Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two Beautiful New Items Now Available

Some more new items are now on display and available for your gardens - so come along and take a look for yourself

The first is - WINTER ISLAND.

For those of you who have a sim edge or a nice big inland lake you can purchase our lovely new Off-sim Winter Island. This has several places for you to sit along with a variety of poses. A lovely wintery rug that blends in nicely with the surrounding ground, a bench, a rock facing away from the mainland (when using off-sim) and another facing the mainland plus a small pier just inches from the icy water. Each location has a choice of sitting poses including some nice cuddle animations. A really beautiful island we hope you will agree.

The island measures 40m x 40m - 77 prims - Copy / Mod - to view it for yourself here is the link:

Our second new item is the TMG REINDEER

He is a majestic looking animal standing in some pretty sparkly winter grass with a few white flowers alongside. Being mod/copy as usual you could have a few of these dotted across your icy landscape or hiding in the winter woodlands on your land. A total of only 8 prims makes this ideal for any sized plot.

To view him for yourself then take this link:

We look forward to your next visit to our gardens - here is the link for the Welcome Area -

Monday, November 25, 2013

25 November Changes on Boards

Earlier today Bunnie changed all the sales and lucky boards once more. Below are the super items on offer:

On the 99L Sales Board we now have a Snowy Green Christmas Tree. This really pretty tree is NEW and ideal for your gardens this coming festive season. Come take a look for yourself -

On the Main Sale Board we have Devonshire Valley - A medium sized Panoramic Garden - 50m x 50m compete with surrounding so this can be used as a skybox. At just 138 prims it makes a super garden - lots of lovely planting too. Well worth considering at the wonderful price of just 399L.

On the Promo Board we have A Fat Pack of Winter Fir Trees - a great selection to help you fill your winter garden. At only 199L this is a great purchase opportunity and a super collection with some straight and some leaning in 4 different colours too.

A super garden is on the Auction/BidBox Board - Meridian in Autumn! If you have not already acquired a copy of this - then now is your chance to try bidding and see if you and be successful. Bids start really low at just 99L for a superb large venue garden - so do not miss your chance.

The Booty Boards have Meridian Mesh Bridge in Winter and the Meeting Place - two lovely prizes for the lucky winner in each round.

And for the BIG PRIZE BOARD - we have a superb garden - MAJESTIC FALLS IN WINTER. This garden is Monkey and Bunnie's latest beauty. This is a stunning 50m x 50m Venue / garden with 50 waterfalls and spilling planters. Would make a great wedding venue or upper glass garden for your home.  Mostly mesh - 391 prims. Comes with Nature Sounds, Water Sounds, Rain Generator, Snow Generator and Copyable Skating balls. Now that is an amazing prize - so come and try your luck. Remember you need to stay on the sim for 10 minutes for the system to register your name in the draw.

Come along to the Welcome area and look at all the board for yourself - here is your limo:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


On the 99L Sale Board we have a Winter Oak Tree. This tree has a mass of bare branches all with a light dusting of snow. It  makes a nice contrast when placed in a garden with conifers, snowy bushes etc.

Then on the other SALE BOARD we have Angel Haven in Winter for the great price of 199L (that's less than half price). Another of our very pretty winter gardens. It is 50m x 50m garden and has an angel statue, waterfall, pool, pretty planting and all for just 129 prims. 

The PROMO has Crisp Winter Park - another winter garden for only 199L - This one is slighty smaller at 42m x 42m and a total of 139 prims - complete with cuddle bench this has got to be another ideal garden choice for the winter months.

On the BOOTY BOARDS we have - Lake Topaz and River of Passions. The BIG PRIZE BOARD today has Candy Christmas - its value is 599L, making this a great prize for one lucky person each round. Remember to register your name - click the board and stay on sim for 10 minutes. Walk around and explore or teleport to one of the platforms if you would like but do not leave the sim as we do not want you to miss the chance of winning.

The AUCTION or BID BOX as it is sometimes called has a Starting Bid of just 99L. So a great chance to grab yourself a bargain garden. Today we have ICE PARADISE a gorgeous 70m x 70m garden for those larger plots - this has a waterfall, stream with suspension bridge, lots of pretty planting and a cuddle bench.

TMG is once again supporting Toys for Tots, and we would like to ask all of our loyal customers to help us in our support for Toys for Tots.  The display stand has been rezzed in the Welcome Area so your kind donations would be greatly appreciated.  Bunnie would like to thank you all in advance for your kindness in helping us with this great charity.

