Sunday, February 16, 2014

New on The Sales and Lucky Boards For The Week

Bunnie has changed the Promo sales and Lucky boards today, and below are the goodies currently available to buy at a bargain price or if its your lucky day you could be our next winner!

Starting with the 99L board we have Purple Delphiniums. Great ground cover and just one prim per plant. This is a great addition to any garden collection.

Note on the plants platform you can also find Pink Forget me not flowers - also priced at 99L this week! So why not take the landmark from the Meeting point and go grab yourself a box of those too! ( or use this landmark - )

On the Sales Board we have Sleepy Pond - priced at 150L, another super garden with a 17m x 24m footprint and only 40 prims. An ideal small pond for any plot, make sure you come and take a look.

For those of you who want to wall in your gardens, then we have the ideal item for you this week, Brown Brick wall with Railings at only 249L. This can be fitted around one, two or even all sides of your garden or land. Another not to be missed bargain.

This week our Auction Board has Lazy Days with bids starting at 99L this is a great opportunity to gain yourself a lovely garden with a value of 550L at a fraction of that price. This one has a nice rural feel with traditional 5-bar gate and wooden fencing, plus a well and neat planting. Measuring 45m x 40m and with a prim count of 165 this comes in the more medium sized garden range.

On the Booty Boards this week we have some super gardens up for one person in each round. These are Tropical Oasis, Wisteria Walk and Charming Country Path in Spring. All three of these would be super prizes so come and slap the boards and give it your best try.

Last but not least this week is the Big Prize Board - this has Land to Ocean Stream. A really lovely stream that can be used to join with the sea or be used purely on land, so its very versatile - just 68 prims and measuring 30m x 50m. The usual price for this is 499L so this is well worth winning, remember you need to stay on the sim for 10 mins for the board to register your name.

Come along to the Booty area (also know as Meeting Point) and slap the board, then take the landmarks to visit the gardens and plants that are on special offer. To be sure of buying yourself a bargain though make sure you return to the ground to purchase the gardens from the offer boards. The plants, however, are available at 99L on the vendor platform.


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