Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All Change on Our Promo, Sales and Lucky Boards Today

Yes, some more new goodies available for you on our boards here again Today. Bunnie has changed them and and we are sure you will love her selection.

On the 99L Sales Board we have Snowy Pine Trees. The box contains a single snowy pine tree at just 1 prim and a stand of trees for 6 prims. Modify and copy as usual so ideal for filling those small spaces this winter and for a fabulous price too!

The Sale Board has Blissful Moments at just 299L ~ this is one of our very popular gardens and one you really won't want to miss at this price. Modify and Copy as usual this has a lovely cuddle fountain summer style.

A Winter Cuddle Fountain is on the Promo Board - at 150L this is another bargain buy. Imagine wanting to snuggle up against your loved one to keep warm on a cold winter day ~ well wrap up warm and go sit by this fountain ~ we are sure you will love it!

On the BidBoard we have Peaceful Retreat - with bids starting at just 99L you are sure to snag yourself a bargain with this. As you can see from the picture below it is quite large so needs a plot of 4096 sq m or above.

The Lucky Boards have on them ~ A Path to Home in Winter ~ Whispering Blooms Pond ~ Summerwinds - panoramic garden. All super prizes for the lucky winners in each round. So come and start slapping those boards!

On the BIG PRIZE BOARD - Elegant Falls Path in Autumn. This is an amazing Prize for one Lucky Winner each round ~ just remember to be sure of having your name accepted by the board you must remain on the sim for 10 minutes after clicking on the board to enter. We don't want anyone missing out so make sure you stay somewhere on sim - feel free to wander around though!

Come along today and buy yourself a bargain or try your luck - to see any of the items on offer just follow the teleports links shown on each board.

Here is your limo to the Meeting Place to see all these amazing goodies! ~ Ferndale/123/112/25

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