Friday, August 1, 2014


*NEW - 99L SALES * Our first 99L item this week is SUNDIAL & FLOWERS, and really cute for any garden space. Also, LANDSCAPED TREE STUMP, with single and couples sits plus planting. Both are mod/copy and only 9 prims but only 99L right now during the promo time - see them in The Welcome Area. 

If you have not tried our AUCTION BIDDER BOARD you really should give it a try this week. It has in it an amazing garden - normally 999L but you can start bidding for as little as 99L. MERIDIAN IN SUMMER, this is a wonderful bargain, 60M x 60M - 399 prims and ideal for a meeting or venue space. Make sure you take a look for yourself. Bid Board is here:

This newly refurbished garden now has less prims but retains most of its main design features – it has a new pool but also some mesh plants and trees to help reduce the prim total. Now it has only 72 prims but is 40m x 40m and complete with a couple bench - so is well worth winning your very own copy. Remember for your name to so into the draw you must remain on the sim for 10 mins after slapping the board.

* BOOTY BOARDS - Faraway - The Cottage Garden (NEW ITEM)
Faraway has 68 prims and is 36m x 36m – the flowers are in lots of subtle gold and lemon colours with a splash of pink too, a neat path and a number of shady trees. 

The Cottage Garden is one of our very newest gardens – it has a tiny cottage like garden shed with roses around the door, with a fire inside. Outside the shed there is a super log with sits for singles and couples, also two pillows next to the pretty pool. A picnic bench, plants and trees and nice flying butterflies all make this an idyllic Cottage Garden. It all fits in a 40m x 40m space and 140 prims.

We've got a GREAT PRIZE BOARD ~ HAPPY LETTER. If the first letter of your name appears on the Happy Letter Board, you will win the prize.  Current Prize is a Wrought Iron Cuddle Bench. (Please refrain from posting the letters in group chat as this can disturb some customers). 

You can take the link to view any item by clicking on the respective board in Booty Central.  
Remember there is usually a member of staff on-line so even is there is no-one at booty you can normally ask for help in our group chat. 
Not yet a member of the group - ask a member of staff to add you or click on the join board at the centre. Regular group gifts for members.

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