Monday, April 15, 2013

The Botanical Post - 4/15/2013

*NEW GARDEN* SUMMER DREAMS. Bunnie and Monkey's latest creation...
Measures 30m x 30m (Needs a 1024sqm plot or above)

This is a lovely gentle country landscape with a field of woodland flowers in hazy purples and turquoise.  A small pond sits by a large sculpted tree surrounded by a grassy carpet and shrubs to give it privacy.  Dandelion blossom springs into the air and windy grasses and trees bring the whole garden to life.  A Couple's cuddle rug is included with 30 animations for Friends, Lovers and single poses.


*NEW* SCULPTED PATH WITH CURBSTONES TO BUILD YOURSELF.  Has 2 x 45 degree bends.  2 x 90 degree bends.  1 x straight path section and a circular center.  Also included is a long straight with a bend.  All mod / copy so you can drag your own texture on if you prefer.  ON SALE IN BOOTY NOW for 599L.


Meadow Brook Lane is in the sale board today at a discount. There's some BRAND NEW WOODLAND FLOWER GRASS in 4 colors, slashed to half price too at only 99L each.  It's the last day of our Panoramic Garden Sales so make sure you pick those up if you haven't already.  The Booty Boards have some super prizes too with our offsim, Nature's Island, Caribbean Plaza, Dreamy Passions and The Back Yard.

NEW FLOWER GRASS IN 4 COLOURS.  ON SALE NOW. Only 99L - mod / copy 1 prim.  If you want to cover your spare ground with some delicate grassy flowers, this will be perfect and its low prim too!

Unfortunately our BidBox is presently out of order and we are waiting for our new one to be made.  For those who like their daily auction fix, we do apologize but are on the case and will have one up and running very soon.


Don't forget to check out our Plants and Flowers Platform where you can purchase trees and flowers all separately. There's some freebie window boxes hidden up there too so have a scout around and see if you can find them.

Just to remind everyone that hidden in Two Moon Gardens is Bunnie's Brand new creation, 'Moments', a lovely garden not seen yet and won't be for sale until 1st May.  It's the Spring to Spring hunt so if you seek you shall find.  Look for a small sculpted pink flower and you could find the hunt prize and be one of the first to own this garden.  There's a hint in Booty too if you get stuck.

Some people still don't know that there are over a 100 gardens in the sky at TMG.  Take the teleport in Booty Central and visit our platforms.
Our building class with Isis was such a hit that we are holding another one next month.  This is great for those of you that need a little extra help modifying the gardens to fit your land.  Learn how to edit selected parts of the gardens, copy bits over and create your own little piece of paradise.  If you are interested send a notecard to Isis Sheryffe or you can drop one in the post box in Booty Central.  Get your names down folks because places are limited.

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