Sunday, November 16, 2014

More New Winter Items On The Ground At Ferndale

NEW Winter Seating, each is an almost square paved area, seasonal plants and shrubs. Each bench sits 2 avatars with 8 single and 4 couple sits all mod/copy.
Winter Seating 1, a single bench with small trees on each side and plants behind, 17 prims.
Winter Seating 2, 27 prims, there are 2 benches set at right angles to one another, 2 trees plus lower plants.
Winter Seating 3, a single bench and larger tree but again with other lower plants and shrubs, 18 prims.

Our twin packs of Paths to Home now has a WINTER version here for you. A straight path (10 prims - 32m x 13m) and a curved path (12 prims 32m x 22m). This is gorgeous, soft snow on the pathway, pretty winter trees, shrubs and plants - you must view it to appreciate it -
BLEAK WINTER PARK - 399L - an amazing black and white build measuring 32m x 32m and only 46 prims. it has a river going under two paved bridges, with side rails which both lead to an octagonal meeting point again with rails and also overhead lamps, which leave a soft glow on the ground beneath. Numerous bare trees and white sparkling, snow covered grass add to this stunning design. See it here:

If you have a store or area you wish to use for a landing/meeting point then our new STORE LANDING POINT ~ WINTER is the ideal design. Only 450L and just 27 prims without the centre piece or 64 prims with the seating area and plants section in use. The central part is our TRANQUIL REST ~ WINTER - this is in the pack as standard for the amazing price of only 450L inclusive. Tranquil Rest seats 8 avatars, and as an extra bonus the pack also contains a Snow Generator. Check it out for yourself:

If you prefer to have seating for 10 avatars you could try THE MEETING PLACE ~ WINTER. Lush warm red furnishing with contrast cushions to the 5 benches (each seat 2 avatars). Each bench has 18 cuddle poses and 15 single! A total of 73 prims includes the snow covered stone circular section and the central fire-pit with smoke on/off function. It can be viewed here:

♬♬ Need a place to dance or ice skate? ♬♬ - COME TO TWO MOON GARDENS
Come over and see the delights that await you for your choice of venues here at Two Moon Gardens. We have Graceful Falls, Rhapsody, Radiant Falls and Majestic Falls which all have Intan dance systems for singles and couples. If Skating is your thing you can use Ice White – Frozen Lake, so something for all. All you need to do is select area space you prefer, turn on your sound and listen to our sim stream and just enjoy. Please remember to dress appropriately for our moderately rated sim.

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