Monday, July 8, 2013

The Botanical Post - 7/8/2013


*NEW GARDEN* PIAZZA ROMANTICA.  You can win this today in our Bidbox.  Lovely 50m x 50m Mediterranean build (part mesh). Has a stunning dance stand with a path leading to it, surrounded by the usual TMG blooms. Buddleia, dancing butterflies, a cuddle bench, nature sounds, a rain generator and privacy screens all included.  Its ONLY 112 PRIMS too so check it out.


 On sale is Lullaby Beach for just 249L and in the Bid Box you could win the BRAND NEW GARDEN ~ Piazza Romantica..  2 fantastic 99L items, Hot Spring Ponds and Grassy Rock and the lovely Cherry Blossom Place in the BIG Prize Board.  The Booty boards have, Dreamy Passions, Lost Souls, Sandy Cove and A Path to Home - Tropical.


Here at TMG we don't just have the gardens you see on the ground.  There are 17 platforms in the sky, all jam packed with colorful creations. There's a garden here for everyone and lots of separate plants, flowers, trees and paths.  Take the TP pads dotted all around the ground or pick up your list of Landmarks in Booty Central.

IN THE BIG PRIZE BOARD TODAY it's Cherry Blossom Place'. Just click the board, stay on the sim for 10 mins and you could be a winner.

If you like a bargain, why not stop by Booty and collect Hot Spring Ponds for just 99L as well as Grassy Rock.  These are never cheap for long so make sure you pick yours up!

Don't forget, lots of people use Two Moon Gardens as a place to meet new people and play games like Greedy and Sudoku. Many firm friendships have been formed here so if you are at a lose end, there is nowhere more pretty to hang out than here. You can also slap the boards and try and win one of our great gardens every day or if that's not your thing, why not bring a partner and take a spin, dancing in one of our gardens on the ground.

Our Marketplace store is very busy and if you prefer to purchase your gardens on the MP, why not leave TMG  nice review.  Each one helps to bump our products up the search. You can also take a look at Bunnie's facebook and get all the latest up to date news on what Monkey and Bunnie are building.

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