Monday, February 24, 2014

Lucky Boards, Promos, Sales & Steals and Deals Information

Starting this week we will be offering our sales and promos from mid-day Monday to Thursday, and the Steals & Deals offers over the weekend- ie all day Friday to Monday inclusive.

From NOW until around midday SLT on Thursday we have the following Sales and Promos for you:

On the 99L Board we have Windy Spring Weed Plant with dancing butterflies. Lovely grasses and flowers with butterflies and only 7 prims. Modify and Copyable so you can use these (or parts of them) dotted around your garden where ever you want a little extra filler.

For  HALF-PRICE and offer at just 250L we have RAVELSTOKE. A 40m x 40m garden with only 130 prims, it has trees, pathway, grasses and of course some lovely flowers. Well worth coming over and picking up at this price, but remember this offer will end on Thursday!

In the PROMO Board we have MEADOW BROOK LANE for only 199L!! This delightful 50m x 20m garden has 140 prims - including some really lovely trees ideal for any spring garden. Very pretty underplanting and of course the lane itself. A real bargain price so come and see it today. Grab the LM from the Meeting Point and go and check it out for yourself. Just remember to be sure of the sale price buy from sign on the ground level.

The Auction Board contains ~ *TRIPLE DELIGHT* (a 799L Value), so come and place your bid. Bids will start at 99L as usual so this is a fantastic chance to grab a bargain. This seats no less that 14 avatars - yes 14! It is a delightful seating area for adding to your own meeting or friends gathering space. Measuring 57m x 14m it will fit along the side of other gardens on most plots but do check sizes for yourself.

On the Booty Boards for the FULL WEEK we have  *Summer Tree 1* - *Sunny Days* - *Whispering Blooms* ~ (ALL TARGETS HAVE BEEN LOWERED!!). Make sure you come and slap these, one lucky winner is selected in each round.

Last but not least on the BIG PRIZE BOARD we have *HIDDEN IN THE TREES* (a 799L Value). This is one of the larger gardens and measures 70m x 55m, with a total prim count of 235 prims. Plenty of trees and planting but also with an added Cuddle Bench with 14 animations. A superb prize for one lucky winner in each round. Just remember to make sure your name registers you must stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after slapping the board.

STEALS & DEALS - Please see information later in the week regarding the items to be offered for the 28 February to 3 March weekend.

Here is your limo to view all the offers and to take part in the lucky board draws.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NEW - Group Gift Not to be Missed!

Fresh from the magic fingers of Bunnie and Monkey we have a superb NEW Group Gift for all our loyal members.

This is really not to be missed - it has romance, atmosphere, something totally different but still low prim and perfectly created with you all in mind.

The prettiest Pool Patio for two - it has a nice couples pose in the pool, a fire to keep you warm outside on those chilly evenings and candles to add to the romance. All under the canopy of a lovely pergola, with pretty hanging baskets and side planters. A total of 28 prims and mod/copy too (note the scripts are no modify)!

Make sure you come and get your copy today! Remember you need to wear your group tag.

Here is the limo:

Sunday, February 16, 2014

New on The Sales and Lucky Boards For The Week

Bunnie has changed the Promo sales and Lucky boards today, and below are the goodies currently available to buy at a bargain price or if its your lucky day you could be our next winner!

Starting with the 99L board we have Purple Delphiniums. Great ground cover and just one prim per plant. This is a great addition to any garden collection.

Note on the plants platform you can also find Pink Forget me not flowers - also priced at 99L this week! So why not take the landmark from the Meeting point and go grab yourself a box of those too! ( or use this landmark - )

On the Sales Board we have Sleepy Pond - priced at 150L, another super garden with a 17m x 24m footprint and only 40 prims. An ideal small pond for any plot, make sure you come and take a look.

For those of you who want to wall in your gardens, then we have the ideal item for you this week, Brown Brick wall with Railings at only 249L. This can be fitted around one, two or even all sides of your garden or land. Another not to be missed bargain.

This week our Auction Board has Lazy Days with bids starting at 99L this is a great opportunity to gain yourself a lovely garden with a value of 550L at a fraction of that price. This one has a nice rural feel with traditional 5-bar gate and wooden fencing, plus a well and neat planting. Measuring 45m x 40m and with a prim count of 165 this comes in the more medium sized garden range.

On the Booty Boards this week we have some super gardens up for one person in each round. These are Tropical Oasis, Wisteria Walk and Charming Country Path in Spring. All three of these would be super prizes so come and slap the boards and give it your best try.

Last but not least this week is the Big Prize Board - this has Land to Ocean Stream. A really lovely stream that can be used to join with the sea or be used purely on land, so its very versatile - just 68 prims and measuring 30m x 50m. The usual price for this is 499L so this is well worth winning, remember you need to stay on the sim for 10 mins for the board to register your name.

Come along to the Booty area (also know as Meeting Point) and slap the board, then take the landmarks to visit the gardens and plants that are on special offer. To be sure of buying yourself a bargain though make sure you return to the ground to purchase the gardens from the offer boards. The plants, however, are available at 99L on the vendor platform.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Steals & Deals Comes to Two Moon Gardens

Wonderful News Everyone - Steals & Deals is now available at Two Moon Gardens.

