Monday, November 25, 2013

25 November Changes on Boards

Earlier today Bunnie changed all the sales and lucky boards once more. Below are the super items on offer:

On the 99L Sales Board we now have a Snowy Green Christmas Tree. This really pretty tree is NEW and ideal for your gardens this coming festive season. Come take a look for yourself -

On the Main Sale Board we have Devonshire Valley - A medium sized Panoramic Garden - 50m x 50m compete with surrounding so this can be used as a skybox. At just 138 prims it makes a super garden - lots of lovely planting too. Well worth considering at the wonderful price of just 399L.

On the Promo Board we have A Fat Pack of Winter Fir Trees - a great selection to help you fill your winter garden. At only 199L this is a great purchase opportunity and a super collection with some straight and some leaning in 4 different colours too.

A super garden is on the Auction/BidBox Board - Meridian in Autumn! If you have not already acquired a copy of this - then now is your chance to try bidding and see if you and be successful. Bids start really low at just 99L for a superb large venue garden - so do not miss your chance.

The Booty Boards have Meridian Mesh Bridge in Winter and the Meeting Place - two lovely prizes for the lucky winner in each round.

And for the BIG PRIZE BOARD - we have a superb garden - MAJESTIC FALLS IN WINTER. This garden is Monkey and Bunnie's latest beauty. This is a stunning 50m x 50m Venue / garden with 50 waterfalls and spilling planters. Would make a great wedding venue or upper glass garden for your home.  Mostly mesh - 391 prims. Comes with Nature Sounds, Water Sounds, Rain Generator, Snow Generator and Copyable Skating balls. Now that is an amazing prize - so come and try your luck. Remember you need to stay on the sim for 10 minutes for the system to register your name in the draw.

Come along to the Welcome area and look at all the board for yourself - here is your limo:

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