Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Red Deer and Angel Guardian - New Items

Today, Bunnie has launched two lovely new accessory items for your gardens. Do make sure you look at them on the ground as the images really do not do them full justice.

Red Deer

The first is a lovely Red Deer with pretty grasses and flowers. Only 7 prims in total, it really would look lovely in almost any garden setting. Please note this is a Transfer only item, so it is ideal for gifting to a friend or loved one. It will cost you just 175L so is really affordable. 

You can find the deer here at

Angel Guardian Statue

The second is the Angel Guardian Statue, also priced at 175L, and similarly is Transfer only, so this too can be gifted as a special present to someone. This has a prim count of 10.

The Angel is here at

Do make sure you look at them on the ground as the images really do not do them full justice.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lucky Boards and Sales Promo Boards Changed - 28 January

Bunnie has once again changed all the board for us - lots of super items up for the lucky winners and some super sales too! What more could we all want?

On the Promo Board today we have The Sunshine Patch for just 149L. One of the extremely popular small garden range, this has a pretty blossom tree, lovely bright yellow plants with sunshine highlights and a nice cuddle bench. All in a 20m x 20m space and with only 67 prims.

On the 99L Board we have Classy Planter 1 - 12m x 5m it will fit almost any garden and copy/mod means you can have as many as you want. With only 14 prims pre planter this is a garden must have item.

The Sale Board today has Coffee and Cuddles for only 175L. Another of the small garden range at 20m x 20m this one has only 35 prims. Another really nice area for sitting under the tree, with pretty flowers around. Also modify and copy you can put out several sets of chairs if you wish or add another tree.

On the Booty Boards we have Tuber Rose Fat Pack - 6 different colours in one box! All modify and copy too, a good prize. There is also Quiet Times - a 32m x 32m garden with trees, table and chairs and of course lovely garden surroundings. Also Paradise - a Panoramic garden that can be used as a skybox - a 50m x 50m garden with 200 prims. This normally sells at 950L so a wonderful prize for one lucky winner in each round.

On the Big Prize Board we have one of the very NEW gardens - Forever Summer. This is normally 599L to purchase but one lucky winner in each round will find themselves the owner of this beautiful garden only a few weeks fresh from Bunnie's magic building platform. A 40m x 40m garden complete with water and nature sounds, and a cuddle bench, not to mention the fountain in the centre of the seating area.

Here is the limo to come and see for yourself. Take the teleports from meeting place to view the offers, but remember to be sure to buy at these promo prices you should return to the ground to make your purchase.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Special Sales and Lucky Boards - 18 January

It is hard to believe it has been a whole week now since spring came to Two Moon Gardens but it really is, if you have not been to see the amazing new gardens you then you really should. Just look back to the last blog for the photos, but better still come to the sim and see for yourself.

Anyway, this week we have some super sale items for you once again. Come and check out the Shady Patio for just 275L. This is one of our very popular small gardens and it can be used with or without the furniture, so, if you have your own dance animations, it can  easily be used as a space for you to dance with your loved one. The patio and plants are just 55 prims and the furniture and accessories (if used) add another 28 prims.

Another of our great small garden spaces is on Promo at just 149L, this one is the Butterfly Tree. This has just 13 prims in total and includes the tree with grass and a few flowers around the tree trunk along with some lovely dancing butterflies and a couples bench with 14 poses. Useful for any garden filler or for those of you will limited ground space.

Our 99L special board today is Orange Passion Grass - this as usual is modify and copy and only 1 prim. One of our must buys for using anywhere as it is great for adding to any of your garden spaces.

On the Booty Boards we have Tranquil Rest, A Fat Pack of Tropical Plants and Trees, and Elegant Falls Path - Fat Pack. These are all wonderful prizes so come and check them out. Below as a taster is the superb Elegant Falls Fat Pack.

The Auction Board has another great garden - Caribbean Plaza - its value is 799L so an absolute bidders dream garden as bids start at just 99L. For those of you who are not familiar with this it is just as you might expect from the name a lovely paved area but with tropical touches and included is a pretty covered seating area so you can escape the hot Caribbean sun. It measures 50m x 50m and has a total of 205 prims.

