Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sales and Board Changes - 23 April 2014

As our hunt is about to begin this blog post will be a little shorter than usual - lots of monkeys to prepare for you all - see previous blog post for hunt details.

Special Sales:

Cuddle Me Under The Palms - A nice small garden filler with cuddle animations and only 18 prims - for just 199L. A great half price bargain.

Delphinium Pink - Only 99L - a great filler too only 1 prim and mod/copy so rez as many as you want.

Lake Topaz is our next bargain - A lovely large lake with 83 prims and only 199L - this is a super price. One of our slightly older but very popular lake gardens - it makes a super addition to any space.

Lucky Boards - on these this week we have

Westfield Path - box includes both the straight and curved versions. Ideal for making your own footpaths as you can use as many of each shape as you wish.

Wisteria Walk - this lovely small pergola with wisteria hanging in a lovely purple, with planting around - it is a lovely prize for one lucky winner in each round.

Horizons - a pretty 40m x 40m garden with winding path and bench under the trees. Well worth coming to slap this board, it is a great addition to any collection of gardens for the lucky winner.

Big Prize Board - one of our stunning big venues - this is a must have. It is 50m x 50m - Majestic Falls in Bloom - complete with sounds and falling blossom, rain generator and mod/copy too this is really a stunning prize. Remember to make sure your name is entered you must stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after hitting the board. Why not look at the hunt gift whilst waiting! Or if the hunt has started - try your luck on finding items.

Auction Board - Caribbean Plaza - with bids starting at 99L - this is a super bargain opportunity. A 50m x 50m garden with seating under thatched roof and lots of lovely paving plus palms and other pretty planting.

Here is the limo to see all the offers and lucky prizes -

Then take the landmarks from the individual board to see that particular garden or item. We hope to see you soon. Remember to check out the hunt - last post!

Two Moon Gardens - Spring Hunt

A while ago we told you about an up and coming hunt we are having here at Two Moon Gardens. Now we have some more details for you and an all important announcement that the main hunt prize can NOW be viewed at Ferndale.

Smaller Prizes for ALL, but the main prize is group only.  This will be a garden called TRANQUILITY - it is unlike any other we have made. Here is a photo but it really does not do it justice - you need to come and see for yourselves. We are sure you will love it.

Tranquility -

Yes it is a pool - 40m x 40m and 100 prims, with steps into the water - surrounded by tropical palms and planting - it is a dream garden.

Now for the hunt information - This will be opened by DJ Ranger at the end of the TMG Thursday dance tomorrow 24th April at about 2pm SLT.  The dance begins at 12 noon and lasts for 2 hours if you would like to come along please consider yourselves invited. $1000L on the board for BEST in THEME and this week we have BEST IN FANCY PANTS.

When Ranger announces the hunt has begun you will be able to look for 15 normal coloured monkeys containing some other smaller gifts - most of these are totally new items to Two Moon Gardens so are well worth winning. These are open to all to find so please do tell your friends, they are welcome to come hunt for them too! Remember, Group membership is NOT necessary for these. If you find them you win the contents of each one.

Sorry, but there are no clues on how to find them but we will say there will be 5 on the ground level and 10 in the sky on various platforms. So you can take our teleport system and go and explore.

For our Group Members* we have The Golden Monkey to find.  The Golden one will appear every two hours - see the clock at the Central meeting point for the time of launch of the next one if the current one has already been found. The Golden Monkeys will be launched on the even hours starting at midnight Thursday/Friday 24/25 April. The last one will be launched at midnight Saturday/Sunday 26/27 April and will remain available until found or until 2am on Sunday at the latest.

[Information for the lucky winners - each item is copy/modify but be careful if modifying mesh objects as this can seriously affect land impact!

To help you find one all we can say is it is somewhere on the ground level - each one starts out quite small so you will need to look carefully, however, it will gradually grow in size until it is found or it becomes time to launch the next Golden Monkey. Each new Monkey launched will appear in a different location. These Golden Monkey locations are unknown to most of the staff so please do not ask them for hints.

* Do note to be able to collect the Golden Monkey you will need to belong to the Two Moon Studios Update Group - there are joining boards by the group gift near our central meeting point and at the meeting point itself. Or if you wish you can ask one of the staff to offer you a group join invitation.