We are thrilled to be included in this weekend sales group - it now gives us yet another way to offer super bargains to you all as well as give us some wider SL exposure.

For the first offer we have our lovely little Daydreams garden on offer for just 100L instead of the usual 225L - so a great bargain.

This comes complete with couples loveseat that has no less than 7 animations. Also 8 other singles animations - so something for everyone.

Several really nice trees and some pretty ground cover of mixed grasses and flowers. A nice small plot to fit all gardens at just 20m x 20m and with only 26 prims in total!

Landmark to Steals & Deals -


Also new this week are some gorgeous Daffodils. This is a flower that truly says Spring is here. So for all of you who are struggling with RL snow, rain or even amazing heat, why not put out a few of these and think of spring days - not too hot and not too cold! The box includes both Daffodil clusters and more extensive Daffodil ground cover so will suit any space. Each item is just 1 prim and the pack will cost you 199L - modify and copy as usual.

Daffodil Landmark -

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Goodies Now Available + New Boards

Come and see the super new Valentine Items we have on offer for you. You are sure to find the very thing to give your loved one.

There is a NEW Valentine display stand at the main Meeting Point (aka Booty Central), it looks like this:

If you want the ideal Valentine Card - well they are also available this year. Each one is just 99L$ and you can open and close them as you wish so inside can add your own 4 lines of text (32 characters per line), close the card and then pass to your loved one. Cards say no modify but that is the scripting, so do not worry they have been tested and do allow for you to write inside. Full instructions come in the box so you should be able to easily add your own text. Remember, as well as the letters you use - spaces and punctuation symbols count as one character each. You can see the designs on the right of display stand image above or better still take the limo at the bottom and see for yourself. Do note there are several designs ready done as well as one card that you can customise and use your own texture on the front as well as own text inside.

On the left of the stand there are some lovely big words you can use to say - 'I Love You', 'Be My Valentine' or 'Marry Me' - maybe two of these or even all three! Priced at just 149L$ each they are just the thing for saying it in style. As an added bonus when touched they set of amazing fireworks! Each sign is a real eyecatcher. (For display purposes only the top one on the stand has fireworks enabled but all boxed ones will work fine.)

If you prefer something a little more rustic then this may be just the think for you. It is 48 prims, modify and copy so you can remove the words later if you wish or even copy them to extra places. You can find this at http://slurl/com/secondlife/Ferndale/81/157/24 it is priced at 349L$ and it will make a lovely seating area for the future.

Look to the left of the display stand near the steps and you will find a little box of chocolates (transfer only) you can pick up as a gift from us - watch out for another gift nearer Valentine's Day!

Here is the limo to the Meeting Point:

Also today, Bunnie has changed all the lucky and sales boards.

On the Lucky Boards we have the brand NEW Wooden Bridge, The wonderful NEW Pond Plants, Under the Branches - a lovely woodland garden 40m x 40m and with only 58 prims.

The Big Prize Board has the amazing Under The Arches Venue, remember after slapping the board you need to stay on the sim for 10 mins - however, you are free to roam and enjoy the gardens whilst waiting for your names to register.

In the Bidbox we have Reflections - bids starting at 149L$ - this is a beautiful garden is 40m x 40m with a totalof 113 prims. Really lovely colours - almost magical, do take a look.

On our Promo Board we have Secret Sands for just 249L$ - this one is a nice beach garden. It includes a camp fire, windy palms and 2 x couples poses. All in a 52m x 60m garden with 156 prims. Another not to be missed bargain.

Last but not least today we have our 99L$ Promo, this time its Bluebell Flowers. One prim fills a lot of garden space and they are copy/modify as usual so plenty to fill any Bluebell wood.

Come and take the landmarks from the boards at the Meeting Point to see any of these, but remember to be sure of getting the bargains return to the ground for any purchases.

Here is the limo to the Meeting Point:

Thursday, February 6, 2014

NEW! - Wooden Bridge & Pond Plants

This time we managed to catch Bunnie in action setting up the wonderful new Wooden Bridge and Pond Plants area on the sim.

Here she is hard at work - Bunnie is the tiny figure on the far right. At this stage there are more plants still to go into and around the water

Almost finished now - the image below shows it almost done, only a few plants the other side of the bridge still to go into place.

Fallon and Isis here are checking out the view from the other side of the bridge when it is all finished.

The final Items

The bridge comes in two versions with and without lights (both in the box) and is just 7 prims. Ideal for those of you who prefer wood to stone for their bridges. Come along and check it out for yourselves. If you want to know the price - just 399L.

Pond Plants - a set of no less than 30 amazing plants to go in or around your pond all for 499L. As you can see the set contains not just water lilies, but shrubs and plants for around the edges, water loving grasses and to finish off some sections of rock for you to place in suitable spots to give that extra finished look! Each item is just one prim and modify and copy too as usual, so have as many of each as you want. Dig yourselves a lake even - you will have enough plants to go around!

Your landmark to see for yourself is here: