Friday, June 13, 2014


.. THE PATH TO HOME - BLUE* ~ JUST 149L - Our path to home series comes in many colours and this blue one is a real bargain at half price. It makes a lovely walkway to your home or linking section between other gardens on your land. Just 15m x 40m and 49 prims, take the LM and go and see for yourself.

.. SITTING SWEET* ~ 199L - NEW! Another real bargain is this cuddle bench and garden with blue and yellow planting, a shady tree or two and all in a space just 14m x 7m and only 18 prims. This is also modify and copy, so make sure you check it out today.

.. RICHMOND HILL PARK* ~ 399L - This is one of the most popular of our parks, it has a beautiful wall surround and elegant gates. Inside there are lawns, flower beds, curved borders and so much more including a cuddle rug and a cuddle swing. It is 60m x 60m and is well worth viewing at this price - it will not be around for long so come take a look.

All the landmarks can be found by the sales boards -

HAPPY LETTER BOARD ★ - this is our own letter board where the letter displayed allows the prize to be claimed by someone with that letter as the first of their avatar name. If it displays ‘A’ then someone who’s avatar name (NOT display name) begins with the letter A can touch the board and win. The prize this week is ~ *GARDEN BENCH WITH FLOWER* - this is totally NEW and only 11 prims – modify/copy too!




These are all great prizes for one lucky winner in each round. Each one has its own special charm: 

TUMBLING FALLS is our newest garden - it is stunning and such an amazing prize for one lucky winner in each round. This garden has masses of pretty planting in soft mauves and lavender and all in only 92 prims. Plus, three tumbling water falls flow into small 5-sided containers all set beneath curving side walls. Raised flower beds are all around a large paved central space which is ideal for dancing. You must come and try your luck.

UNDER THE BRANCHES is the other superb prize - a lovely woodland setting with only 58 prims - yet 40m x 40m in size. Along with the trees there is ample under planting with grasses and flowers. Another excellent prize.


*LIGHTHAVEN IN BLOOM - A stunning garden with paths and lighting ideal for those romantic encounters or as a nice party time walkway or venue. Lovely planting and a great size at 40m x 40m with a total of 164 prims. 

Do remember you need to stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after hitting the board for it to register your name in the lucky draw!


*TRIPLE DELIGHT - This is a super set of 3 seating areas all in one garden. The central of which has a nice covering for sitting in during those not such nice weather days. Either side are two open air sections - with all three set in a paved area with plenty of planting around. Seating for 14 avatars!

.. *NEW* WILD VIOLETS ~ ONLY 99L ✿ - many of us love the pretty summer violets, these are modify and copy and just one prim so will fill as much ground as you wish. 

.. WILD FIELD FLOWERS – PINK AND BLUE ~ 99L ✿ - This special offer is in lovely pink and blue, also modify and copy and one prim, so again you can fill your gardens with a nice mix of these or combing both our 99L items today if you prefer. 


✿✿ FUN AND SUN HUNT - June 1st to 30th ✿✿

We are taking part in the Sun and Fun Hunt, it runs until the end of June so there is plenty of time still for you to have a go. 
Bunnie has created a super new garden for this event - check out our blog for details.
There is a hint and sample hunt item at the landing point for the hunt. 

The hunt blog is here: -

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