Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Amazing New Garden + New Free Group Gift

Make sure you come on over to see the totally AMAZING NEW GARDEN. This one is unlike anything else you have seen at Two Moon Gardens, so take the limo below and come and check it out today!

With large mesh Hearts and containers on pedestals with charming Flowers, it certainly lives up to its name - 'Hearts and Flowers'. It will come in a ground rez version and a sky globe version. The Sky Globe version measures 40m x 40m with steps up to a central area large enough to rez your own dance balls for that romantic moment with your loved one. This Sky Globe Version is 248 prims.

The included cuddle bench really completes the whole effect - in gold and soft pinks it totally keeps in the Heart and Flowers theme of the garden.

Here is the bench so you can see for yourselves - this is a really gorgeous design and so in keeping with the overall effect.

Now for the Ground Rez Version - This is just as spectacular - it has steps ascending from ground level to the raised large circular section as well as the other steps to the central space. The measurements are 42m x 35m and with a total of 168 prims.

Seen here sideways you can see the deceptively delicate looking structure holing up the top. This too has the hearts theme displayed on the 4 supporting pillar sections. You have to come and see for yourself to really appreciate the work that has gone into making this wonderful creation!

If you are thinking of a summer wedding then this would be an amazing garden in which to tie the knot! 

To view the Ground Rez version use this link


Now for the NEW FREE gift for our Group Members - already sitting and waiting to be collected from next to the Half-Price Sales Boards at Booty Central, this is a pretty small garden with a Gazebo with seating for 4 avatars, a large single tree and some really lovely planting. Called 'A Little Peace', we are sure you will enjoy many relaxing hours sitting in this garden.

As usual it is modify and copy and with just 36 prims and measuring only 15m x 15m it is ideal for any garden - be it large or small.

To collect your copy take the limo to the Meeting Place (aka Booty Central) -

To view then this is the landmark -

We hope you will enjoy - remember - we give regular group gifts to our loyal supporters - so why not recommend Two Moon Gardens to your friends and let them benefit from beautiful gardens as well!

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