Friday, December 5, 2014

New Goodies This Week + Prize Boards & Bidder


Fantasic - 8 winter grasses in snowy winter colors.
Mod / copy and 1 prim each so you can rez as many times as you want.
Snowy Grass - Brown and White
Snowy Grass - Fluffy Green
Snowy Grass - Fluffy White
Snowy Grass - Plain 1
Snowy Grass - Plain 2
Snowy Grass - Pale Pink Flower
Snowy Grass - Turquoise Flower
Snowy Grass - White Flower

Can be seen in the store -

NEW MESH CHRISTMAS TREES - We now have a row of totally NEW mesh Christmas trees on sale - some are 2 prims (white ones) but some are 4 prims (do check out the piccies). These are stunning - there are 6 to choose from - 199L each:

A glittery white tree with purple baubles

A glittery white tree with pale golden baubles

A glittery white tree with red baubles

A green frosty tipped pine tree with purple baubles

A green frosty tipped one with multi-coloured baubles

A totally green very realistic pine tree with multi-coloured baubles

See them here:

SANTA and his sleigh - Complete with his 9 reindeer - Rudolph leading the herd of course and Santa suitably in the driving seat. It is all mesh and has 47 prims and can be yours for 325L - mod/copy. See it here:


If you are looking for something special to give this Christmas why not consider one of our Gift Cards. They come in a range of values - 500L, 1000L, 2000L, 3000L, 4000L and 5000L, so you are sure to find one that is just right. Find them here:

PRIZE BOARDS AND BIDDER (please note prize boards are Group Only)

In gorgeous monochrome this 46 prim garden is ideal for almost any winter themed space. Measuring 32m x 32m and incorporating street lamps casting amazing shadows, railed walkways, a rive and sprarkly grasses and snow trimmed bare tree branches. mod/copy as usual. (normal price is 499L)
This garden normally priced at 799L is a fantastic prize for one lucky winner in each round. Measuring 64m x 64m and totalling 113 prims, it is fully mod/copy. It comes with two skate balls so you can skate around the central ice covered lake which is surrounded by wonderful snow covered trees, bushes and sparkly grasses. 

Another super prize - this is one of our great new Winter Seating options - a bench with 8 single sits and 4 couple sits is set in a small almost square snow speckled garden. The bench has red, green and silvery white plants around it and yet the whole thing is only 17 prims. Come and try your luck - you might be one of the lucky winners - one per round.
Three different shades of winter grass each only 1 prim can be yours if your avatar first name matches the name on the Lucky Letter board. Remember it must the the avatar name and not your display name (unless they are the same).
This garden is on offer in our bid board - place your bid (they start at just 99L) - if your is the successful bid still valid at the end of the time set then the garden will be yours. If your bid is beaten before the end of the time then the money you paid initially will be returned to you - you can of course raise your bid and try again. This garden is certainly worth trying for - measuring 50m x 50m and in a sky box setting it can be rezzed on land or in the sky. A beautiful surround gives a great panoramic feel yet with only 161 prims. This garden sure packs a punch - come and see it for yourself.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

News, Prizes and Sales - 26 November 2014

Lucky Boards – if you are not yet a group member make sure to join so you can take advantage of these great gifts.

Big Prize Board

RHAPSODY ~ WINTER, (64m x 64m) is one of our very newest gardens and now it could be yours. It has a large wall of cascading water with neat circular venue space, lovely moat and steps down to the water's edge. This is in turn surrounded by a gravelled circular walkway and then garden space with tall conifer trees, shrubs and low plants near the main entrance. It is on the Big Prize Board and you will see this is a great PRIZE! Come and slap the board and give it a try, you might be one of the lucky winners - one winner in each round. Please remember you need to stay on the sim for 10 mins to ensure your vote is registered.
Booty Boards

Snowy Moments – This is a small but perfectly formed winter garden, with snow covered trees, pretty winter bushes, neat sparkly grasses and all on a 20m x 20m snow covered landscape. To complete the garden we have a bench for two, yet the entire garden is only 30 prims. This is well worth considering if you have a small plot or garden corner you wish to set up.
Woman Statue ~ Winter – with only 15 prims in total, the central creamy white marble statue has a hanging plant trailing from her left hand, whilst in her right is an ewer. Surrounded by sparkly grasses and plants this is a statue to grace any garden.
NEW HAPPY LETTER BOARD ~ Snowy Winter Bushes*, this is a great prize to win – 6 snowy winter bushes one in each of 6 colours and each one is only one prim. If your avatar first name begins with the letter then slap the board and collect your prize, its that easy.
AUCTION BIDDER BOARD – this has MAGICAL WINTER WALK this week, with bids starting as low as 99L. A super garden ready for the winter season, measures 40M x 40M and only 113 prims. The colours of the grasses and bushes make this garden stand out. It is well worth seeing so come check it out here:
Sales Items This Week ~ Winter Things - 199L per box

