Thursday, May 29, 2014



   WHISPERING BLOOMS POND ~ ONLY 149L ✿   - Only 30 prims and modify/copy too, this pretty little pond edges with lovely pink, white and blue blooms is sure to fill that small niche in your garden. Take the LM and go and see for yourself but remember to return to the ground to buy at this price!

   COUPLES CUDDLE BENCH ~ JUST 120L ✿   - Another real bargain is this next offer - only 10 prims and with 10 animations this is a great bench. The side planters give it some extra colour and interest. Also modify and copy so put more than one out in your garden if you wish. Make sure you check it out today.

   ELEGANT FALLS PATH - CROSSROADS ~ 249L ✿   - This can be used as a stand-alone item or joined to one or more of our ELEGANT FALLS PATHS. 180 prims in total.  Whichever way you choose to use it you will love the lovely corner planting and waterfalls.  Well worth viewing at this price - it will not be around for long so come take a look.

   HAPPY LETTER BOARD ★   - this is our own brand new letter board where the letter displayed allows the prize to be claimed by someone with that letter as the first of their avatar name. If it displays ‘A’ then someone who’s avatar name (NOT display name) begins with the letter A can touch the board and win. 




These are all great prizes for one lucky winner in each round. Each one has its own special charm:
Angel Blessings Statue is the first – 11 prims and mod/trans so that it can be gifted.
The second is the newly re-furbished GARDEN OF GRACE – an old favourite that has recently undergone a full make-over. Now with only 93 prims and a number of mesh trees plus all new animations in the seating, this is a great prize, so make sure you wear your tag and come and slap these boards.


*SWEET MOMENTS * - (a 499L Value) - This partial mesh garden with central water feature and garden bench, all in a nice walled space. At 30m x 25m it should fit in almost any garden spaces, and at just 89 prims this is a really great prize. Do remember you need to stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after hitting the board for it to register your name in the lucky draw!


*BOOTY CENTRAL – SUMMER VERSION ** (a 599L Value) – Bids begin at only 99L. This is the same Booty Central as where you are standing. Look around you and see for yourself, seating for up to 8 avatars. Central pool and super planting plus space around the pool to dance if you wish. It is 46m x 46m with a total of 317 prims.

99L SALE ITEMS ★★  - Windy Spring Weed Plant – just 7 prims in total and this one is modify and copy. The NEW TROPICAL PATCH 3 at 9 prims BUT please note this one is modify/transfer (ie NO COPY) so you can give it as a gift. Both can be found here:


  This month's NEW garden gift is a real beauty!   
              ...... SECLUDED CORNER ......
 It is ideal for summer, with a super picnic table set in lovely planting and sheltered under a tree. The bench has animations for two avatars. Only 32 Prims and FREE waiting FOR YOU and NEW MEMBERS to pick up right NOW! 

✿✿ COMING SOON - FUN AND SUN HUNT - June 1st to 30th ✿✿

We are taking part in the Sun and Fun Hunt starting on Sunday, 1st June.
Bunnie has created a super new garden for this event - check out our blog for details.
Click on the sign at Booty Central for starting location.
A hint will be posted a little nearer the time.

TMG is HIRING - Sales Assistants

TMG is seeking Sales Assistants for the night & weekend shifts using SLT
TMG is staffed approx. from 8am-8pm SLT-meaning any availability before or after those hrs does not apply
Shifts are appx 2 hrs long & are in SLT for nights & weekends
We encourage any Group Members to apply
If you're interested or know someone that is please see the Now Hiring Board here:
Or contact Virgy (virgynsoul resident) for an application or any questions you may have

Sunday, May 25, 2014


We are taking part in the forthcoming FUN & SUN HUNT and have a super new garden as our prize.

The hunt begins on JUNE 1st and will run throughout the month. The hunt is grid wide and will include many other super stores so make sure you pick up the information. Touch the sign at Booty Central for starting location etc.

Limo to Booty Central ~

Now for the PRIZE!

The garden will be called FARAWAY. It is 36m x 36m and just 68 prims. The gorgeous golden flowers follow along the side of the meandering brick pathway. You can use this as an alternative entrance way to your home or to link other gardens together or indeed have it as a stand-alone garden. Whichever way you choose to set it out it is sure to add a different touch to any home space.