Today's Big Prize Board is one of the newest gardens - barely a week since its launch, so what a great opportunity for some lucky winner in each round. Make sure you come and try to win it for yourself, its Lighthaven in Bloom. It is 40m x 40m and has 164 prims. Modify and copy as usual, a wonderful prize - just remember you must stay on the sim for 10 minutes after slapping this to make sure your name is entered into the draw. Why not go and see it for yourself whilst you wait, we are sure you will love it and have your fingers crossed hoping to be the lucky winner!

Take the landmarks from the boards at the Meeting Place to view these lovely gardens and offers for yourself.  Remember to teleport back to the Meeting Place if you want to take advantage of the special offers and sales prices.

19th January ~ NEW GROUP GIFT ~ Today - Bunnie put out a super new Group Gift - so if you are not yet a member of our group you might like to consider joining and picking up the group gifts and gain the chance to win on our Lucky Boards.

This wonderful little walkway is just 34 prims - modify and copy, plenty of pretty Lavender and some very nice Agapanthus blooms - oh if only you could smell the Lavender in SL! The walkway is right near the Meeting Place so come and have a look and pick up your copy TODAY!

Here is the limo to the Meeting Place:

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Yes, the snow has all melted and spring is suddenly here at Ferndale the home of our amazing Two Moon Gardens. We are sure our new 2014 Spring Collection will really wow you and you will be wanting to take some of them home. There are no less than 8 wonderful new creations hot off Bunnie and Monkey's design spaces. In no special order here they are:

UNDER THE ARCHES VENUE - it is 1500L, just look at the picture below all of this for only 194 prims and yet 60m x 60m in size. Lovely spring flowers and foliage with the new arch and new style paving and with matching walkways: 

The walkway to the UNDER THE ARCHES - double path is priced at 999L and is 64m x 32m with a total of 185 prims. But for those of you with less space, the single UNDER THE ARCHES path at 550L is 32m x 32m and only 83 prims.

You can of course purchase the whole UNDER THE ARCHES set as a FAT PACK for 2800L - this comes complete with venue and both versions of the path, a total of 378 prims if all sections are used together and covering 118m x 60m.

LMs for you to view these - Venue -

and Paths -

Another new garden launched today at 999L is LIGHTHAVEN IN BLOOM - a 40m x 40m space, ideal for those night time parties but is equally beautiful to grace any daytime space too, yet only 164 prims! You must see this one - it is almost magical in its design and with wonderful twinkling lights.

LM for Lighthaven ~ in Bloom

Yet another superb garden with a lighting component unlike any other and also new today is RADIANT FALLS, this is almost 80m x 80m and yet only 182 prims - priced at 1500L this would look amazing in any garden space. View this by sunrise, sunset or midnight for even more magical effects!

LM for Radiant Falls

 An old friend now - our Majestic Falls, it has now undergone a transformation to spring/summer planting and is called MAJESTIC FALLS IN BLOOM and can be yours for just 1500L. this has waterfalls galore and lots of pretty flowers in its 50m x 50m with a total of 398 prims.

LM for Majestic Falls ~ in Bloom

Yet another new garden this time is FOREVER SUMMER is the new version of the popular Forever Autumn, this is the same size at 40m x 40m and only 94 prims, all for 599L. Gorgeous new planting to complement the fountain and path.

LM for Forever Summer

Our last, but not least, new garden being launched is DREAMY DAFFODILS priced at 550L, this is 42m x 42m and just 107 prims- as you can imagine this is really beautiful and reminiscent of the Wordsworth Poem.

LM for Dreamy Daffodils

If you are wondering about the poem and are not familiar with it then it was written by a UK gentleman - William Wordsworth who lived from 1770 to 1850, and this is the first verse:

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Of course many of your old favourites are still available so if you missed them last year then all is not lost, come along and see what we have for yourself - we know you will want to start changing your gardens once you see. The limo is below:

Monday, January 6, 2014

Boards All Change - Our First This Year

This is our first lucky and special offers board change for 2014, so we hope you like the items Bunnie has selected for you.

