Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wow - More New Goodies This Week!

Yes folks, we have even more new things here for you today:

The first is a super classical style female statue with a lovely plant hanging from the bowl in her left hand.  All around the pedestal are some pretty flowers including Foxgloves. It is just 11 prims in total and it can be yours for only 175L. You will find this close to the Meeting Point but to help her is the exact location:

Our group members will love this second item as its the latest GROUP GIFT - a really pretty small tree in a pot.  Mesh and only 6 prims ~ it will look nice on any patio or could be used as a houseplant.  Make sure you collect your copy.  If you are not yet a group member the joining board is at the Meeting Point and its free to join.

There are several past gifts you can pick up too!

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