All the usual pretty planting for the garden that you have come to enjoy from Bunnie. The hunt gift also comes with dandelion emitter and nature sounds all packaged separately in the box so you can rez them or not - the choice is yours. 

All you have to do is come along in June and hunt for the item. So make sure you put it in your calendar!

Please check the hunt poster at Booty Central nearer the start datefor the HINT. A hint will also be posted on the official hunt blog - see link below:

Vendor & Hunters Group:  MelNaKa Events

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Here are this week's fantastic sales and prize items - we are hope that you will find something special to add to your collection:

Starting with our SALES ITEMS we have

Four stunning colours - blue, pink, purple and yellow, these look lovely in meadows or borders, use them as you want, each is just one prim and all mod/copy too!

Less than half-price for this gorgeous garden. Two versions in one pack too! A ground rez version with 186 prims and a texture changing sky globe version with 187 prims. All the beautiful colours and planting you could want inside both versions, make sure you come and take a look today, as this is a superb bargain!

These are really popular, no less than 6 different colours all for this fantastic price. Each is just one prim and mod.copy so you can use as many as you wish.


NEW - SPRING BLOOMS* - JUST 99L ~ a stunning mix of white, blue and soft purple coloured blooms, all in one prim. These would look lovely in any garden. Modify and copy so add them where you wish.

NEW - FLOWERING WEEDS* - ONLY 99L ~ These really complement the Spring Blooms as these are somewhat deeper blues and purples - indeed almost black, these would add that extra dimension to your planting. Well worth adding to your collection especially at this price and being modify/copy too - 2 plants each 1 prim.

On our  ★ BOOTY BOARDS ★ there are 3 amazing items to WIN

*UTOPIA*~*THE MEETING PLACE*~*QUIET TIMES* ~ each of these would be a great prize to win. Utopia has a fountain and lovely courtyard area all packed in a 32m x 32m space. The Meeting Place makes a really good focal point, with a total of 5 couples/singles benches set inside a circle with central fire. Quiet Times is another 32m x 32m garden but with only 62 prims althought the optional seating provided adds 17 prims.

The  ★ BIG PRIZE BOARD ★ ~ NATURE'S ISLAND - (a 699L Value) ~ This beautiful off sim island has multiple sitting areas and animations. It is 40m x 40m and only 99 prims - a superb prize for one lucky winner in each round. Remember to register your name in the draw you must remain on sim for 10 minutes after slapping the board.

On the  ★ AUCTION BIDDER ★ we have MOUNTAIN RETREAT (a 950L Value)
Stunning mountains adorn the sides of this wonderful Panoramic garden skybox, 50m x 50m in size. It has a lovely covered seating area set amongst meadows and trees yet is only 134 prims. With bids starting at 99L you could easily bag yourself a real bargain here.

Below is the landmark to our main meeting area where you will find the sales and lucky boards - to view any of the above items just take the landmarks from the display boards. Each one has its own LM giver as part of the sign. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014



✿   EVER CHANGING BLOOMS - PANORAMIC GARDEN* ~ ONLY 349L ✿  - this stunning Panoramic Garden allows you to change the flowers to suit your mood, with no less than 5 gorgeous flowers to choose from - you can have the ground cover you prefer. This is a great chance to buy yourself a garden like this at a bargain price. Take the LM and go and see for yourself but remember to return to the ground to buy at this price!

✿   SWEET ESCAPE*~ JUST 110L ✿  - Another real bargain is this next offer - only 39 prims and fits nicely on a 512 plot, being just 32m x 16m in size, its ideal for those smaller spaces or as a filler on a larger estate. Complete with couples cuddle loveseat and a really neat fountain (and water sounds), plenty of pretty planting, this garden packs a lot of punch for its prim count! Make sure you check it out today.

✿   THE LAVENDER PATCH* ~ 149L ✿  - A super 20m x 20m small garden with lots of vibrant colour - lavender abounds and all in 67 prims. This makes a nice pathway in any garden area. Well worth viewing at this price - it will not be around for long so come take a look.

This is the landmark to the meeting place - remember take the LMs on the individual boards and go and see for yourself but remember to return to the ground to buy at these prices!


