Saturday, September 20, 2014

NEW - Plus Sales and Lucky Boards 19 September

NEW THIS WEEK we have 8 boxes of 1 prim 100% mesh grass with flowers - each flower patch measures approx 8.5m x 8.5m across - it is mod/copy so you can easily have more or indeed mix and match the colours for added impact. Below is shown Red, but the other colours are Aqua, Purple, Yellow, Pink, White, Yellow Mix and last but not least Blue. To view take this LM:

99L - Small Patches this week are:

Small Autumn Tree - mod/copy - 4 Prims, this is a neat little small tree ideal for this season, the leaves are just beginning to turn colour.

Hogweed Patch - mod/copy - 5 Prims - a really fun item complete with warning sign 'Giant Hogweed   Burns Your Skin   Do Not Touch!'


* Elegant Falls Crossroads - Urban - 299L* - This is a Special Edition and will be available for only 2 weeks. Lovely Autumn flowers and foliage in the planters in each of the 4 corners of this pretty paving and waterfall crossroads.

* Forever Autumn - 399L * - An all time favourite at a super price. At 40, x 40m with a path to a central fountain, a cuddle bench and fantastic Autumn coloured trees and flowers. Also in the box are water and nature sounds.

* Majestic Falls - Autumn - 50m x 50m Garden - 999L * - wow a whole 500L off the normal price. This amazing garden has to be seen to be believed, if you have not already seen the Autumn version then come on over now! The pack contains two alternative fountains that you can use or not as you wish. One of these has seating for 8 avatars. In addition thee are water and nature sounds and a rain generator and if that was not enough 4 extra trees for additional landscaping.

* HAPPY LETTER BOARD ~ Summer Weed 2 * - This is another of those small patches but free to anyone whose Avatar's first name matches the letter on the board. 

★  BIG PRIZE BOARD ★  THE COTTAGE GARDEN ★  - One lucky winner in each round will win this stunning summer garden. Surrounded by neat red brick wall this cottage garden has all the items you would expect - a central pond, small old style shed complete with fireplace for those chilly gardening days - a tree stump with cuddle animations and a picnic bench, not forgetting some super trees and plants. Remember to register your name you must slap the board then stay somewhere on sim for 10 mins.

* BOOTY BOARDS - Coffee and Cuddles - A Path To Home Twin Pack - Orange

Both of these are super prizes that can be won by one lucky person in each round - so come and have a try, you might be a lucky winner today.

★ AUCTION BIDDER ★ THE ROCK POOL * (WORTH 499L) - This stunning rock pool, with small dock and plenty of places to sit (singles and cuddle animations) has only 74 prims and measure just 25m x 25m. It will fit almost any sized garden - the rock pool is surrounded by plants and small tree.


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