Thursday, August 7, 2014

New This Week – 2 Really Low Prim Gardens

Our Special Promo this Week is our NEW GARDEN - EDEN 

This is a Large 64m x 64m garden with only 82 Prims. Full of wonderful trees and flowers, this is another that has to be seen to be believed at this prim count. An almost full-circle pathway allows the users to wander around viewing the landscape from a range of locations and all totally stunning. The central area would lend itself to a small garden party or somewhere to picnic – the choice is yours. Dancing butterflies and nature sounds are also in the box. All this for only 799L normal price – special Promo Price is only 599L – so hurry over and make sure you don’t miss this chance.

Also, our First Steals & Deals Offer - On SALE AT HALF-PRICE  – A PATH TO HOME – SUMMER

This fantastic path is the newest in our range of small gardens for your plot, however, this must be the LOWEST prim count ever for a full garden space – only 6 PRIMS!  YES, 6 PRIMS! On special Half-Price Promo Offer for just 149L – A must see, but BE QUICK this offer will not be here long! 

The other Steals & Deals Offer this week is – Forever Autumn – this 40m x 40m garden with 127 prims will be at half-price so only 299L during the sale. It has lovely Autumn golds and browns – includes a central water feature you can reach via the short pathway, - also in the box are water and nature sounds and a cuddle bench. With Autumn just around the corner this is a super buy, so come and take a peek, we are sure you will love it!

Check back for more TMG  news soon - still to come are the new Lucky Board prizes, the Happy Letter Board and the Auction Board.

Remember you can still pick up your copy of the latest Group Gift - The Cuddle Log. Check it out at the main Meeting Point (aka Booty Central)

Remember several of the larger gardens have undergone updates recently - Sweet Hollow Stables, Heaven's Corner and A Walk in the Park. If you own a copy of the older version and have not yet had an update please show the box to one of the staff and request your new updated garden. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for delivery after request.

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