Saturday, September 6, 2014

★★ TMG'S MEGA SALES & PRIZES ★★ 6 September

99L each and ONE PRIM each – We have FOUR different ONE prim Little Autumn Patches for you this week – copy and modify too! To view take the link here: - use these to fill in those small spaces in your autumn planting or to add extra interest to any garden. (Patch no 4 is to the right of the falling leaves box!)
Tranquil Fountain – Summer, this lovely fountain is now available with summer planting and is on special offer at just 199L. With bright golden lilies and blue flowers it would grace any lawn or paved courtyard. It has seating around the fountain too for up to 8 avatars! Come and check it out in our ground or sky vendors -

The second great sale item this week is Meridian Mesh Bridge – Straight, available for just 199L, this delightful stone bridge is copy and modify (but do take care if trying to adjust the size of mesh). The bridge can be seen on the ground or in the vendors – this is the groundlink so you can view it over water -

The third and final amazing sale item this week is a full 40m x 40m Autumn garden – Harmony – on sale for just 250L (a saving of 249L on the normal price). Compete with cuddle blanket – this delightful garden has a short path leading to a waterfall and small stream/pond, trees, lots of super grass and pretty planting. The total prim count is 174 and the garden itself is copy/modify as usual. See it here -

On the Happy Letter Board we have Summer Weed 1 – another of our small border patches, this one normally sells for 175L so it is well worth winning. Modify and copyable too and an added bonus of flying butterflies! See it here -

For Our BIG PRIZE BOARD this week we have HONEYCOTT FALL a 40m x 40m garden – ideal for your Autumn setting – this has trees with gold and bronze foliage, underneath the trees is planted with ferns, shrubs and pretty golden, bronze and white flowers. Included in the pack is a cuddle bench – and all this for one lucky winner in each round. Just remember to be in a chance of winning you must remain on the sim for 10 mins for your name to register in the draw.

The first of two lovely garden is a nice summery beach scene – Tropical Paradise – 89 prims and includes a cuddle towel set under a canopy to keep off the hot sun. this 40m x 40m garden has gorgeous blue inviting water complete with waves, sandy beach area and palm trees, plus sand dunes and tropical plants. All set inside a sky globe which can be removed should you want to use the garden on the ground. A very versatile garden that is sure to be a delight for one lucky winner in each round.

The second is the amazing Elegant Falls in Autumn – a full 64m x 64m garden – note it does need some terraforming to fit on your land. This is one of our larger venue spaces and is a dream to behold, with side waterfalls, arches and stunning trees and plants.

Follow the link below to the Auction Bidder at the Meeting Area and then teleport to view any of these super prizes.
This week we have UTOPIA – normal price is 499L but you can bid for it with bids starting as low as 99L. This is a sure fire bargain. A 32m x 32m formal garden with fountain and rotunda in the centre with a neat courtyard and surrounded by a wrought iron fence. Compete with cuddle bench this is well worth viewing. The Bid Board is here, come and see:

Sunday, August 24, 2014


99L each and TWO PRIMS each - TREE TYPE 1 and TREE TYPE 2

Two separate trees each only 99L - these ideal low prim trees that can be copied and modified to fill those spaces or create added interest to your garden. Come and see for yourself.


* Autumn Flowers & Trees - Fat Pack 349L * - This stunning pack of plants and trees is brilliant for changing the seasons in your favourite garden areas. If you have a patio or paving surrounded by summer flowers and want to keep the layout the same, just change the planting with this amazing set of 4 different trees and 20 flowers - each is copy/mod, so you can place them just where you want! 

* Booty Central - Autumn Version - 275L - a fantastic bargain* - Another stunner for your Autumn needs is this version of our Booty Central - it has a large central tree, with neat planting around its base. Four side areas large enough for the included seating, all the paving, walls and steps too - plus planters that you can use as optional extras. The overall size is 32m x 32m - is copy/mod as normal - 194 Prims without the planters, and 291 with them.

✿ PROMO - EDEN - 599L - Normal price will be 799L ✿ - Still on Promo but time is running out on this amazing new build. Make sure you grab your copy at this price before the garden goes to its normal amount. Check out the garden on sim - it is impressive for sure and very low prim!

* HAPPY LETTER BOARD ~ Falling Leaves - 5 Emitters* - Another Autumn item for you, but at no cost - just slap the board if its your avatar letter (not display name). No less than 5 leaf types in emitters - you can use these anywhere on your land. 

★ BIG PRIZE BOARD ★ RIVERSIDE MOUNTAIN * - Another of our recently released copy/mod gardens - this Panoramic space is fantastic as a skybox or for use on the ground. Measuring 50m x 50m but with only 108 prims - it includes both a cuddle rug and a couple's bench. Lots of super mesh plants help to keep this low prim. Just remember to be in a chance of winning you must remain on the sim for 10 mins for your name to register in the draw. One lucky winner in each round - it might just be you!

* BOOTY BOARDS - Sitting by the Flowers - Red and Peaceful Retreat. Two great prizes - make sure you come and have a go, you never know this week you could be one of our lucky winners! 

★ AUCTION BIDDER ★ UNDER THE ARCHES - SINGLE PATH* (WORTH 499L) - This simply stunning pathway is edged with gentle curved low walls and superb plants and trees, whilst over the walkway is a single curving arch to complete the picture. It measures 32m x 32m and makes an ideal path from your home to other parts of your land or just as it is as a feature. Anyway you choose it is sure to delight you and your visitors. With bids starting at just 99L this is a superb bargain opportunity!