Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Botanical Post - 5/27/2013

 TMG is taking part in this years Home & Garden Expo Hunt.  For our group members, just to let you know that the hunt prize is on the ground level of our store and the hint is
'Flowers and Blooms all around, a walk in the park and the gift will be found.'
There is no Landmark to the next sim but you can pick up the LM's for all the creators taking part in the hunt by clicking the blog link http://thewhizhunt.blogspot.com
Our prize this year is the Brand New 'Sitting by the Violets'


 You can now pick up our Triple Tier Garden Pond FOR FREE in the store.   Compliments of TMG http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ferndale/176/146/24


Two Moon Gardens is now exhibiting items in the Home & Garden EXPO.  Some of the best exhibits in Second Life from lots of talented creators.  This year, if you purchase TMG's very own Cherry Blossom Place, every linden will be donated to Relay for Life! Take a tour now http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Entertainment%20and%20Activities/83/148/23


*NEW* TMG's BIGGEST EVER BUILD - FOREST WALK ~ LANDSCAPED PATH is now for sale.  This build is part Mesh and comes with lots of options.  There are 3 ways you can purchase this so that everyone, no matter of your land size, can enjoy it.
Complete Rez landscaped path - includes 200m x 40m meandering forest path with additional Path parts and a box of the Trees, Plants and Flowers.
This build is also being exhibited in the 2013 Home & Garden Expo.

The sale board has changed and we have the lovely White Water Canyon up for grabs at a massive discount and in the Bidder Landscaped Path.  The 99L sale item is Woodland Walk and the prizes today are ~ A Path to Home - Country, Heaven's Corner, A Fat Pack of Tuber Roses and Under the branches.  You can grab Heather Meadow Grass for 99L and our freebie today is Cosmos Flowers in Peach. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ferndale/111/94/24

ONLY 99L - Woodland Walk. It's a real bargain right now so make sure you pick up your copy of this sweet piece of landscape.  Footprint is 40 x 40 and 114 prims, complete with a pond and woodland trees. You can either grab it in booty  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ferndale/111/94/24 or from our marketplace store https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/37468


Visit our Marketplace store. Each garden has an item description with size, prims and lots of pictures. It's an easy way to check out all of the gardens TMG has to offer.  You can visit it by clicking the link

Bunnie's Facebook is buzzing with lots of new members so if you want to know all the latest TMG news or see the latest releases and builds you can by visiting  https://www.facebook.com/bunnie.badger
You might prefer to check out our blog  http://2moongardens.blogspot.com/
Coming soon we have a brand  new Panoramic - PARADISE.  Keep checking the group notices for it's release.

New ' Sitting by the Violets' is our hunt item this month as part of the Home & Garden Expo.  There's a hint in Booty so make sure you search the ground area of Two Moon Gardens and you could just find it! When you do, there is a small fee of 10L which goes straight to Relay for Life. If you like a hunt, you can jump to all the Expo sims taking part by visiting their blog  http://thewhizhunt.blogspot.comand seek away to your hearts content.  There's some wonderful creators out there and some super items.  Hunt ends on June 2nd.

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