The 99L Sale Board has Chamomile Flowers - these are pretty white 1 prim flowers that are modifiable and copiable. These are perfect for your spring garden.

On the Auction Board we have Christmas Presence - with bids starting as low as 99L (a real bargain if you can win the bid as this normally costs 950L). This is a lovely winter garden - 50m x 50m and only 161 prims. Modify and copy as usual. a lovely river, snow drifts and gorgeous winter trees with sparkly foliage. Take the link to the view from the Auction Board or take this link:

On the Sale Board we have Romantic Encounters on offer for just 399L. This is a really flexible garden as it comes with 2 versions, a stand alone one that is 40m x 40m with only 113 prims. In addition we have a landscaped path that is another 213 prims but is a full 85m x 42m. When you use both together then this makes a wonderful long path to the pretty garden at the end. You also receive a sky globe and a cuddle bench in the pack so you can select how to use this real dream of a garden. Do come and see for yourself - take a walk along the path and see what a lovely garden it is for such a low price. To view use this limo: or take the link from the Meeting Place - just remember if you wish to purchase make sure you use the ground vendor to benefit from the special offer!

The Promo Board today has Cosy Moments and will cost you only 250L. This garden also has 2 versions in the pack, one that you can rez on the ground - 186 prims and one for the sky with a texture changing globe that adds only one more prim. Both have a footprint of 40m x 40m so will fit most garden space. As you can see from the image below this planting is rich and vibrant - well worth considering for your sping/summer spaces. To view use the link below or take the link from the promo board at the Meeting Place. As before just remember to take advantage of the offer to buy return to the ground to use the sales dispenser.

On the Big Prize Board we have a really super item for you - Forest Walk. Our great country path that you can use in many ways, it stretches 200m x 40m - so by rezzing additional copies you can go all the way around a sim if you wish. Each such path full length path is 258 prims. Or you can use the enclosed pieces and shapes and boxed flowers and plants to fit it to a much smaller space if you prefer. The alternative layouts are numerous. Just remember to stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after slapping the board for your name to register on the draw list.

On the other Lucky Boards we have - ANGELIC PASSIONS, TROPICAL OASIS and   WHISPERING BLOOMS POND, all really nice prizes - so make sure you come and slap the boards and good luck to everyone.

The link for the Meeting Place is below:

Saturday, January 4, 2014

January Events including Maximillian Kleene LIVE Concert

We have some super events coming up in January for you all right here at Two Moon Gardens.

On Tuesday 7th we have DJ Dieter (our very own Greywolf) with BEST IN WINTER from 12 noon to 2pm SLT.  Grey says he will be playing some 'smooth rock'. So find those outfits and come along - 1000L on the board for best in theme. Grey will be playing each Tuesday at the same time, so make sure you make a note of this.

Then on Thursday 9th its over to DJ Ranger to take to the stage from 12 noon to 2pm SLT. As always Ranger will be bringing his own brand of live trivia and comedy along with some amazing music we are sure. The theme will be BEST IN YELLOW, so again find those costumes as once again there will be 1000L on the board. This is a regular event so make a diary note for Thursdays!


For 12th January we have someone very special here performing LIVE, Maximillion Kleen!

Maximillion Kleene, winner of the 2012 Avi Choice Award for "Favorite Pop Singer" has been amazing his audiences since 2007.  His dynamic musical range and smooth acoustic groove "Max-imizes" tunes ranging from CCR to Foo Fighters; from Train to Jason Mraz.  Streaming from Niagara Falls Canada, Max provides his fans with an hour of musical magic and brings a vast repertoire of quirky, classic, and current covers to Second Life.

He recently won several more wins in the Avi Choice Awards for 2013 - a really superb singer.

A not to be missed event.  Max will sing for us for an hour starting at 2pm SLT, so don't be late!

Dresscode will be casual


The above events mayb be in different venues so check the group notices a little nearer the time or take the following link to our Meeting Place: