Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Today ~ Promo & Special Offer Items

Happy Weekend to everyone, earlier today Bunnie changed the Promo and Special Offers again for us and you guessed it some super items are on offer: To give you a run down we have:

The first is a great Promo garden, whilst we hate to say it winter is just around the corner so why not buy it early at this super price ~   ~ On Frozen Pond. Only 199L (Usual Prize 550L).  A fantastic chance to grab a bargain - come see, here is your limo ~ ~ Note: If you want to try out the skating animations then take the Landmark from the Promo board.

Our second item at ONLY 99L is the Sales Board for Tuber Rose ~ Reds and Greens
Add a touch of autumn to your garden and pick up your box in the store now. The teleport to the board is here ~

The other Sales Board has Sitting By The Flowers in Red ~ On offer at ONLY 249L another super bargain offer.

Some of you have been asking for individual Autumn Trees, so Bunnie has put some out for you on the plant platform.  Here is your Landmark: ~ they are modify and copy - just buy whichever tree or trees you like - they are not boxed.

For those of you wondering what is on the Lucky Boards - here is the list:

*Big Prize Board -Forest Walk
*Booty Boards -Pink Tumblers, Lake Topaz and Shady Patio

For the Bidbox we have:  Gloomy Hollow - Halloween Garden ~ this is a wonderful chance to get your Halloween Garden at a greatly reduced price:  Bids start at 99L (normal price is 399L).

The LM for the Meeting Point is:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wow - More New Goodies This Week!

Yes folks, we have even more new things here for you today:

The first is a super classical style female statue with a lovely plant hanging from the bowl in her left hand.  All around the pedestal are some pretty flowers including Foxgloves. It is just 11 prims in total and it can be yours for only 175L. You will find this close to the Meeting Point but to help her is the exact location:

Our group members will love this second item as its the latest GROUP GIFT - a really pretty small tree in a pot.  Mesh and only 6 prims ~ it will look nice on any patio or could be used as a houseplant.  Make sure you collect your copy.  If you are not yet a group member the joining board is at the Meeting Point and its free to join.

There are several past gifts you can pick up too!

Monday, September 23, 2013

NEW - Special Offers at Meeting Point

Once more Bunnie has been putting out lots of new goodies for us - some super bargains too! Do come and check them out.

In the Big Prize Board we have the New garden Forever Autumn - a lovely new mesh fountain helps keep prim numbers down. Gorgeous golden trees and flowers around the elegant paving - this is a really super prize. Remember, you need to stay on the sim (feel free to walk around though) for the board to register your entry.

This week's promo is a Fat Pack of Pink Flowers and Trees.  Includes 20 mod/copy plants and 3 trees. Really pretty flowers and Cherry Blossom trees - these would enhance any plot. For a limited time these are just 399L instead of the more usual 699L, so a real bargain.

Also on sale for half price is the really lovely garden Hidden in the Trees. Now just 399L!!

*NEW* ONLY 99L - THYME PLANTS. 5 mesh, mod/copy plants for just 99L.  The colours are really vibrant, red, lemon, orange, white and pink - fill your borders or add to your herb garden.

Pick up your box in the store now:

Don't forget if you are looking for anything else there are over 180 gardens in total on approximately 17 separate platforms as well as on the ground level, so you are bound to find something you love.

Finally, remember to check out the new Photographic competition - see previous blog entry or come along to the Meeting Point and get the information from the large display board there.

Limo for Welcome Point is:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

TMG - Photographic Competition

 Two Moon Gardens is now holding a Photo contest with a $5000L TMG voucher as the prize.

Rules on joining the contest

1) Your Photograph must be of a build created by Two Moon Gardens.  This can be a garden or build you have previously purchased / won or it can be a photograph of a TMG garden rezzed here at the store.  Where the picture is taken is totally up to you, the only stipulation is that it MUST be of something we have created here at TMG.

We have over 187 gardens here at the store so if you don't own a TMG garden you can still take part in the competition by photographing one here.

2) If you want to, you can photograph your avatar in the TMG build. This is optional.

3) You ARE allowed to enhance your photograph with the use of any kind of photo shop tools, should you wish. This is a chance for you to put your creative talents to the test so as long as it's a TMG garden and the picture has no nudity or X rated content, anything goes!

4) You are allowed a maximum of 2 photo entries per avatar. We will choose one of the two pictures you submit to be displayed. The chosen entry will be displayed in the TMG store and on our TMG blog.

Please Collect Further Information on how to submit entries from our Display at the Meeting Point.

Closing date is Sunday 20th October at 2pm SLT.  All entries must be submitted before then.Voting will then open. 