* There are some wonderful advantages in joining the group - a monthly gift plus the opportunity to try the Lucky Boards and win yourself a garden or some great plants. Prizes are changed weekly, one of which is an extra special prize for the lucky winner from each round. This is of one of our larger more expensive gardens and registering for that requires some time on the sim (10 mins) for your name to be added after hitting the board. For the others just hit the board and one winner will be selected when the target is reached.

You may see our staff team also hunting but they will only be looking for the ordinary monkeys and not the Golden Monkey, that one is for our customers only.

Winners names will be posted on the notice at the meeting point. Maybe one of those winners will be YOU! Good luck and happy hunting!

The TMG Team led by Miss Bunnie Badger and TwoMoonGardens Resident (aka our own MONKEY)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This Week's New Offers and Lucky Boards - 17 April

Once again it time to update you all on our special offers and prizes for the coming week. Bunnie always comes up with something we know you will love to buy or win so check these out:


..✿ A PATH TO HOME - PINK* ~ ONLY 149L ✿... HALF PRICE - this is such a pretty pathway, it would grace any home entrance or make a lovely path between one section of garden and another. Whichever way you use it we are sure it will delight you for weeks to come. At 15m x 40m and only 49 prims it will fit in just about all gardens.

..✿ GYPSOPHILIA FLOWERS* ~ JUST 99L ✿... HALF PRICE - lovely white delicate blooms to fill spaces anywhere you want that extra splash of white. Only 1 prim and mod/copy too - a real bargain!

..✿ SUMMERWINDS PANORAMIC GARDEN* ~ 399L ✿... LESS THAN HALF PRICE - A stunning garden for use as a skybox if wished or you can put on the ground - the choice is yours. It has a pretty bridge, small pavillion and lots of pretty planting all in a beautiful scenic surround that measures 50m x 50m yet only 188 prims.

All of these offers should be viewed to appreciate them in full - take the LMs from the vendor signs on the ground and go take a look for yourself then make sure you return to the ground level to take advantage of these bargains. Vendors for these are at


*WOODLAND FLOWERS AND GRASS* - 4 lovely mod/copy plants - a nice prize for one lucky winner in each round. So come and try your luck!

*SPRING POND 1 - A TMG favourite, this delightful small pond will fit in any garden - only 20m x 20m and only 40 prims, another great prize for our lucky winner in each round.

*GREY MESH WALL WITH RAILINGS* - These are really great for adding that boundary to your land or for setting aside one area maybe for pets etc. You can add as many or as few sections as you wish to enclose the relevant section. Each section is 2 prims and mod/copy as standard.

★ BIG PRIZE BOARD ★ BUDS AND BLOOMS - (a 799L Value) - This is a stunning garden that has proven to be very popular. A lovely stream running through the flowers, pretty trees and in a 50m x 50m plot with 231 prims. Come and check it out, remember when you slap the board you need to stay on the sim for 10 minutes to make sure your name registers.

★ AUCTION BIDDER ★ - *BLISSFUL MOMENTS* - (a 799L Value) - this is well worth viewing if you have not already. A gorgeous fountain is the central focus - with a meandering path to one side and lots of gorgeous flowers and trees. All in a 40m x 40m plot and at only 196 prims.

★ 99L SALE ITEMS ★★ Modify / Transfer ONLY ★ Do take care to note these are ideal for gifting so are no copy!

BRAND NEW - *TROPICAL PATCH 1* - JUST 99L ~Mod/Transfer - really pretty and ideal to fill that small space in your tropical garden or as a gift for a friend.

BRAND NEW - *LITTLE GARDEN BORDER 1* - ONLY 99L ~Mod/Transfer -  This is for more temperate gardens but also a super space filler or gift for a friend.

** MORE NEW BORDERS - These are NOT sale items but still well worth the 149L - but remember Mod/Transfer ONLY. They each contain multiple items and make fantastic gifts for your friends.

BRAND NEW - *LITTLE GARDEN BORDER 2* - 149L ~Mod/Transfer -  Again for your temperate gardens and at just 8 prims - another nice gift for a friend.

 BRAND NEW - *LITTLE GARDEN BORDER 3* - 149L ~Mod/Transfer -  Again for your temperate gardens and at just 10 prims - another pretty filler with nice maples this time - remember these are no copy.

BRAND NEW - *TROPICAL PATCH 2* - 149L ~Mod/Transfer - really pretty with sweet palm trees, another ideal to fill that small space in your tropical garden or for gifting.

