Thursday, November 7, 2013



We are pleased to announce the winners of our recent Photographic Competition.

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In the Recent Photo Competition there were 23 entries and the total number of votes were 568

The top 2 were really close only 2 votes in it....

The winner of our 5000L TMG Voucher is Lynn Byron with 51 votes - this is the Photo Lynn submitted ~ we are sure you will agree this was a gorgeous photo and really showcased Two Moon Gardens.

And the runner up happened to be Bunnie's Choice ~ Aiden Adderstein with 49 votes. Aiden WINS A 1000L TMG Voucher. Here is the image Aiden submitted, again a lovely photograph I think you will agree ~ Elegant Falls in Winter.

Our Sincere Congratulations to both winners for wonderful photos.

Of course there were so many worthy entrants and each and every one of them deserves our heartfelt thanks.

Finally, we must thank all of our members who took the time to cast their votes.

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