Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Day Goodies Now Available + New Boards

Come and see the super new Valentine Items we have on offer for you. You are sure to find the very thing to give your loved one.

There is a NEW Valentine display stand at the main Meeting Point (aka Booty Central), it looks like this:

If you want the ideal Valentine Card - well they are also available this year. Each one is just 99L$ and you can open and close them as you wish so inside can add your own 4 lines of text (32 characters per line), close the card and then pass to your loved one. Cards say no modify but that is the scripting, so do not worry they have been tested and do allow for you to write inside. Full instructions come in the box so you should be able to easily add your own text. Remember, as well as the letters you use - spaces and punctuation symbols count as one character each. You can see the designs on the right of display stand image above or better still take the limo at the bottom and see for yourself. Do note there are several designs ready done as well as one card that you can customise and use your own texture on the front as well as own text inside.

On the left of the stand there are some lovely big words you can use to say - 'I Love You', 'Be My Valentine' or 'Marry Me' - maybe two of these or even all three! Priced at just 149L$ each they are just the thing for saying it in style. As an added bonus when touched they set of amazing fireworks! Each sign is a real eyecatcher. (For display purposes only the top one on the stand has fireworks enabled but all boxed ones will work fine.)

If you prefer something a little more rustic then this may be just the think for you. It is 48 prims, modify and copy so you can remove the words later if you wish or even copy them to extra places. You can find this at http://slurl/com/secondlife/Ferndale/81/157/24 it is priced at 349L$ and it will make a lovely seating area for the future.

Look to the left of the display stand near the steps and you will find a little box of chocolates (transfer only) you can pick up as a gift from us - watch out for another gift nearer Valentine's Day!

Here is the limo to the Meeting Point:

Also today, Bunnie has changed all the lucky and sales boards.

On the Lucky Boards we have the brand NEW Wooden Bridge, The wonderful NEW Pond Plants, Under the Branches - a lovely woodland garden 40m x 40m and with only 58 prims.

The Big Prize Board has the amazing Under The Arches Venue, remember after slapping the board you need to stay on the sim for 10 mins - however, you are free to roam and enjoy the gardens whilst waiting for your names to register.

In the Bidbox we have Reflections - bids starting at 149L$ - this is a beautiful garden is 40m x 40m with a totalof 113 prims. Really lovely colours - almost magical, do take a look.

On our Promo Board we have Secret Sands for just 249L$ - this one is a nice beach garden. It includes a camp fire, windy palms and 2 x couples poses. All in a 52m x 60m garden with 156 prims. Another not to be missed bargain.

Last but not least today we have our 99L$ Promo, this time its Bluebell Flowers. One prim fills a lot of garden space and they are copy/modify as usual so plenty to fill any Bluebell wood.

Come and take the landmarks from the boards at the Meeting Point to see any of these, but remember to be sure of getting the bargains return to the ground for any purchases.

Here is the limo to the Meeting Point:

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