Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Starting with our very NEW gardens we have several new designs we hope you will totally love. Check out the new Small Garden Patches too!
Store Landing Point ~ Winter is our new meeting point. It is level with the ground this time, it seamlessly links to the many paths that we hope will help guide you through the ground level more easily. All of the Lucky Boards, Sale Boards and normal ‘Booty Central’ items are located here. At the heart of our new Landing Point we have Tranquil Rest ~ Winter. This has all the usual seating for 8 avatars set around a pool but this time it is all dressed for winter. Pretty snow dusts the rim of the pool and new winter loving plants have been added.
Rhapsody - One of this year's New must have gardens. With a wonderful wall of cascading water, large circular space for events or parties, planting around the edges, and no less than 4 super benches complete this stunning garden.
Graceful Falls - Similar styled curved waterfalls to those in our ever popular Elegant Falls gardens but with an extra twist, this garden has a stunning trellis and pergola like gateway. With a singles/couples bench on either side of the waterfalls too, plus lots of superb planting with snowy trees, shrubs and bushes. A garden that has to be seen to be appreciated.
The Pavilion ~ Winter is our NEW Garden with an Octagonal Pergola reached by climbing 3 short flights of steps. On the sides of the first set of steps we have prettily landscaped gardens, this leads to a flat terrace space, then the next flight of steps leads to the base of the pergola - more garden planting on either side, with the final steps going directly into the pergola itself. A really unusual garden design that beautiful views over the surrounding land spaces. A must see creation – 32m X 32M and only 73 prims. View here:

Next for some of our summer/autumn favourites that now have new winter designs freshly created for you all.

Radiant Falls in Winter - this is the fantastic winter version of our popular large 80m x 80m venue space. The first thing you notice as you rez the garden is the gently falling snow popping out of the rez box ahead of everything else! This adds a sparkle of magic to what goes on to be a really gorgeous garden. As the snow continues to fall it lightly dusts the tiled space. Bare branches, pretty soft lavender plants all add the wintery feel to the whole garden. This is a garden that needs to be viewed to be truly appreciated.
Tumbling Falls in Winter - snow dusting to all the horizontal surfaces gives that wonderful winter feeling to this new version of this fenced garden space. Soft planting adds that wintery touch to the space and helps highlight the three small tumbling waterfalls. With only 92 prims in this 32m x 32m, make sure you see this garden.

Eden in Winter - our lovely 64m x 64m garden with horseshoe shaped path covered in snow patches and with amazing glittery grasses and fantastic snow tipped conifer bushes. Conifer branches complete with cones, sparkly shrubs and berries all add to the magic. A total of 113 prims, and a snow generator in the pack too!

Forever Winter – Both Forever Summer and Forever Autumn have been really popular so if you now would like a winter version for your gardens this is perfect for you. The same style and size but now dressed in soft snow and icy textures and only 67 prims. Check it out here:
Time Away - Winter is also now available for you all. This lovely pergola with central sundial makes a great place to sit and chat on the 3 benches provided - each sits 2 avatars. Check it out here

Finally the other gardens on the ground level are old winter favourites here for another season, we hope you like our choices - do remember there are more winter gardens in the sky too!
Ice White - Frozen Lake – This larger 64M x 64M garden is wonderful for skating. A large frozen Lake is surrounded by beautiful trees and plants all with soft drifts of snow around their bases. It has 113 prims and skating balls are provided. All you will need are your ice skates!
Little Lapland – This is for all of you who like to see Santa and his elves. Two version are in the pack, one with Santa and one without. So use one until Christmas is over if you wish and then change to the non-festive version so you have just the walled winter garden to take you through to springtime. Two versions of the large tree too, one with chasing lights and one without and as an added bonus there is also a skybox and a snow generator included. Check it out here:
Frosty Copse - This garden is a lovely fenced field like garden space. Measuring 55m x 55m with just 89 prims. Snowdrifts and wintery grasses plus lovely snow sprinkled trees complete the picture.
Majestic Falls ~ Winter - This is a stunning winter garden, use it for those Christmas or New Year Dances and Balls, go Ice Skating the choice is yours. This somes complete with with rain and snow generators as well as nature and water sounds. As a bonus you get copyable skating animation balls so you and your friends can skate to your hearts' content. This 50m x 50m garden has got to be the winter dancing area and skating rink suitable to a number of garden sizes from medium to large.
On Frozen Pond - Measuring 32m x 32m this 74 prim garden has skating balls and cuddle bench included. Lots of lovely trees surround the frozen pond with green/white grasses sprinkled with snow. Well worth seeing, this is a lovely medium sized garden.
Winter Pond 1 - Tall bare branched snowy trees and pretty shrubs with blue berries surround this neat little pond. Grasses and other plants in soft pinks and blues. Measuring just 25m x 25m this small pond has 34 prims.
Winter Pond 2 - This 20m x 20m garden has a double level pond in soft turquoise, green and white with a hint of pink. Grasses and bushes with berries and opne tall snow covered tree complete the picture. Only 52 prims in total, so will fit in any garden space.
Winter Pond 3 - If you are wanting a 20m x 20m pond with only 20 prims then this is for you, a snowy bare branched tree and snowy grasses surround this small pond, it really is ideal for literally any garden whatever the size.
Winter Pond 4 - the last but not least of the small garden winter ponds, this is 20m x 20m and only 20 prims. Like Winter Pond 3 it has the same basic layout but with whilst number 3 has slightly bluey green colours, this has pink and soft lilac colouring.
Winter's Morning - Lots of lovely snowy trees, snow sprinkled grasses and shrubs, with a bench and skate balls included in the pack. Measuring 50M x 50M and just 160 prims. Another garden well worth consideration.
Winter Presence - This fenced garden has a number of pretty snowy trees, snow sprinkled grasses and shrubs, plus a small central frozen pond. Measuring 64M x 64M and just 145 prims. Another super winter garden with cuddle bench.

Check out the new Small Winter Blooms 1 & 2 - these wonderful new ones are out on sale now at the new meeting point.

Candy Christmas - Plants are also available alongside the Time Away - Winter Pergola - a selection of pretty shrubs and ground cover for 199L - see them here

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