Friday, June 21, 2013

The Botanical Post - 6/21/2013

Did you know we have 17 platforms in the sky with over 180 gardens for you to browse? You can pick a list of the landmarks in Booty Central or jump around on our teleport pads.  There's a free gift in one of the plarforms too so see if you can find it!

If you haven't already you must check out the *NEW* BIG PRIZE BOARD IN BOOTY -   Every day one of our high priced gardens will be available to win.  All you have to do is slap the board, stay on the sim for 10 mins and you could walk away with a top notch garden that doesn't usually feature in our Booty boards.. Today we have the amazing Elegant Falls Path - Fat Pack worth a massive 1200L so make sure you register your name now.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ONLY 99L - We've got 2 great bargains for you today.  The Butterfly tree and Woodland Flower Grass in Pink. Both these items are just 99L and won't be in Booty for long so if they are not in your inventory, nows the time to grab them!

All the boards have changed and we have some beauties for you today. Elegant Falls Path - Fat Pack is in the Big Prize Board and the daily auction garden is Hidden in the Trees.  For HALF PRICE you can purchase Buds and Blooms and for only 99L you can pick up The Butterfly Tree and Woodland Flower Grass in Pink.  The Booty boards have A Charming Country Path in Spring, Cuddle me Under the Palms, Whispering Blooms Pond and the brand new build -  Old Brick Mesh Wall with Railings.


If you're already a fan of the NEW BIG PRIZE BOARD why not bring along a friend or partner and have a game of Greedy or Sudoku while you wait.  We have couple's dance balls next to every garden on the ground so you could take a twirl if you prefer. If none of that sounds appealing, Bunnie has hidden a free gift on one of the platforms in the sky.  Grab your list of platform landmarks from Booty and see if you can find it!
NEW - Mesh Walls with Railings. We have 3 colors to choose from.   These are mod / copy so you can make it as long as you like.  High detail and only 2 PRIMS a section.  Would make a lovely surround to any home or garden.  399L Mod / Copy.  In store now.


Don't forget to pick up our brand new GROUP GIFT in the store. A Mesh Wishing well with some lovely flowers butterflies. Compliments of TMG

We've got a garden for everyone here at TMG, from Summer gardens to Rivers and Ponds, Winter gardens to Venues and Beach builds. There are 17 Platforms all packed with over 180 creations so why not spend some time browsing around or check out our Marketplace store and tp straight to the one you want to see!
Monkey is working on a customer HUD so you can get around easily but for the time being, you can teleport all over the sim or pick up the list of Landmarks in Booty!


Our Marketplace store is very busy and if you prefer to purchase your gardens on the MP, why not leave TMG  nice review.  Each one helps to bump our products up the search. You can also take a look at Bunnie's facebook and get all the latest up to date news on what Monkey and Bunnie are building.

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