Friday, February 27, 2015

Sales and Goodies 27 Feb 2015


This week we will start with THE WATER PUMP - this was previously a transfer only gift for a short time - but now you can own a MOD/COPY version for only 101L. Buy in store or on the Marketplace. This is the link - - or here - - As you will see its a super small garden patch with old style water pump, water basin and some pretty planting. 

Sales Items

3 Fantastic Half-Price Gardens - Three 'Home Path Duos' are on offer this week at the super price of just 190L each. We have Orange, Purple and Red. Each has both a curved and a straight section that are modify and copy, so rez as many of each shape as you wish. The straight sections are 32M x13M and only 10 Prims, the curved sections are 22M x 32M and 12 prims, so a full curve/straight 64M long path would be only 22 prims! See them here:

125L items - for those that missed them when they were on offer previously, see them here:

Triple Planter - * prims - two taller planter sections flank a shorter central section - each with deep pink flowers.

Delphinium Border Plant ~ Purple - one prim, mod/copy - this is one of our popular summer flowers that can grace any border.

Firework Vase - 4 prims, mod/copy - click this to turn on/off - can fit neatly into any garden for that moment when you want that extra fun of fireworks.

45L Items - 3 fantastic triple flower packs are here - - each has been carefully selected to give you plants that work beautifully together to give extra punch to your chosen garden spaces.

3 - Tropical Plants - Pack 1 - great for those beach gardens

3 - Red Plants - Pack 1 - these would look super in any border as well as foxgloves for woodland
3 - White Plants - Pack 1 - another fantastic border set, foxgloves are super for woods too

Prizes and Bid Board

On the Big Prize Board we have - SECRET FOREST, a lovely Panoramic skybox measuring 50M x 50M and with 132 prims. This is a great prize for one lucky winner in each round. Remember you need to stay on sim for 10 minutes for this board to register your name. Well worth trying, and slap the other boards whilst here - fantastic things to be won! -

 On the other two Lucky Boards we have:

TROPICAL PARADISE - A 40M x 40M beach garden, this includes a cuddle towel. With only 89 prims this is a great garden with a sail canopy to keep you from the hot sun, includes lots of palm trees and tropical flowers and grasses plus some water with waves lapping gently against the sandy shore. Well worth winning, or you could purchase for just 499L if you cannot wait to try your luck!

WHITE WATER CANYON - A large 64M x 92M garden so this needs a lot of space but packs in amazing features into its 142 prims. Triple waterfall with water tumbling down into the river/lake below and then rushing towards you as you stand and admire the view on the wooden walkway over the water. An abundance of trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers are all around. If you have the space this is a superb garden not to be missed - try your luck or purchase for 799L.
The Happy Letter Board has OLD BRICK MESH WALL WITH RAILINGS. The sections are only 2 prims and mod/copy. Ideal for dividing garden areas or for putting around your home. If your avatar name matches the letter shown on the board, just slap the board to win! Or of course buy for yourself - the price is 399L.
See them all here:

On the BID BOARD we have HIDDEN IN THE TREES- INSTANT LANDSCAPED GARDEN - One of our larger gardens with large mature tree, pond etc. It measures 70M x 55M and is 235 prims.  This is great chance to get a garden worth 799L for a small fraction of that amount!: It really is well worth bidding for, with bids starting at 99L. At the end of the time if your is the highest bid you will receive this garden but if someone bids higher then your money will be returned to you so you can try again.

Remember there is always something new happening here at Ferndale so come on over and check it out for yourself. Here is the limo:

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