Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Greenhouse + Boards All Changed

This week's update has lots of exciting new things for you. We have a newly fitted Greenhouse near Booty Central. It is the new home of the cards and gifts, and its gradually filling up with goodies - so make sure you take a peek and remember to keep checking back for new items as we are adding things daily.

Inside the greenhouse we have some super cards, Romantic ones, Rezday, Birthday, Easter, Congratulations - we are sure you will find something you like. Also, you will see a small selection of our potted plants and on the outside the hanging baskets. So if you have a patio you want to add some colour to then come and take a look. Whilst you are there check out the new Lucky Letter board, it might just have your letter on it and you could win a great prize! Please do NOT post lucky letters in group chat though!

Now for the new Special Sales items this week - 3 items at HALF-PRICE!

..✿ *SECRET SANDS* ~ ONLY 249L ✿...


 This is 52m x 60m and has 156 prims, these include 2 x couples cuddle poses, windy palm trees, a camp fire - lovely for those cooler evenings, plus pretty planting all set in this lovely sandy garden. Well worth seeing, this makes a great addition to any plot.

..✿ *QUIET TIMES* ~ JUST 199L ✿...

This is a somewhat smaller garden at 32m x 32m so would fit most plots - but do check before purchase. With only 62 prims we are sure this will please those of you who have prim limits - these 62 exclude the furniture though - there are 17 prims in the table and chairs but of course use of these is optional. A charming garden - well worth considering especially at this almost give-away price!


You can see the Cafe Tables and Chairs in the Greenhouse - give them a try, they have 4 sit anims in each chair. Two of these can be seen in the piccie below.

With a total of just 14 prims these are a great addition to patio, garden or beachside space. Come and check them out!

On the Auction Board - with bids starting at just 99L we have DIRT ROAD LANDSCAPED PATH (a 699L Value).

This one is 45m x 50m and has 88 prims, all modify and copy as usual. A great path - add your own wildlife if you wish and make it feel truly like being in the countryside. Wild flowers along the path edges, rustic fences and trees make this feel just like being out of town and away from the hustle and bustle of life.

For the 99L Sales items - this week we have 2 amazing grasses, one is brand new - LONG GRASS* and having its debut the other is one of our popular grasses PINK PASSION GRASS. Either will cost you just 99L, why not pick them both up and mix'n'match them to give your own meadow effect.

 On the Booty Boards this week we have 3 AWESOME ITEMS TO WIN

DREAMY DAFFODILLS - perfect for this time of year!

A 42m x 42m garden filled with trees and daffodils what could be more perfect - and all in 107 prims. Daffodils are one of many people's all-time favourite flowers - true heralds of spring! A prize well worth winning.

MOMENTS - small garden

 Only 28m x 25m this is a lovely small garden for almost any plot, only 66 prims and including a cuddle rug with 30 animations this is ideal for all you romantics. Another super prize.

WOMAN STATUE - Only 11 prims - a graceful statue with a small amount of surrounding planting.

 This makes our trio of Booty Prizes this week but for the Big Prize Board we have something very special - SECRET FOREST (a 950L Value) - so make sure when you slap you stay on sim for 10 minutes (feel free to roam but do not leave the sim) so your name is sure to register on our database for inclusion in the draw.

If you are a lucky winner then you can rez this on the ground or use as a skybox as it has wonderful enclosed sides (removable for those using on the ground). It does need a 50m x 50m space for the 188 prims - but if you have the space available then do give this board a slap, its well worth winning!

As always take the landmarks from Booty Central (The Meeting Point) or from the Greenhouse to view the items we have on offer. Remember the Greenhouse items will change so you need to go see what is on the board and if it is your letter. But please remember do not call out the letter in group chat.

Here are your limos - Booty Central -
Greenhouse -

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