Thursday, March 20, 2014

Booty Boards and New Sales Out Today

Today we have some super new items for you in Booty Central (aka The Meeting Point).

On our flowers board we have two new items today, the first is Purple Lobelia flowers - so pretty and dainty, they can go in borders or planters. At just one prim each and available for only 99L they are a must have item. Modify and copyable as usual so you can have as many as you want.

We also have some lovely Purple Spider type Chrysanthemums for you today, again suited to many different parts of your garden, these can complement other plants beautifully. Also modify and copyable and only one prim per plant, come and get yours now for 99L.

Our other sales boards have the following 3 items at HALF PRICE - this week:

..✿ HORIZONS- ONLY 249L ✿...

HURRY and grab all 3 offers, they won't be here long!

In the Auction/Bid Board we have CARIBBEAN PLAZA - this has a normal price 799L but bids begin at just 99L - a real chance to grab a bargain. Caribbean Plaza is a super 50m x 50m garden with 205 prims. Modify and copyable as normal, it has a lovely tropical feel. Make sure you take the teleport link and view it for yourself.

On the Lucky Boards we have the brand NEW Mesh Stables - for your horses, cows, sheep etc. Only 23 prims in total, it comes complete with hay bales. If you are a lucky winner, whilst this is modify and copyable - do take care if you try to resize mesh remember it can alter the land impact!

The other Lucky Boards are the brand NEW Bickleigh Park, a wonderful small garden. Anyone winning this will be lucky indeed, it is super. It has a central circular area with flowers and seating for 4 avatars, all in a nice walled and gated garden. At just 106 prims it is a great prize.

We also have a Couples Cuddle Swing with a tiny bit of landscape too! This is 15m x 15m with only 46 prims - the cuddle swing itself has 14 animations. Another super prize, modify and copyable too!

On the Big Prize Board we have Mountain Retreat - this is one of the larger Panoramic gardens and measures 50m x 50m, with a total of 134 prims. You can use this as a skybox or on the ground. Remember sure make sure your name is entered in the draw you must stay somewhere on our sim for 10 mins after slapping the board.

To see all of these offers or to try your luck with the boards come along to Booty Central aka the Meeting Point and take the teleport links offered on the signs. Here is the limo ~

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