Wednesday, November 26, 2014

News, Prizes and Sales - 26 November 2014

Lucky Boards – if you are not yet a group member make sure to join so you can take advantage of these great gifts.

Big Prize Board

RHAPSODY ~ WINTER, (64m x 64m) is one of our very newest gardens and now it could be yours. It has a large wall of cascading water with neat circular venue space, lovely moat and steps down to the water's edge. This is in turn surrounded by a gravelled circular walkway and then garden space with tall conifer trees, shrubs and low plants near the main entrance. It is on the Big Prize Board and you will see this is a great PRIZE! Come and slap the board and give it a try, you might be one of the lucky winners - one winner in each round. Please remember you need to stay on the sim for 10 mins to ensure your vote is registered.
Booty Boards

Snowy Moments – This is a small but perfectly formed winter garden, with snow covered trees, pretty winter bushes, neat sparkly grasses and all on a 20m x 20m snow covered landscape. To complete the garden we have a bench for two, yet the entire garden is only 30 prims. This is well worth considering if you have a small plot or garden corner you wish to set up.
Woman Statue ~ Winter – with only 15 prims in total, the central creamy white marble statue has a hanging plant trailing from her left hand, whilst in her right is an ewer. Surrounded by sparkly grasses and plants this is a statue to grace any garden.
NEW HAPPY LETTER BOARD ~ Snowy Winter Bushes*, this is a great prize to win – 6 snowy winter bushes one in each of 6 colours and each one is only one prim. If your avatar first name begins with the letter then slap the board and collect your prize, its that easy.
AUCTION BIDDER BOARD – this has MAGICAL WINTER WALK this week, with bids starting as low as 99L. A super garden ready for the winter season, measures 40M x 40M and only 113 prims. The colours of the grasses and bushes make this garden stand out. It is well worth seeing so come check it out here:
Sales Items This Week ~ Winter Things - 199L per box

The first box has 3 Christmas Lanterns (transfer only) - they are really nice like old fashioned gas lamps and have pretty winter wreaths attached.
The second box has 3 snow Sculpts (copy/mod) - these come with the snow texture included too.Each is only one prim and can be scaled to fit your land, these are super for adding that extra wintery look to your garden.
See them here

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