Here is your limo to the Welcome Area:

Finally, we would like to introduce you to our great NEW WINTER VENDOR - We don't just sell gardens here at TMG, you can purchase all your winter trees and plants separately.  Check out our new vendor filled with winter goodies.  Lots of new things will be added over the next few weeks. This link will take you direct to the vendor which is close to the Meeting Area:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Winter Comes to Two Moon Gardens This Sunday

Yes, Sunday 17 November is the day scheduled for Winter to come to the Ground. We have some super new gardens you will not want to miss seeing also some of your old favourites are sure to be around too.

One of the new gardens is Elegant Falls In Ice - this is the very newest of Bunnie and Monkey's creations. It is the large version many people have been asking for and in the same tradition as Elegant Falls in Summer and Autumn. We are sure you are going to love.

Another new one announced as coming soon was Meridian in Winter. As if that was not enough the Meridian Bridges are also having a new winter coat. You should come and see for yourselves.

There is also the New Meeting Point - the seasonal version of the current popular booty or meeting point - name it as you wish. Still with the central seating area and super waterfall but now with sparkly winter textures and appropriate planting.

And the Winter Version of Majestic Falls is a total delight - it will please you all we are certain. Use it for a meeting place, a dance space or even a skating rink it will be sure to enchant all who see it.

We also have a lovely new version of Nature's Island all decked out with snow for winter too. So what are you waiting for - just grab the limo below and come and see for yourself.

Here is your limo to our landing point:

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Great New Things On Booty Boards Today

Our special Offer for ONLY 99L ~ Summer Planter ~ This is a really pretty raised flower bed that would enhance any summer garden so why not pick yours up now ready for next year at this bargain price?

The SALE BOARD Today is ~ Quiet Times -available for ONLY 220L~ normal price is 499L, so another great less than half price item. This is as the name implies a lovely tranquil garden ideal for those peaceful and relaxing moments away from the crowds.

On the PROMO Board we have ~ Large Flower Bed - for ONLY 150L~ this would go well with the Summer Planter (above) and help add that extra dimension to your garden planting for next summer. A great price at the moment so worth picking up in readiness.

The BOOTY BOARDS have also been changed today and we have a lovely set of items for one lucky winner in each round. There is Utopia and Ravelstoke and one specially for the coming festive season, the very pretty Christmas Fantasy.

Our BIG PRIZE BOARD has a really gorgeous festive garden, we have Christmas Presence, it is normally priced at 950L so you will agree this is a superb prize for one lucky person each round. Do remember to register you must slap the board and remain on the sim for 10 minutes - we do not want you to miss having your name put forward for the draw.

Today's AUCTION item is  ~ Paradise Panoramic Garden, with bids starting at just 99L. This is another wondeful change to get yourself a gorgeous 950L garden for a bargain price. So come and try your luck at bidding, it might be your lucky day.

You might also like to look back at one of the earlier blogs and see the forthcoming winter gardens - all newly created by Bunnie and Monkey in the last few weeks. These will be launched on Sunday 17th November, an exciting time for us all!

As always the LM to the Meeting place to see all the boards and to obtain the direct teleport links is

To view any of the special offers just click on the teleport link given on the relevant board.

Thursday, November 7, 2013



We are pleased to announce the winners of our recent Photographic Competition.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

In the Recent Photo Competition there were 23 entries and the total number of votes were 568

The top 2 were really close only 2 votes in it....

The winner of our 5000L TMG Voucher is Lynn Byron with 51 votes - this is the Photo Lynn submitted ~ we are sure you will agree this was a gorgeous photo and really showcased Two Moon Gardens.

And the runner up happened to be Bunnie's Choice ~ Aiden Adderstein with 49 votes. Aiden WINS A 1000L TMG Voucher. Here is the image Aiden submitted, again a lovely photograph I think you will agree ~ Elegant Falls in Winter.

Our Sincere Congratulations to both winners for wonderful photos.

Of course there were so many worthy entrants and each and every one of them deserves our heartfelt thanks.

Finally, we must thank all of our members who took the time to cast their votes.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All Change on Our Promo, Sales and Lucky Boards Today

Yes, some more new goodies available for you on our boards here again Today. Bunnie has changed them and and we are sure you will love her selection.

On the 99L Sales Board we have Snowy Pine Trees. The box contains a single snowy pine tree at just 1 prim and a stand of trees for 6 prims. Modify and copy as usual so ideal for filling those small spaces this winter and for a fabulous price too!