(Details of voting to follow.)

Voting will close on 5th November at 2pm SLT

Note there will be a second prize of a 1000L TMG voucher - read the full notice found at the  Welcome Point for all the information.

Limo for Welcome Point is:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Three Super New Autumn Items Now On Sale

Bunnie has once again been busy creating super new things for our gardens. This time three amazing items that I know we will all want to have:

The Panoramic Garden, Warm Autumn Daze has now been updated and has lower prims, some mesh plants and a slightly different theme.  For those that have purchased the garden previously and would like an update, please contact Bunnie Badger and we will see to it that you get a free updated copy.  For all new purchases, this garden is available to buy for 950L at this location

Our second New Item at ONLY 99L is CROCUSMIA. 4 mesh, mod/copy plants.  These are really pretty and would look lovely in your flower beds. Pick up your box in the store now

And our third item for just 299L is something I know many of you have been asking for namely, some wonderful falling leaf emitters ~ 5 emitters in 5 different Autumn colours, brown, red, green, orange and yellow. This is a real must have!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


We have had several requests for these wonderful trees and Autumn flowers. 

So, for those of you that want to add Fall to their sim Bunnie has put these out at a Special Promo Sales Price.

You can now purchase the fat pack of 20 mod / copy plants and 4 trees for a promo price of just 399L (usual price 699L).

A Bargain not to be missed, but this is only for a very short time so be quick!

View and buy them in world at

OR Purchase from Welcome Point at

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New - Forever Autumn

We are very pleased to announce yet another wonderful new garden creation.

This one has a totally new mesh fountain in a lovely paved circular surround - complete with a nice bench and garden trees and plants in warm autumn colours. Water sounds and a choice of sits in the bench make this a lovely place to relax on those warm early Autumn days. Called Forever Autumn by one of our customers in the recent competition - congratulations to the lucky winner we hope you enjoy your new garden.

If you wish you may purchase just the fountain - it is mesh and just 12 prims - complete with water sounds and a lovely autumn flower on the top. 

These can be found on the ground level at 

For the lucky boards and other new items go to Booty Central here ~ 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Autumn is Coming to Two Moon Gardens

We know many of you have been asking about our new Autumn range, well here are the first few items - all available right now:

Meridian in Autumn - one of our wonderful larger venues now all decked out in fantastic Autumn colours, with lots of oranges and golds, complete with falling leaves. You have to see how the light catches the trees and flowers to appreciate the beauty of this new planting scheme as the photograph just do not do it justice.

Elegant Falls in Autumn - Once again the photograph here really does not show the full beauty of this amazing planting scheme. You just have to come and see it for yourself, we are sure you will love it every bit as much as we do. This also has falling leaves and wonderful golden colours. Adjust your viewer so you can look at it in different day and nightime settings.

Elegant Falls Path in Autumn - The third of our new designs in this current posting, the planting for the Elegant Falls Path blends in with that of the main venue layout so you can use them both in your designs if you wish.

Here is your limo for Booty Central ~ 

More to come - Blissful Moment in Autumn, the New Bigger Booty in Autumn (name yet to be decided) and if you have a favourite from another season that you would like to see in Autumn 'clothing' just let us know.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Today's New Collection At Booty

Once again we have some super items for you here at Booty Central:

The NEW item on sale todayfor just 99L is The Flower Patch. Includes partial mesh to help keep the prim count down - this has an Li of just 10 but includes no less than 4 different prettily coloured flowers, plus a nice mix of tall and short grasses. 

Our Sale Board has Blissful Moments at half price for just 275L. Beautiful green leafy trees fringe the pathway leading to a fountain that has pretty cushion seating for two at the edge. With pretty soft pink, blue and purple flowers its a haven bounded within railed walls and hedges.

The day's Promo is A Fat Pack of Poppies for just 199L. Six wonderful vibrant colours in one pack its a technicolour feast of blooms.

In the BidBox we have Horizons. Another but entirely different curving pathway through flowers in a mixture of soft lavender and yellow coloured flowers with pretty trees that move in the breeze. In the heart of the garden is a sweet cuddle bench.

The Big Prize board now contains Cherry Blossom Place. This has a lovely gentle path through gorgeous pink cherry trees to a cuddle bench with 14 poses. Dancing butterflies and gently falling blossom completes the picture. Remember to register your name for this you need to slap the board and stay on the sim for 10 minutes.

On the other Lucky Boards we have Sitting by the Violets ~ The Bluebell Patch ~ Under the Branches. Three Fantasic prizes we are sure you will agree.

Here is your limo for Booty Central ~