Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Two NEW Small Gardens & Free Gifts

Some exciting news for you this week. We now have two new small gardens available for you, BICKLEIGH PARK and SWEET MOMENTS.

BICKLEIGH PARK - measures only 26m x 26m and fits onto a 1024 sq m plot or larger. Also, with only 106 prims it is ideal for those of you with limited space and prim allowance. It is modifiable and copyable too so you can easily add or remove any elements you wish.

Made in 'part mesh', this park is enclosed with mesh walls and wrought iron gates. Thus making it a really pretty enclosed garden with benches and flower beds, trees and butterflies. Perfect for a small plot or an addition to your larger, garden plot. Selection of trees and weedy paths with a gravel center piece and mesh lamp posts.

This garden is well worth coming to see, and at only 499L, to view take this limo -

SWEET MOMENTS - measures 30m x 25m and is also very low prim with just 89 prims in total! As with Bickleigh Park this is modifiable and copyable so again you can adjust to your own needs. This garden could easily have been named 'pretty in pink' as it has super pink blossoms on the trees, some delightful pink flowers - plus of course some other colours like soft lavender. With a central fountain, a cuddle bench, a nice windy path and lawn all surrounded by walls and railings, this is an ideal garden for any plot. Priced at 499L, this is also worth looking at if you want a new walled garden. Here is the limo -

Our newest FREE GIFT is actually a TRIO of HANGING BASKETS. These can be found in Booty Central, to claim your copies make sure you click on EACH BASKET in turn and NOT the post or notice. Fix them to your house walls, or on a post, however you display them they are sure to turn heads! Get yours now at they will not be here for long!

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