The first box has 3 Christmas Lanterns (transfer only) - they are really nice like old fashioned gas lamps and have pretty winter wreaths attached.
The second box has 3 snow Sculpts (copy/mod) - these come with the snow texture included too.Each is only one prim and can be scaled to fit your land, these are super for adding that extra wintery look to your garden.
See them here

Sunday, November 16, 2014

More New Winter Items On The Ground At Ferndale

NEW Winter Seating, each is an almost square paved area, seasonal plants and shrubs. Each bench sits 2 avatars with 8 single and 4 couple sits all mod/copy.
Winter Seating 1, a single bench with small trees on each side and plants behind, 17 prims.
Winter Seating 2, 27 prims, there are 2 benches set at right angles to one another, 2 trees plus lower plants.
Winter Seating 3, a single bench and larger tree but again with other lower plants and shrubs, 18 prims.

Our twin packs of Paths to Home now has a WINTER version here for you. A straight path (10 prims - 32m x 13m) and a curved path (12 prims 32m x 22m). This is gorgeous, soft snow on the pathway, pretty winter trees, shrubs and plants - you must view it to appreciate it -
BLEAK WINTER PARK - 399L - an amazing black and white build measuring 32m x 32m and only 46 prims. it has a river going under two paved bridges, with side rails which both lead to an octagonal meeting point again with rails and also overhead lamps, which leave a soft glow on the ground beneath. Numerous bare trees and white sparkling, snow covered grass add to this stunning design. See it here:

If you have a store or area you wish to use for a landing/meeting point then our new STORE LANDING POINT ~ WINTER is the ideal design. Only 450L and just 27 prims without the centre piece or 64 prims with the seating area and plants section in use. The central part is our TRANQUIL REST ~ WINTER - this is in the pack as standard for the amazing price of only 450L inclusive. Tranquil Rest seats 8 avatars, and as an extra bonus the pack also contains a Snow Generator. Check it out for yourself:

If you prefer to have seating for 10 avatars you could try THE MEETING PLACE ~ WINTER. Lush warm red furnishing with contrast cushions to the 5 benches (each seat 2 avatars). Each bench has 18 cuddle poses and 15 single! A total of 73 prims includes the snow covered stone circular section and the central fire-pit with smoke on/off function. It can be viewed here:

♬♬ Need a place to dance or ice skate? ♬♬ - COME TO TWO MOON GARDENS
Come over and see the delights that await you for your choice of venues here at Two Moon Gardens. We have Graceful Falls, Rhapsody, Radiant Falls and Majestic Falls which all have Intan dance systems for singles and couples. If Skating is your thing you can use Ice White – Frozen Lake, so something for all. All you need to do is select area space you prefer, turn on your sound and listen to our sim stream and just enjoy. Please remember to dress appropriately for our moderately rated sim.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Starting with our very NEW gardens we have several new designs we hope you will totally love. Check out the new Small Garden Patches too!
Store Landing Point ~ Winter is our new meeting point. It is level with the ground this time, it seamlessly links to the many paths that we hope will help guide you through the ground level more easily. All of the Lucky Boards, Sale Boards and normal ‘Booty Central’ items are located here. At the heart of our new Landing Point we have Tranquil Rest ~ Winter. This has all the usual seating for 8 avatars set around a pool but this time it is all dressed for winter. Pretty snow dusts the rim of the pool and new winter loving plants have been added.
Rhapsody - One of this year's New must have gardens. With a wonderful wall of cascading water, large circular space for events or parties, planting around the edges, and no less than 4 super benches complete this stunning garden.
Graceful Falls - Similar styled curved waterfalls to those in our ever popular Elegant Falls gardens but with an extra twist, this garden has a stunning trellis and pergola like gateway. With a singles/couples bench on either side of the waterfalls too, plus lots of superb planting with snowy trees, shrubs and bushes. A garden that has to be seen to be appreciated.
The Pavilion ~ Winter is our NEW Garden with an Octagonal Pergola reached by climbing 3 short flights of steps. On the sides of the first set of steps we have prettily landscaped gardens, this leads to a flat terrace space, then the next flight of steps leads to the base of the pergola - more garden planting on either side, with the final steps going directly into the pergola itself. A really unusual garden design that beautiful views over the surrounding land spaces. A must see creation – 32m X 32M and only 73 prims. View here:

Next for some of our summer/autumn favourites that now have new winter designs freshly created for you all.

