Monday, June 3, 2013

The Botanical Post - 6/3/2013

We are kicking the week off with all fresh gardens in the boards.  Dreamy Passions is less than half price at only 199L and we have the lovely Globe garden, Whispering Creek in the bidder.  For just 99L You can take away Blue Mountain Ridge and some Cosmos Flowers. In the prize boards see if you could win, Ravelstoke, The Meeting Place, sweet primroses, The Bluebell Patch and the AMAZING Richmond Hill Park!!

It's time for another competition and Bunnie and Monkey have made a part MESH country garden that needs a name.  If your suggestion is used, you WIN the garden.  Have as many goes as you like.  Just put  your suggestions on a notecard and drag them into the post box beside the build.  Make sure you put your user name in the notecard
 Click the link to view it

If you haven't already, don't forget to pick up are 2 NEW freebies in the store. A Mesh Wishing well with some lovely flowers and dancing butterflies or you can grab our Triple Tier Garden Pond ~ BOTH FOR FREE in the store. Compliments of TMG


Some great offers today in Booty Central.  Blue Mountain Ridge is only 99L and you can pick up Dreamy Passions for only 199L.  Today's auction item is Whispering Creek!

Monkey's Mesh Wishing Well (say that without putting your teeth in!) is still free for group members right now so make sure you collect yours if you haven't already.  Bunnie made a boo boo a few days ago and boxed it up with a temp texture still in place so might be worth stopping by to grab the updated version or you might not be able to see some of the flowers.

Our Marketplace store is very busy and if you prefer to purchase your gardens on the MP, why not leave TMG  nice review.  Each one helps to bump our products up the search. You can also take a look at Bunnie's facebook and get all the latest up to date news on what Monkey and Bunnie are building.

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