Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Today ~ Promo & Special Offer Items

Happy Weekend to everyone, earlier today Bunnie changed the Promo and Special Offers again for us and you guessed it some super items are on offer: To give you a run down we have:

The first is a great Promo garden, whilst we hate to say it winter is just around the corner so why not buy it early at this super price ~   ~ On Frozen Pond. Only 199L (Usual Prize 550L).  A fantastic chance to grab a bargain - come see, here is your limo ~ ~ Note: If you want to try out the skating animations then take the Landmark from the Promo board.

Our second item at ONLY 99L is the Sales Board for Tuber Rose ~ Reds and Greens
Add a touch of autumn to your garden and pick up your box in the store now. The teleport to the board is here ~

The other Sales Board has Sitting By The Flowers in Red ~ On offer at ONLY 249L another super bargain offer.

Some of you have been asking for individual Autumn Trees, so Bunnie has put some out for you on the plant platform.  Here is your Landmark: ~ they are modify and copy - just buy whichever tree or trees you like - they are not boxed.

For those of you wondering what is on the Lucky Boards - here is the list:

*Big Prize Board -Forest Walk
*Booty Boards -Pink Tumblers, Lake Topaz and Shady Patio

For the Bidbox we have:  Gloomy Hollow - Halloween Garden ~ this is a wonderful chance to get your Halloween Garden at a greatly reduced price:  Bids start at 99L (normal price is 399L).

The LM for the Meeting Point is:

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