Thursday, April 10, 2014

10th April Sales and Lucky Boards

Another Thursday and all change on the lucky boards and sales goodies yet again! Each week Bunnie sets our a super array of items for us to buy or win and this week is no exception.

On the 99L Plant sales we have some brand NEW - SUMMER WINDOW BOXES - two pretty window boxes for just 99L. Please note these are modify and transfer (NOT copyable) so you can give them as gifts if you wish. Each is just 5 prims.

The other 99L plant choice is Fairyweed in Lavender. Great for use in almost any garden.

Now for the Special Sales Offers - this week we have a wonderful series of linked ponds in the - HOT SPRING PONDS ~ ONLY 175L. Its small but perfectly formed - just 25m x 12m but has so much on offer in such a small space! No less than 6 linked ponds, one with couples pose balls - lots of pretty grasses set amongst the rocky pond edges and some taller butterfly bushes all go to make up the scene. Well worth this really low price - and its mod/copy too! Take the link from the sales board to view.

Then if you want to build your own farm or country pathway we have the -  RUSTIC PATH PARTS* ~ ONLY 350L - HALF PRICE. This is a kit for arranging your own layout, all the pieces are in the box which is all mesh and fully copy/mod - but do take care if resizing as mesh can cause issues when resized.

Our other special offer is - GROVE PARK* ~ JUST 399L - HALF PRICE. A medium sized garden - 45m x 45m with 279 prims. Enclosed by fencing and with entrance gates this is a great space. Raised beds, steps and central feature all go to make it a little different. Well worth a look and at this price you cannot go wrong. Take the link from the sales board to view.

On the Booty Boards we have - UNDER THE BRANCHES* - PIAZZA ROMANTICA* - *REFLECTIONS*. These are all such beautiful gardens you really must come and try your luck.

The images here help to give you some idea of what the garden is like, but nothing beats seeing for yourself, so grab the landmarks and come on over.


On the ★BIG PRIZE BOARD ~ *CHERRY BLOSSOM PLACE** (a 799L Value)★ - This is one of our most popular gardens so you know you are getting a really great prize with this one. Do remember you have to stay on the sim for 10 minutes to make sure the board registers your name in this draw.

Last but not least - on the ★AUCTION BOARD ~ *UNDER THE ARCHES - VENUE** (a 1500L Value)★ - With bids starting at just 99L this is a must try opportunity to try your bidding skills. One of the newest of our gardens, launched just this spring, this is great for a seating space in any garden or for use as for events. As you can see from the image, it is pretty spectacular!

To enter the contests or to view any of the gardens please use the teleport or LM givers at Booty Central.

Last but not least - an early warning - We are having a super Spring Hunt on 25th and 26 April. Watch out for more details to come! This is one hunt you will not want to miss with some amazing a special NEW garden being created just for the event, plus a good number of smaller prizes!

Look out for this sign - you will see it dotted around the grid!

Our sincere thanks to some amazing store owners who have kindly agreed to set out an advertising board for us.

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