Monday, November 4, 2013


Yes, our wonderful duo of Bunnie and Monkey have been creating for us yet again. We have two amazing new gardens for you for winter, these really are a must see!

Firstly there is the NEW version of the Welcome Area all decked out in sprinkles of snow and ice crystals. The large tree on the right in the photo below gives you some idea of just how pretty this - but you must see it for yourself. It will be launched very soon so watch this space!

Our other NEW venue is Majestic Falls in Winter! If you thought the Autumn one was lovely wait until you see Winter! You can use this for dancing, winter parties and even ice skating. It comes complete with rain and snow generators as well as nature sounds and water sounds. As an added bonus you also get copyable skating balls so you and your friends can skate away to your hearts' content.

The only things NOT in the pack are the ice skates but there will be some FREE ones available for you to pick up right next to the venue when it appears on the ground. Or or course you might already have some or prefer to choose a style to go with your outfits.

This has got to be the winter dancing area and skating rink to beat all others! 

Watch this space and do check out in store notices for the launch of these stunning gardens!

Limo to landing point ~ Ferndale/123/112/25

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