 2 per bench. Each bench has both singles and couples animations inluding cuddles. All benches in a circular paved area surrounding a firepit, so ideal for those chilly autumn days.
The second prize is - ANGEL BLESSINGS STATUE* - here a beautiful stone angel is on one knee seeming to tend to the pretty flower grouping in front of her. At just 11 prims this makes a great addition to any garden.

WELCOME AREA - AUTUMN GARDEN* is our bid board offering this week, with bids starting as low as 99L. An ideal garden to use as a landing point for a store as well as for use in your gardens, with a nice central fountain and seating area it is worth viewing. The Bid Board is here, come and see:

This is the LM for the new landing point FOUNTAIN SQUARE -

Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Garden & Sales for October + Lucky Items


We have just launched a stunning NEW meeting area called FOUNTAIN SQUARE - in the pack is a super Menu Driven Fountain that can be used in the square or elsewhere in your gardens as you wish. The square measure 34m x 34m and is a fully mesh build with only 86 prims, the optional fountain adds another 43 prims and measures 13m x 13m (giving a total of 129 prims).  Price for the pack containing both is 699L.

For those of you who love the fountain but do not have enough space for the square the fountain can be purchased separately if wished. As stated it is menu driven so you can change the height of the water jets as well as select several alternative water displays.

Make sure you come over and check these out, as well as at the meeting point they are also on one of the platform where you can view without all the sales and other items.  Here is the sky LM:

PROMO - Note: The menu Driven Fountain is on special PROMO offer for a short time - price is 299L instead of the normal 399L.


We have Two NEW small patches - AUTUMN GRASS AND TREES* on sale for 149L. This is a really useful combination of trees and grass in autumn colours. Meauring 10m x 10m with only 7 prims in total! Pack includes falling leaves! Mod/copy so you can rez as many of these as you wish. Fantastic extra Autumn fillers.

The other item is the AUTUMN GRASS on its own, so for those of you who want meadows but no trees then this is ideal - just 99L - the grass is only one prim, but also mod/copy so you can rez these as you wish.

To view take the LM from the new meeting point and view up on our vendor platform.

Our next PROMO Sale is AUTUMN SPLENDOR* - only recently released this is a wondrful bargain at only 399L. With only 57 prims this is a fantastic 25m x 35m garden, ideal for smaller plots. It has a neat gazebo, cuddle chair and lovely autumn planting. Well worth considering at this price. View here:

Our final sale item this week is just in time for HALLOWEEN - SPOOKTACULAR - this is just as you would imagine and can be yours for only 399L. Measuring 32m x 32m - it has 106 prims if the accessories are not required and then for the full HALLOWEEN experience add the other items and the prim count will reach 167. Included in the pack is a couples loveseat. Accessories include pumpkins, gravestones and other goodies ideal for your end of month party. Use the LM at the new meeting point to view this great garden.

On the Lucky Letter Board this week we have Summer Weed 4.Just 7 prims and in lovely white and purple, these flowers have neat grasses to soften the look. If your avatar name matches the Letter then you can win this super prize.

The Big Prize Board this time has LOST SOULS - a 42M X 42M HALLOWEEN garden. a slightly SPOOKY garden this makes another great venue for the end of the month festivities.
This one has 277 prims with lots of dark and well chosen plants and trees. Take the LM and view for yourself. A super prize for one lucky winner in each round. Remember to stay on the sim for 10 mins after slapping to ensure your name registers on the list.

On the other two Lucky boards we have A Path to Home - Twinpack - Yellow and Lazy Days. These are two fantastic prizes for one lucky winner in each round for each board. Either of these would be a great prize to take home. 

The Twinpack has only 22 prims for the entire double path - the straight section is 10 prims and the curve has 12 prims. go and see these for yourself and then slap the board and see if you are a lucky winner.

Lazy Days is a 40m x 45m garden with only 67 prims - an amazing low prim count which includes some mesh. Check it out today!

Last but not least is our Bidder Board - this has GROVE PARK INSTANT GARDEN this week. Worth 799L with bids starting as low as 99L this will be a fantastic bargain for the lucky bidder in any round. Measuring 45m x 45m this has 279 prims, including lovely wall with fencing, gates, lawn and flower beds, plus trees etc. To view take the LM from the Bidboard and see it for yourself.

This is the LM for the new landing point FOUNTAIN SQUARE -