Monday, April 22, 2013

The Botanical Post 4/22/2013

BRAND NEW - LANDSCAPED CANAL. Make your land unique. Monkey and Bunnie's latest build is the fantastic Landscaped Canal.  A truly original design. There are quite a few versions included in the box so that all people regardless of their building experience are able to enjoy this garden.
What is included
One complete landscaped canal, ready to rez
One complete canal (not landscaped) if you wanted to use it as a base to add on sections to go around your sim.
To build your own shape, there are 5 different sections included.
30 degree canal section
Bridge section
30 degree medium canal section
Small Bend canal section
Straight Canal Section
A box of mod / copy Flowers and Trees
Check it out in the store now.


NEW RANGE OF PETITE GARDENS. (Suitable only for petite avatars) If you have a Petite avatar, you might want a petite garden to hang out in.  TMG has 2 brand new gardens ~ Sweet Petite and Peaceful Petite on sale now for just 399L. These gardens are scaled down to a 1/3 of the size of our usual gardens.  Check them out


Don't forget we have 2 New builds for sale at TMG this week so far, Summer Dreams ~ a lovely gentle country landscape with a field of woodland flowers in hazy purples and turquoise. and SCULPTED PATH WITH CURBSTONES TO BUILD YOURSELF.  Has 2 x 45 degree bends.  2 x 90 degree bends.  1 x straight path section and a circular center.  Also included is a long straight with a bend.  All mod / copy so you can drag your own texture on if you prefer.

It's all happening this weekend at Two Moon Gardens.  In the sale board you can pick up Peaceful Retreat for HALF PRICE at just 399L and in our BidBox we have LOST SOULS. Summer Planter is only 99L and we have Over the Roses, Sweet Hollow Stables, and Sculpted Path with Curbstones in the boards.  There are Aster Flowers as this weeks Free gift so make sure you pick those up too.  Blue and Pink!

The NEW FLOWER GRASS IN 4 COLOURS IS STILL ON SALE NOW. Only 99L - mod / copy 1 prim.  If you want to cover your spare ground with some delicate grassy flowers, this will be perfect and its low prim too!


Don't forget to check out our Plants and Flowers Platform where you can purchase trees and flowers all separately. There's some freebie window boxes hidden up there too so have a scout around and see if you can find them.

Just to remind everyone that hidden in Two Moon Gardens is Bunnie's Brand new creation, 'Moments', a lovely garden not seen yet and won't be for sale until 1st May.  It's the Spring to Spring hunt so if you seek you shall find.  Look for a small sculpted pink flower and you could find the hunt prize and be one of the first to own this garden.  There's a hint in Booty too if you get stuck.

Some people still don't know that there are over a 100 gardens in the sky at TMG.  Take the teleport in Booty Central and visit our platforms.

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