These are all great prizes for one lucky winner in each round. Each one has its own special charm - Ravelstoke is 40m x 40m and 130 prims. A nice pathway, trees and neat planting make it a great addition to any garden collection. Sunny Days is 20m x 20m and just 41 prims - pretty lemon flowers in the grass, a nicely placed love seat under the tree and its all ready for those romatic moments. The Summer Oak Trees - 3 of them - are really useful - you can use them over and over in many ways to add an extra touch to any garden.


*WATERSIDE* - (a 499L Value) - This partial mesh garden with amazing water wheel and seating, this garden is really different. At 20m x 20m it is small enough to fit in almost any garden space, and at just 78 prims this is a really great prize. Do remember you need to stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after hitting the board for it to register your name in the lucky draw!


*WHITE WATER CANYON - INSTANT LANDSCAPE** (a 999L Value) - One of our spectacular water gardens, this packs an awful lot into its design. It is 64m x 92m so is also one of our much larger creations, with a total of only 142 prims. You have steep mountain like peaks with water cascading down, plus a lovely large lake/river like structure with viewing platform so you can take in the full effect of the falls. This is one garden you do not want to miss your chance of bidding for - go take a look at it up in the sky - you are sure to agree it is stunning.

★ 99L SALE ITEMS ★★  - Two lovely meadow grasses for you this week - each plant covers a good sized area yet it is just one prim - also both are modify/copy - so you can cover a whole field if you wish. Buy them both and intermix for a really stunning effect.

Aqua Meadow Grass* - JUST 99L

Pink Meadow Grass* - ONLY 99L

Here is the LM again - to save scrolling back to the top -

Friday, May 2, 2014


The Sales Boards have all been updated today!

You can find  PEACEFUL RETREAT* ~ ONLY 349L - this is a lovely tranquil woodland garden - 60m x 60m so do check your space as it requires a 4096 sq m parcel or larger. If you long for beautiful shady trees to walk in or to sit and relax then this is the garden for you.

SPRING POND 2 ~ JUST 149L - On special offer this is one of our very popular small gardens at just 20m x 20m this will fit just about any plot.  Only 60 prims but including a pretty tree, planting and pond with tiny waterfall this is a real bargain!

THE BLUEBELL PATCH~ 199L - This abound with gorgeous bluebells, they are such wonderful late spring/early summer flowers. Here we have a mini-woodland only 20m x 20m with trees and a real display of these pretty bluebell blooms, yet only 48 prims in total. A really pretty small garden at a great price!

Come along to booty Central aka The Meeting Point and take the Landmarks on the Sales Boards to view the items.


On the ★ 99L SALE ITEMS ★ Modify / Transfer ONLY ★

BRAND NEW - *TROPICAL PATCH 2* - JUST 99L ~M/T - this is one of our new small filler patches. Please take care to note these are ideal for gifting as they are modify and transfer (you cannot copy them). But at the price of just 99L if you need more than one then they are surely still a real bargain! As you can see it has lovely palms and under-planting yet is only 12 prims.

BRAND NEW - *LITTLE GARDEN BORDER 2* - ONLY 99L ~M/T - another of our small filler borders. Nice trees with under-planting to fit on any lawn or border - only 8 prims. Again take note these are also great for gifting being modify and transfer only (another no copy item). Like the Tropical Patch though at this price they are readily affordable should you require two.

To view these take the limo to:



On the Auction Board we have Fat Pack of Pink Trees and Flowers (699L value) and bids start at just 99L - a great chance to grab a DIY bargain. Pack contains 3 trees with lovely blossoms and no less than 20 flowers! Come and take a look for yourself, we are sure you will want to try bidding!

On the Big Prize Board we now have Elegant Falls - Landscaped Path. This makes all other paths and walkways look jealous - remember you will need to stay on the sim (anywhere as long as on sim) for 10 minutes to ensure your name is registered in the lucky draw for this prize.

Lucky Boards - on the other three lucky boards we have some lovely items for one lucky winner in each round - the images below will give you a flavour - or come along and see them for yourself:




There are teleport signs on each of the items on sale or on the lucky boards so make sure you check the items out.