These are in the vendors on the sky platform

Do make sure you come and check out all of this week's offers and lucky items - you are also welcome to come and dance at TMG or play our games. To view any of the items just take the LMs from the Welcome Area or Booty Central as its often known - here is the limo ~

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Hunt is Coming Soon - 25 and 26 April

You really must not miss our Spring Hunt. For those of you that remember last year's hunt the format will be similar.


There will be hunt items hidden all over the sim for everyone to collect. These will contain many new items specially created for the hunt as well as some firm favourites too no doubt - we do not want to list all the items or that would spoil the fun of hunting!


Every two hours there will be a special GOLD hunt item launched - this will only be there until someone finds it - then it will poof until the next two hour slot is reached. Because this is a special prize it will contain an amazing NEW garden being created by our super owners Bunnie and Monkey. This will be something totally NEW and not seen before! The GOLD item will be for Group Members only so make sure you join the group!

Group membership is well worth the slot as they can try their luck on the daily prize boards and also receive a NEW member's only gift each month.

Watch this space, or check our notices or visit the store for further details over the coming week or so! But be sure to put the dates on your calendar you will so not want to miss this event!

Store LM -

Fot links to other SL hunts over the coming months then do check out these links:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

10th April Sales and Lucky Boards

Another Thursday and all change on the lucky boards and sales goodies yet again! Each week Bunnie sets our a super array of items for us to buy or win and this week is no exception.

On the 99L Plant sales we have some brand NEW - SUMMER WINDOW BOXES - two pretty window boxes for just 99L. Please note these are modify and transfer (NOT copyable) so you can give them as gifts if you wish. Each is just 5 prims.

The other 99L plant choice is Fairyweed in Lavender. Great for use in almost any garden.

Now for the Special Sales Offers - this week we have a wonderful series of linked ponds in the - HOT SPRING PONDS ~ ONLY 175L. Its small but perfectly formed - just 25m x 12m but has so much on offer in such a small space! No less than 6 linked ponds, one with couples pose balls - lots of pretty grasses set amongst the rocky pond edges and some taller butterfly bushes all go to make up the scene. Well worth this really low price - and its mod/copy too! Take the link from the sales board to view.

Then if you want to build your own farm or country pathway we have the -  RUSTIC PATH PARTS* ~ ONLY 350L - HALF PRICE. This is a kit for arranging your own layout, all the pieces are in the box which is all mesh and fully copy/mod - but do take care if resizing as mesh can cause issues when resized.

Our other special offer is - GROVE PARK* ~ JUST 399L - HALF PRICE. A medium sized garden - 45m x 45m with 279 prims. Enclosed by fencing and with entrance gates this is a great space. Raised beds, steps and central feature all go to make it a little different. Well worth a look and at this price you cannot go wrong. Take the link from the sales board to view.

On the Booty Boards we have - UNDER THE BRANCHES* - PIAZZA ROMANTICA* - *REFLECTIONS*. These are all such beautiful gardens you really must come and try your luck.

The images here help to give you some idea of what the garden is like, but nothing beats seeing for yourself, so grab the landmarks and come on over.


On the ★BIG PRIZE BOARD ~ *CHERRY BLOSSOM PLACE** (a 799L Value)★ - This is one of our most popular gardens so you know you are getting a really great prize with this one. Do remember you have to stay on the sim for 10 minutes to make sure the board registers your name in this draw.

Last but not least - on the ★AUCTION BOARD ~ *UNDER THE ARCHES - VENUE** (a 1500L Value)★ - With bids starting at just 99L this is a must try opportunity to try your bidding skills. One of the newest of our gardens, launched just this spring, this is great for a seating space in any garden or for use as for events. As you can see from the image, it is pretty spectacular!

To enter the contests or to view any of the gardens please use the teleport or LM givers at Booty Central.

Last but not least - an early warning - We are having a super Spring Hunt on 25th and 26 April. Watch out for more details to come! This is one hunt you will not want to miss with some amazing a special NEW garden being created just for the event, plus a good number of smaller prizes!

Look out for this sign - you will see it dotted around the grid!

Our sincere thanks to some amazing store owners who have kindly agreed to set out an advertising board for us.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boards All Changed - 3 April

Its New Sales and Lucky Boards Time Again here at Two Moon Gardens - how quickly the week's fly by!