The Sale Board has Blissful Moments at just 299L ~ this is one of our very popular gardens and one you really won't want to miss at this price. Modify and Copy as usual this has a lovely cuddle fountain summer style.

A Winter Cuddle Fountain is on the Promo Board - at 150L this is another bargain buy. Imagine wanting to snuggle up against your loved one to keep warm on a cold winter day ~ well wrap up warm and go sit by this fountain ~ we are sure you will love it!

On the BidBoard we have Peaceful Retreat - with bids starting at just 99L you are sure to snag yourself a bargain with this. As you can see from the picture below it is quite large so needs a plot of 4096 sq m or above.

The Lucky Boards have on them ~ A Path to Home in Winter ~ Whispering Blooms Pond ~ Summerwinds - panoramic garden. All super prizes for the lucky winners in each round. So come and start slapping those boards!

On the BIG PRIZE BOARD - Elegant Falls Path in Autumn. This is an amazing Prize for one Lucky Winner each round ~ just remember to be sure of having your name accepted by the board you must remain on the sim for 10 minutes after clicking on the board to enter. We don't want anyone missing out so make sure you stay somewhere on sim - feel free to wander around though!

Come along today and buy yourself a bargain or try your luck - to see any of the items on offer just follow the teleports links shown on each board.

Here is your limo to the Meeting Place to see all these amazing goodies! ~ Ferndale/123/112/25

Monday, November 4, 2013


Yes, our wonderful duo of Bunnie and Monkey have been creating for us yet again. We have two amazing new gardens for you for winter, these really are a must see!

Firstly there is the NEW version of the Welcome Area all decked out in sprinkles of snow and ice crystals. The large tree on the right in the photo below gives you some idea of just how pretty this - but you must see it for yourself. It will be launched very soon so watch this space!

Our other NEW venue is Majestic Falls in Winter! If you thought the Autumn one was lovely wait until you see Winter! You can use this for dancing, winter parties and even ice skating. It comes complete with rain and snow generators as well as nature sounds and water sounds. As an added bonus you also get copyable skating balls so you and your friends can skate away to your hearts' content.

The only things NOT in the pack are the ice skates but there will be some FREE ones available for you to pick up right next to the venue when it appears on the ground. Or or course you might already have some or prefer to choose a style to go with your outfits.

This has got to be the winter dancing area and skating rink to beat all others! 

Watch this space and do check out in store notices for the launch of these stunning gardens!

Limo to landing point ~ Ferndale/123/112/25

Friday, November 1, 2013

1st November ~ Promo, Sales and Lucky Board Have Changed

Yes, to start the new month off Bunnie has changed all the Promo and Sales Items plus the Lucky Boards.

Remember to obtain the discount prices you MUST purchase from vendors at the Meeting Place!  

The Landmarks below are given for your viewing convenience ~ you can of course buy from the boxes at the viewing points but these WILL be FULL PRICE.

Promo ~ Rambling River (Small) ~ on offer for just 199L, a super waterfall and river for a smaller plot, its just 40m x 55m in size and only 82 prims.

View it here ~ Ferndale/205/235/2601

On the Sale Board ~ Secret Forest Panoramic Garden ~ just 399L ~ another bargain buy I am sure you will agree. This is set inside a lovely surround so you can use it as a skybox if you wish or place it on the ground. Just 188 Prims and 50m x 50m in size.

Your limo to view is here ~ Ferndale/52/88/2402

The 99L Item is Purple Cornflowers - a one prim plant that you can copy as many times as you want and at a really super price. It is up on our Flower and Plant Platform, and here is the direct link ~ Ferndale/109/136/1401

In the bidbox we have Christmas Presence, a gorgeous winter garden for you. With Winter and Christmas just around the corner now this is a must item ~ come and try bidding, bids beging at just 99L (normal price is 950L) so well worth a try! 

Come and see it at Ferndale/52/196/2402

The Big Prize Board has Nature's Island ~ this is an offsim island with several seating options, a rug, a bench and seating on rocks facing the seaward side. It is just 40m x 40m with grasses, flowers and trees ~ come and see it for yourself ~ viewing link is below. Remeber for this board you must stay on the sim for 10 minutes for your name to register. Ferndale/79/10/23

The other Lucky Boards have Grey Brick Mesh Wall with Railings, Pretty Patio in Pink and Sweet Hollow Stables. All super prizes for one lucky winner each round.

The direct link for the Meeting Place where you will find the Sales Boards, Promo, Bidbox and Lucky Boards is here ~ Ferndale/123/112/25