Sunday, September 22, 2013

TMG - Photographic Competition

 Two Moon Gardens is now holding a Photo contest with a $5000L TMG voucher as the prize.

Rules on joining the contest

1) Your Photograph must be of a build created by Two Moon Gardens.  This can be a garden or build you have previously purchased / won or it can be a photograph of a TMG garden rezzed here at the store.  Where the picture is taken is totally up to you, the only stipulation is that it MUST be of something we have created here at TMG.

We have over 187 gardens here at the store so if you don't own a TMG garden you can still take part in the competition by photographing one here.

2) If you want to, you can photograph your avatar in the TMG build. This is optional.

3) You ARE allowed to enhance your photograph with the use of any kind of photo shop tools, should you wish. This is a chance for you to put your creative talents to the test so as long as it's a TMG garden and the picture has no nudity or X rated content, anything goes!

4) You are allowed a maximum of 2 photo entries per avatar. We will choose one of the two pictures you submit to be displayed. The chosen entry will be displayed in the TMG store and on our TMG blog.

Please Collect Further Information on how to submit entries from our Display at the Meeting Point.

Closing date is Sunday 20th October at 2pm SLT.  All entries must be submitted before then.Voting will then open. 

(Details of voting to follow.)

Voting will close on 5th November at 2pm SLT

Note there will be a second prize of a 1000L TMG voucher - read the full notice found at the  Welcome Point for all the information.

Limo for Welcome Point is:

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