Radiant Falls in Winter - this is the fantastic winter version of our popular large 80m x 80m venue space. The first thing you notice as you rez the garden is the gently falling snow popping out of the rez box ahead of everything else! This adds a sparkle of magic to what goes on to be a really gorgeous garden. As the snow continues to fall it lightly dusts the tiled space. Bare branches, pretty soft lavender plants all add the wintery feel to the whole garden. This is a garden that needs to be viewed to be truly appreciated.
Tumbling Falls in Winter - snow dusting to all the horizontal surfaces gives that wonderful winter feeling to this new version of this fenced garden space. Soft planting adds that wintery touch to the space and helps highlight the three small tumbling waterfalls. With only 92 prims in this 32m x 32m, make sure you see this garden.

Eden in Winter - our lovely 64m x 64m garden with horseshoe shaped path covered in snow patches and with amazing glittery grasses and fantastic snow tipped conifer bushes. Conifer branches complete with cones, sparkly shrubs and berries all add to the magic. A total of 113 prims, and a snow generator in the pack too!

Forever Winter – Both Forever Summer and Forever Autumn have been really popular so if you now would like a winter version for your gardens this is perfect for you. The same style and size but now dressed in soft snow and icy textures and only 67 prims. Check it out here:
Time Away - Winter is also now available for you all. This lovely pergola with central sundial makes a great place to sit and chat on the 3 benches provided - each sits 2 avatars. Check it out here

Finally the other gardens on the ground level are old winter favourites here for another season, we hope you like our choices - do remember there are more winter gardens in the sky too!
Ice White - Frozen Lake – This larger 64M x 64M garden is wonderful for skating. A large frozen Lake is surrounded by beautiful trees and plants all with soft drifts of snow around their bases. It has 113 prims and skating balls are provided. All you will need are your ice skates!
Little Lapland – This is for all of you who like to see Santa and his elves. Two version are in the pack, one with Santa and one without. So use one until Christmas is over if you wish and then change to the non-festive version so you have just the walled winter garden to take you through to springtime. Two versions of the large tree too, one with chasing lights and one without and as an added bonus there is also a skybox and a snow generator included. Check it out here:
Frosty Copse - This garden is a lovely fenced field like garden space. Measuring 55m x 55m with just 89 prims. Snowdrifts and wintery grasses plus lovely snow sprinkled trees complete the picture.
Majestic Falls ~ Winter - This is a stunning winter garden, use it for those Christmas or New Year Dances and Balls, go Ice Skating the choice is yours. This somes complete with with rain and snow generators as well as nature and water sounds. As a bonus you get copyable skating animation balls so you and your friends can skate to your hearts' content. This 50m x 50m garden has got to be the winter dancing area and skating rink suitable to a number of garden sizes from medium to large.
On Frozen Pond - Measuring 32m x 32m this 74 prim garden has skating balls and cuddle bench included. Lots of lovely trees surround the frozen pond with green/white grasses sprinkled with snow. Well worth seeing, this is a lovely medium sized garden.
Winter Pond 1 - Tall bare branched snowy trees and pretty shrubs with blue berries surround this neat little pond. Grasses and other plants in soft pinks and blues. Measuring just 25m x 25m this small pond has 34 prims.
Winter Pond 2 - This 20m x 20m garden has a double level pond in soft turquoise, green and white with a hint of pink. Grasses and bushes with berries and opne tall snow covered tree complete the picture. Only 52 prims in total, so will fit in any garden space.
Winter Pond 3 - If you are wanting a 20m x 20m pond with only 20 prims then this is for you, a snowy bare branched tree and snowy grasses surround this small pond, it really is ideal for literally any garden whatever the size.
Winter Pond 4 - the last but not least of the small garden winter ponds, this is 20m x 20m and only 20 prims. Like Winter Pond 3 it has the same basic layout but with whilst number 3 has slightly bluey green colours, this has pink and soft lilac colouring.
Winter's Morning - Lots of lovely snowy trees, snow sprinkled grasses and shrubs, with a bench and skate balls included in the pack. Measuring 50M x 50M and just 160 prims. Another garden well worth consideration.
Winter Presence - This fenced garden has a number of pretty snowy trees, snow sprinkled grasses and shrubs, plus a small central frozen pond. Measuring 64M x 64M and just 145 prims. Another super winter garden with cuddle bench.

Check out the new Small Winter Blooms 1 & 2 - these wonderful new ones are out on sale now at the new meeting point.

Candy Christmas - Plants are also available alongside the Time Away - Winter Pergola - a selection of pretty shrubs and ground cover for 199L - see them here

Friday, October 24, 2014



It will soon be time for winter on the ground here so before then we have a  FANTASTIC END OF AUTUMN SALE for you all! Many of these are HALF-PRICE or EVEN LESS!! MAKE SURE YOU COME AND CHECK THEM OUT!!
*Autumn Splendor* - normal price 499L - NOW on SALE at 399L   
A neat gabebo set in lovely Autumn Landscaping in all the golden colours you expect for this season
*Cherry Blossom Place*  - normal price 799L - NOW on SALE at 399L   
A superb spring/early summer garden with lots of super cherry trees - ideal for those of you in the souther hemisphere who are just in those seasons right now or for those of you who like eternal spring/summer in SL
*The Cottage Garden*  - normal price 550L - NOW on SALE at 349L
The neat little cottage like garden shed is set in a walled garden with picnic bench, cuddle log and central pool.  

