Monday, August 31, 2015


This week we have more fantastic Autumn Gardens on SALE on the ground level here at Ferndale.

BRAND NEW THIS SEASON are two stunning versions of some of our popular venues:


Here the flowers on the trellis work have taken on the warm tones of gold and bronze well known in Autumn. A sprinkling of fallen leaves beneath the archway add to the effect. Planters too now have bronze and golden foliage and the shrubs have turned a warm deeper bronze colour. Well worth viewing - we are sure you will love it. Measuring 45M x 50M, 186 prims - priced at 999L. Here is the in-world location:


The stunning waterfall effect in this Autumn version of the popular Rhapsody seems to reflect the golden hues of the surrounding trees. Beautiful warm orange flowers decorate the ballustrades and the grasses surrounding the circular stream have turned a delicate autumn shade complete with more orange flowers. Overall a superb effect not to be missed, measures 64M x 64M and 255 prims. See the garden here:

Also on the ground now at Ferndale we have two other very popular Autumn venue gardens:

Majestic Falls ~ In Autumn

Released last Autumn this is still an immensely popular large garden ideal for dances or weddings at this time of the year. The trees are from slightly bronzy green through to deeper bronze and golden tones. Falling leaves add to that warm Autumn feel. The flowers are in soft golds and muted pinks keeping the overall effect. Do come and look for yourself, this is a beautiful garden - 50M x 50M, 399 prims.  It comes complete with 2 optional fountains - one seating 8 avatars - water sounds, nature sounds, rain generator and 4 additional trees for extra landscaping if required. A superb pack for 1500L - see it here:

Eden ~ In Autumn

This large very Autumn coloured garden is a huge favourite with all who see it - measuring 64M x 64M it has almost every shade of bronze, gold and orange mixed with muted greens and browns to give a simply stunning Autumn effect. Do come and check it out, make sure you walk along the horseshoe shaped path to view the garden from a number of angles - it is beautiful. The path itself is edged with gold, red and orange flowers, the central grass has yellow and orange flowers scattered in it and the ring of trees around the outside completes the picture. Come and see it here:

For those of you who want to try your luck on our boards then we have Graceful Falls ~ In Autumn on the one Big Prize Board, and Rhapsody ~ In Autumn on a second Big Prize Board, with Eden ~ In Autumn on the Auction Board. On Level 2 we have A Path to Home - Twin Pack on the Lucky Letter Board, Warm Autumn Park on a Big Prize Board and English Summertime on the Daily Auction Board.
Level 1:

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


For those of you who like to start planning their Autumn spaces early we are pleased to say two beautiful NEW AUTUMN GARDENS are now on the ground at Ferndale. One is also available as an ADULT build and can be found at Seabrook. Details as follows:

WARM AUTUMN PARK - If you liked Bleak Winter Park and Sunny Spring Park then this is the Autumn version. It measures 32m x 32m and is just 95 prims. Gorgeous bronze foliage, leaf strewn paths and seating all set in a small park with space for dancing or strolling. Complete with couples bench this is well worth viewing. The price is 499L.

See it here:

AUTUMN HIDEAWAY - This superb small garden is full of lovely oranges and reds with a trellis surround and a tree bench. The cuddle version has some brand new poses - a total of 26 animation.

OR if you prefer to take your love life to the great outdoors, you can check out the adult version in our land at Seabrook. This version has 39 animations.

Both are just 93 prims and measure 30m x 30m so will fit most land sizes. To view and choose your favourite these are the landmarks:



RETIREMENT SALE - 7O GARDENS will be removed from sim shortly, so

For older Autumn Gardens do check out our SALE - this will not last for long but some super bargains are still to be found here:

Fall gardens in our special Clearance Sale. Elegant Falls in Autumn and The Elegant Falls Path in Autumn are both at 299L or you might like a bit of gothic with our Lost Souls garden, also at 299L. September Gold and Woodland Walk are now only 99L so grab your bargains today. 

Other Autumn Gardens can be found via out teleport system - search by TYPE and then by AUTUMN.

There are many other SALES GARDENS that can also be found in our vendors or alongside the path at there is one at only 50L, others at 75L, 99L, 199L and the maximum is 299L. Yes even the large Elegant Falls Gardens are priced at only 299L each!

Remember when the SALE is over these will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More Newness at Ferndale & Seabrook - August 2015

The winning name of our newest garden is LIVING GLOW and it is now on PROMO sale at just 399L (normal price 499L). A gorgeous winding path leads to a super gazebo. Edged with glowing blooms it is a stunning garden. 34M x 38M and only 95 Prims. View it here: - Also in BIG PRIZE BOARD -


Only 62 prims this 40m x 40m waterfall and garden are ideal for those of you with limited prims and who love the sounds of running water. Included in pack are water sounds and a cuddle log. A backdrop of small hills with water cascading down into the pool at the bottom, edged by small rocks, flowers and trees. A super garden for the Promo Price of just 399L - see it here:


ADULT PICNIC BENCH - only available at Seabrook Store
Strictly for ADULTS this has 37 animations including BDSM and Sex Animations. It can be yours for just 399L. Add this bench to any garden space for an instant adult entertainment space. It has just 7 prims and is fully mesh. See it here:


Back at Ferndale we have:


DREAMY SUNSHINE - ONLY 399L - 84 Prims mod/copy, 21M x 27M - Mesh trellis surrounds 3 sides of this delightful garden. Two chairs sit on a wooden deck beneath a parasol - to complete th:)

e scene there are planters set in the decking and lovely gardens all around.
See it here:



This small rotunda is surrounded by lush trees & beautiful flowers - ideal for romantic dancing.

SPECIAL AMAZING DEAL - ELEGANT FALLS IN AUTUMN - ONLY 299L (normally 1499L) - Large venue space in Autumn colours - 64M x 64M and 334 Prims. Fantastic value - do not miss it at this low low price!!!!

Both available here:


FERNDALE - LEVEL 1 - Big Prize Board - LIVING GLOW (Our NEWLY NAMED Garden); Bid Board - Cuddle Version of DEVOTION.

FERNDALE - LEVEL 2 - Big Prize Board - Dirt Road; Bid Board - Secret Sands. Happy Letter Board - Poppy Border