Starting with the Big Prize Board - the Amazing NEW *Hearts and Flowers* Sky Globe Garden. Launched only this week, we are thrilled to have it available for one lucky winner in each round. Remember you must stay on the sim for 10 minutes to make sure your name registers. Why not use this time to go and view the ground version of ths stunning design. These two designs have to be the ultimate in romantic gardens, ideal for those summer weddings or special moments with a loved one!

On the other Lucky Boards we have -  Land to Ocean Stream, Beach Passions and A Path to Home - Yellow. All wonderful items to win - so why not come and try your luck today!

Take the teleports from Booty to view these - there is one of the Land to Ocean Streams set up on the ground for you to see, the version that goes to the ocean. Both are in the box so a really great item to win, as are the prizes in the other two boards.

On our Special Sales we have each at half-price or less we have:

..✿ Elegant Falls - Landscaped Path ~ ONLY 350L ✿... At 64m long by 40m wide this is a wonderful waterfall edged pathway, use it to link together parts of your garden or as a walkway to the entrance. Whatever you choose it is sure to please both you and your visitors. Mod/Copy and 234 Prims.

..✿ Sitting by the Flowers - Red ~ JUST 199L ✿... A nice group seating area with 30 animations set amongst pretty blooms. This makes a nice focal point for meeting and greeting visitors or for just sitting and relaxing in lovely surroundings. Again mod/copy with 38 prims but only 18m x 12m!

..✿ Buttercup Grass ~ ONLY 99L ✿... This can be used in meadows and gardens as you wish, really pretty and only 1 prim per plant - 2 plants enclosed in box. Mod/copy as usual.

These are all fantastic bargains, they will not be around very long so make sure you come and see very soon! Take the teleport links from the boards to view.

In the Bid-Board we have -*Landscaped Canal - this comes with all the pieces for you to use as you wish, or if you prefer a rez box ready done for you of the canal, but please note the plants and flowers are in the box but not fitted as part of the landscape in the rez box, so you can place them as you want.

On the 99L Plant Sales Boards we have - Poppy Ground Cover and Pink & Purple Gladioli. Each is one prim per plant or ground cover plant that you can modify and copy to fit your own needs.

Remember to view take the teleport links on each of the boards at Booty Central (aka The Meeting Point) and see for yourself. Here is the link to Booty Central - - we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Amazing New Garden + New Free Group Gift

Make sure you come on over to see the totally AMAZING NEW GARDEN. This one is unlike anything else you have seen at Two Moon Gardens, so take the limo below and come and check it out today!

With large mesh Hearts and containers on pedestals with charming Flowers, it certainly lives up to its name - 'Hearts and Flowers'. It will come in a ground rez version and a sky globe version. The Sky Globe version measures 40m x 40m with steps up to a central area large enough to rez your own dance balls for that romantic moment with your loved one. This Sky Globe Version is 248 prims.

The included cuddle bench really completes the whole effect - in gold and soft pinks it totally keeps in the Heart and Flowers theme of the garden.

Here is the bench so you can see for yourselves - this is a really gorgeous design and so in keeping with the overall effect.

Now for the Ground Rez Version - This is just as spectacular - it has steps ascending from ground level to the raised large circular section as well as the other steps to the central space. The measurements are 42m x 35m and with a total of 168 prims.

Seen here sideways you can see the deceptively delicate looking structure holing up the top. This too has the hearts theme displayed on the 4 supporting pillar sections. You have to come and see for yourself to really appreciate the work that has gone into making this wonderful creation!

If you are thinking of a summer wedding then this would be an amazing garden in which to tie the knot! 

To view the Ground Rez version use this link


Now for the NEW FREE gift for our Group Members - already sitting and waiting to be collected from next to the Half-Price Sales Boards at Booty Central, this is a pretty small garden with a Gazebo with seating for 4 avatars, a large single tree and some really lovely planting. Called 'A Little Peace', we are sure you will enjoy many relaxing hours sitting in this garden.

As usual it is modify and copy and with just 36 prims and measuring only 15m x 15m it is ideal for any garden - be it large or small.

To collect your copy take the limo to the Meeting Place (aka Booty Central) -

To view then this is the landmark -

We hope you will enjoy - remember - we give regular group gifts to our loyal supporters - so why not recommend Two Moon Gardens to your friends and let them benefit from beautiful gardens as well!