*Eden in Autumn* - normal price - 799L - NOW on SALE at 399L 
A large 64m x 64m all mesh build with large central grassy area and horseshoe shaped path and edges with amazing Autumn trees and plants yes really low prims - just 81.
*Elegant Falls in Autumn* - normal price - 1499L - NOW on SALE at 699L
One if the very popular large venue spaces dressed up in its Autumn colours - it has arches, waterfalls and plants in abundance plus heaps of space for dances or other activities.
*English Summertime* - normal price - 599L - NOW on SALE at 349L 
A firepit, cuddle bench and neat gazebo with table and chairs inside - all set in a lovely English style garden.
*Forever Autumn* - normal price - 599L - NOW on SALE at 349L
The path here leads to a central circular area with fountain alongside which is a cuddle bench. Trees and flowers in Autumn colours surround the paved area.
*HEARTS AND FLOWERS* - normal price - 999L - NOW on SALE at 499L
This extremely romantic design is perfect for those having an engagement, wedding or anniversary - with steps going up to a central hearts inspired small dance or seating space. 
  *HEARTS AND FLOWERS SKY GLOBE* - normal price - 799L - NOW on SALE at 399L
This is the sky globe version without the stairs up but with a texture changing globe instead - equally as romantic but for those of you wanting to be higher from the ground.   
*LAND TO OCEAN STREAM* - normal price - 499L - NOW on SALE at 249L
Two version of this in one box - one that has the stream neatly going to a sim edge or lake and one that has the stream disappearing under rocks so that is works well for those with no lake or sim edge. 
*LAZY DAYS* - normal price - 550L - NOW on SALE at 349L   
A fenced, paddock like meadow area with wishing well - lots of lovely trees and soft planting.
*Majestic Falls in Autumn* - normal price 1500L - NOW on SALE for 699L
This is a stunning 50m x 50m build with a large dance floor, planters exploding with flowers, tumbling water falls and lovely autumn foliage.

*Meridian in Autumn* - normal price - 999L - NOW on SALE at 499L 
If you are looking for a courtyard garden for an older style property then this is perfect for you - it has waterfalls, a large central cobbled area and is surrounded by a moat like stream with bridges across.
*Nature's Island* - normal price - 699L - NOW on SALE at 349L
This off-sim island is lovely - small trees, plants and rocks. Plus our own built in menu drive seating allows you to choose a variety of places to sit - bench, rug and two sets of rocks.
*RADIANT FALLS* - normal price 1500L - NOW on SALE - 699L
A softly lit arch envelopes the stage leading to a large dance floor with lots of flower beds.  A monster of a garden at 80m x 80m with a 182 prim count.
*THE ROCK POOL* - normal price - 499L - NOW on SALE at 399L
This is another garden featuring our own menu driven seating system with lots of different rocky places on which to sit in this small but perfect rock pool garden. 

*SPRING POND 1* - normal price - 299L - NOW on SALE at 149L 
A small neat spring pond that will fit into almost any garden space.
*SPRING POND 2* - normal price - 299L - NOW on SALE at 149L
This small spring pond has two water levels but all in a compact space so would fit easily in the smallest garden.
*TIME AWAY* normal price - 550L - NOW on SALE at 450L  
One of this year's new builds this has seating for 6 avatars in a central pergola with sundial.
*TRANQUILITY* - normal price - 699L - NOW on SALE at 349L
For all you swimming pool fans - this is a pool with terrace and surrounding trees and flowers.
*TUMBLING FALLS* - normal price - 699L - NOW on SALE at 499L
An all mesh build with low prim count for its size - this has a lovely courtyard and tumbling waterfalls plus superb planting.
*UNDER THE ARCHES VENUE* - normal price - 1500L - NOW on SALE at 699L
A superb venue that fits wonderfully into place with or without the optional arched pathway sections. This needs to be seen to be appreciated in full.
*UNDER THE ARCHES DOUBLE PATH* - normal price - 999L - NOW on SALE at 399L
Use this on its own or with the above venue - as mentioned this needs to be seen to be appreciated.
*UNDER THE ARCHES SINGLE PATH* - normal price - 499L - NOW on SALE at 249L
If you love the path but only have room for a single section this is for you. Come and see in world.
*WATERSIDE* - normal price - 499L - NOW on SALE at 399L  
A working waterwheel here is set alongside a cuddle bench under nice shady trees and surrounded by plants.


* NEW HAPPY LETTER BOARD ~ The Flower Patch 1 *