Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week's New Offers and Lucky Boards - 17 April

Once again it time to update you all on our special offers and prizes for the coming week. Bunnie always comes up with something we know you will love to buy or win so check these out:


..✿ A PATH TO HOME - PINK* ~ ONLY 149L ✿... HALF PRICE - this is such a pretty pathway, it would grace any home entrance or make a lovely path between one section of garden and another. Whichever way you use it we are sure it will delight you for weeks to come. At 15m x 40m and only 49 prims it will fit in just about all gardens.

..✿ GYPSOPHILIA FLOWERS* ~ JUST 99L ✿... HALF PRICE - lovely white delicate blooms to fill spaces anywhere you want that extra splash of white. Only 1 prim and mod/copy too - a real bargain!

..✿ SUMMERWINDS PANORAMIC GARDEN* ~ 399L ✿... LESS THAN HALF PRICE - A stunning garden for use as a skybox if wished or you can put on the ground - the choice is yours. It has a pretty bridge, small pavillion and lots of pretty planting all in a beautiful scenic surround that measures 50m x 50m yet only 188 prims.

All of these offers should be viewed to appreciate them in full - take the LMs from the vendor signs on the ground and go take a look for yourself then make sure you return to the ground level to take advantage of these bargains. Vendors for these are at


*WOODLAND FLOWERS AND GRASS* - 4 lovely mod/copy plants - a nice prize for one lucky winner in each round. So come and try your luck!

*SPRING POND 1 - A TMG favourite, this delightful small pond will fit in any garden - only 20m x 20m and only 40 prims, another great prize for our lucky winner in each round.

*GREY MESH WALL WITH RAILINGS* - These are really great for adding that boundary to your land or for setting aside one area maybe for pets etc. You can add as many or as few sections as you wish to enclose the relevant section. Each section is 2 prims and mod/copy as standard.

★ BIG PRIZE BOARD ★ BUDS AND BLOOMS - (a 799L Value) - This is a stunning garden that has proven to be very popular. A lovely stream running through the flowers, pretty trees and in a 50m x 50m plot with 231 prims. Come and check it out, remember when you slap the board you need to stay on the sim for 10 minutes to make sure your name registers.

★ AUCTION BIDDER ★ - *BLISSFUL MOMENTS* - (a 799L Value) - this is well worth viewing if you have not already. A gorgeous fountain is the central focus - with a meandering path to one side and lots of gorgeous flowers and trees. All in a 40m x 40m plot and at only 196 prims.

★ 99L SALE ITEMS ★★ Modify / Transfer ONLY ★ Do take care to note these are ideal for gifting so are no copy!

BRAND NEW - *TROPICAL PATCH 1* - JUST 99L ~Mod/Transfer - really pretty and ideal to fill that small space in your tropical garden or as a gift for a friend.

BRAND NEW - *LITTLE GARDEN BORDER 1* - ONLY 99L ~Mod/Transfer -  This is for more temperate gardens but also a super space filler or gift for a friend.

** MORE NEW BORDERS - These are NOT sale items but still well worth the 149L - but remember Mod/Transfer ONLY. They each contain multiple items and make fantastic gifts for your friends.

BRAND NEW - *LITTLE GARDEN BORDER 2* - 149L ~Mod/Transfer -  Again for your temperate gardens and at just 8 prims - another nice gift for a friend.

 BRAND NEW - *LITTLE GARDEN BORDER 3* - 149L ~Mod/Transfer -  Again for your temperate gardens and at just 10 prims - another pretty filler with nice maples this time - remember these are no copy.

BRAND NEW - *TROPICAL PATCH 2* - 149L ~Mod/Transfer - really pretty with sweet palm trees, another ideal to fill that small space in your tropical garden or for gifting.

These are in the vendors on the sky platform

Do make sure you come and check out all of this week's offers and lucky items - you are also welcome to come and dance at TMG or play our games. To view any of the items just take the LMs from the Welcome Area or Booty Central as its often known - here is the limo ~

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