Friday, March 6, 2015


BEES AND BUTTERCUPS ~ Landscaped Garden

This includes BEEHIVES & Buzzy Bee Sounds, New Sunny Day Nature Sounds, Dandelion Emitter, Dancing Butterflies, Gardening Animations and Cuddle log with Single Sits.

Small yet colourful this garden has mesh spring blooms and grass, plus 3 mesh beehives tucked in amongst the trees.  The bees are brought to life with bee sounds and nature sounds. 

The log is set for couples cuddles or you can actually dig your own garden, sew seeds and water the plants with our fabulous gardening animations.

Dancing butterflies bring the garden to life and it's small enough to fit most land sizes.

This is a Marketplace promo and will eventually revert back to it's set price.

View In-world here:


A super brand NEW group gift is now on the ground here at Ferndale. Come and get your copy - its called 'Rest  A While'. A lovely table and two chairs with a little bit of planting in the typical TMG style you have come to love. Only 16 prims and mod/copy too!


Three Half Price Gardens - All Mod/Copy

Angelic Passions - including texture changing globe - 30M x 30M and 104 Prims. A super garden for spring or summer with lots of bellflowers in aqua and blues plus pink blossoms, grasses, trees and a mass of ground cover. A small open-air rotunda allows for hard landscaping for a bench, seats or small dancing space.

Summer Dreams - 92 Prims and 30M x 30M - includes cuddle blanket with 30 anims. A small pond sits under the trees amid some great planting in soft mauves and purples with hints of pinks. A nice space for a summer picnic. 
A Path to Home - Tropical,  15M x 40M and 33 Prims. This is a single straight path with fantastic tropical plants along both sides. Ideal for leading to those beach homes.

See them here:


NEW on sale at just 45L a box -

Tropical Patch 1 (7 Prims) - a great small beach garden filler with large scrubby fern-like central feature and bronze, greens and soft pink underplanting. Mod/copy.

A great and Tropical Patch 2 (12 Prims) - Palm trees are the focal elements in this beach garden patch, some low rocky ground and under-tree plants make this another great decorative item for those beach homes. Mod/coy.
A Pair of Hanging Baskets in 3 colour choices - White, Pink, Blue - All 3 colours are complete with hanging brackets all ready for fitting to the sides of homes or walls. Please note these are Mod/Trans (no copy) and 4 prims per basket.

The Firework Vase is still available too if you missed it last week. See them all here:


On the BID BOARD we have HIDDEN IN THE TREES- INSTANT LANDSCAPED GARDEN - One of our larger gardens with large mature tree, pond etc. It measures 70M x 55M and is 235 prims.  This is great chance to get a garden worth 799L for a small fraction of that amount!: It really is well worth bidding for, with bids starting at 99L. At the end of the time if your is the highest bid you will receive this garden but if someone bids higher then your money will be returned to you so you can try again.

On the Big Prize Board we have - SECRET FOREST, a lovely Panoramic skybox measuring 50M x 50M and with 132 prims. This is a great prize for one lucky winner in each round. Remember you need to stay on sim for 10 minutes for this board to register your name. Well worth trying, and slap the other boards whilst here - fantastic things to be won! -

On the other two Lucky Boards we have TROPICAL PARADISE and WHITE WATER CANYON, both great prizes for one lucky winner in each round. The Happy Letter Board has OLD BRICK MESH WALL WITH RAILINGS.

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