Saturday, October 4, 2014

New Garden & Sales for October + Lucky Items


We have just launched a stunning NEW meeting area called FOUNTAIN SQUARE - in the pack is a super Menu Driven Fountain that can be used in the square or elsewhere in your gardens as you wish. The square measure 34m x 34m and is a fully mesh build with only 86 prims, the optional fountain adds another 43 prims and measures 13m x 13m (giving a total of 129 prims).  Price for the pack containing both is 699L.

For those of you who love the fountain but do not have enough space for the square the fountain can be purchased separately if wished. As stated it is menu driven so you can change the height of the water jets as well as select several alternative water displays.

Make sure you come over and check these out, as well as at the meeting point they are also on one of the platform where you can view without all the sales and other items.  Here is the sky LM:

PROMO - Note: The menu Driven Fountain is on special PROMO offer for a short time - price is 299L instead of the normal 399L.


We have Two NEW small patches - AUTUMN GRASS AND TREES* on sale for 149L. This is a really useful combination of trees and grass in autumn colours. Meauring 10m x 10m with only 7 prims in total! Pack includes falling leaves! Mod/copy so you can rez as many of these as you wish. Fantastic extra Autumn fillers.

The other item is the AUTUMN GRASS on its own, so for those of you who want meadows but no trees then this is ideal - just 99L - the grass is only one prim, but also mod/copy so you can rez these as you wish.

To view take the LM from the new meeting point and view up on our vendor platform.

Our next PROMO Sale is AUTUMN SPLENDOR* - only recently released this is a wondrful bargain at only 399L. With only 57 prims this is a fantastic 25m x 35m garden, ideal for smaller plots. It has a neat gazebo, cuddle chair and lovely autumn planting. Well worth considering at this price. View here:

Our final sale item this week is just in time for HALLOWEEN - SPOOKTACULAR - this is just as you would imagine and can be yours for only 399L. Measuring 32m x 32m - it has 106 prims if the accessories are not required and then for the full HALLOWEEN experience add the other items and the prim count will reach 167. Included in the pack is a couples loveseat. Accessories include pumpkins, gravestones and other goodies ideal for your end of month party. Use the LM at the new meeting point to view this great garden.

On the Lucky Letter Board this week we have Summer Weed 4.Just 7 prims and in lovely white and purple, these flowers have neat grasses to soften the look. If your avatar name matches the Letter then you can win this super prize.

The Big Prize Board this time has LOST SOULS - a 42M X 42M HALLOWEEN garden. a slightly SPOOKY garden this makes another great venue for the end of the month festivities.
This one has 277 prims with lots of dark and well chosen plants and trees. Take the LM and view for yourself. A super prize for one lucky winner in each round. Remember to stay on the sim for 10 mins after slapping to ensure your name registers on the list.

On the other two Lucky boards we have A Path to Home - Twinpack - Yellow and Lazy Days. These are two fantastic prizes for one lucky winner in each round for each board. Either of these would be a great prize to take home. 

The Twinpack has only 22 prims for the entire double path - the straight section is 10 prims and the curve has 12 prims. go and see these for yourself and then slap the board and see if you are a lucky winner.

Lazy Days is a 40m x 45m garden with only 67 prims - an amazing low prim count which includes some mesh. Check it out today!

Last but not least is our Bidder Board - this has GROVE PARK INSTANT GARDEN this week. Worth 799L with bids starting as low as 99L this will be a fantastic bargain for the lucky bidder in any round. Measuring 45m x 45m this has 279 prims, including lovely wall with fencing, gates, lawn and flower beds, plus trees etc. To view take the LM from the Bidboard and see it for yourself.

This is the LM for the new landing point FOUNTAIN SQUARE -

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