Monday, May 13, 2013

The Botanical Post 5/13/2013

LAKE SERENITY IS ONLY 99L - for a very short time only you can purchase this fantastic offer.  Footprint is 40m x 40m includes a water fall, rowing boat and seating area.  Usual price 499L so it's a great bargain!

A lovely mod / copy - sculpted tree which will bring a realistic look to your garden. 20 Prims and only 275L

A PATH TO HOME - TROPICAL. It's only 299L. Mod / Copy - 55 Prims with windy palms and all beachy flowers and plants. There are 9 Path to Homes in the collection in all different colours.  You can check them out in the store and on the small gardens platform.

Bunnie's Facebook is now busier than ever so if you want to know all the latest TMG news or see the latest releases and builds you can by visiting
You might prefer to check out our blog
If you want somewhere to sit in your garden you can get a selection of benches available in store now from 199L.
The Meeting Place is our latest set of garden furniture and comes in 2 colours.  We also have the Wrought Iron Cuddle bench.

If you only have a small plot of land you could teleport to our Small Gardens Platform in the sky.  There are lots of little bits of landscape all in the usual TMG style

Lake Serenity is 99L now for a short time - YOU CAN'T MISS THIS and the lovely garden, Quiet Times is half price at just 249L.  Utopia is in the daily auction and you can also purchase Tropical Planter for 99L. In the Booty Boards the gardens have been changed so stop by and slap em!

The Booty Boards are bursting with gardens today so stop by and see if you can win ~ Reflections, Richmond Hill Park, Spring Pond 1 and Garden of Grace.  Today's Freebie is the Veggie Barrow and there are lots of great 99L and half price offers too!


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