Monday, February 24, 2014

Lucky Boards, Promos, Sales & Steals and Deals Information

Starting this week we will be offering our sales and promos from mid-day Monday to Thursday, and the Steals & Deals offers over the weekend- ie all day Friday to Monday inclusive.

From NOW until around midday SLT on Thursday we have the following Sales and Promos for you:

On the 99L Board we have Windy Spring Weed Plant with dancing butterflies. Lovely grasses and flowers with butterflies and only 7 prims. Modify and Copyable so you can use these (or parts of them) dotted around your garden where ever you want a little extra filler.

For  HALF-PRICE and offer at just 250L we have RAVELSTOKE. A 40m x 40m garden with only 130 prims, it has trees, pathway, grasses and of course some lovely flowers. Well worth coming over and picking up at this price, but remember this offer will end on Thursday!

In the PROMO Board we have MEADOW BROOK LANE for only 199L!! This delightful 50m x 20m garden has 140 prims - including some really lovely trees ideal for any spring garden. Very pretty underplanting and of course the lane itself. A real bargain price so come and see it today. Grab the LM from the Meeting Point and go and check it out for yourself. Just remember to be sure of the sale price buy from sign on the ground level.

The Auction Board contains ~ *TRIPLE DELIGHT* (a 799L Value), so come and place your bid. Bids will start at 99L as usual so this is a fantastic chance to grab a bargain. This seats no less that 14 avatars - yes 14! It is a delightful seating area for adding to your own meeting or friends gathering space. Measuring 57m x 14m it will fit along the side of other gardens on most plots but do check sizes for yourself.

On the Booty Boards for the FULL WEEK we have  *Summer Tree 1* - *Sunny Days* - *Whispering Blooms* ~ (ALL TARGETS HAVE BEEN LOWERED!!). Make sure you come and slap these, one lucky winner is selected in each round.

Last but not least on the BIG PRIZE BOARD we have *HIDDEN IN THE TREES* (a 799L Value). This is one of the larger gardens and measures 70m x 55m, with a total prim count of 235 prims. Plenty of trees and planting but also with an added Cuddle Bench with 14 animations. A superb prize for one lucky winner in each round. Just remember to make sure your name registers you must stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after slapping the board.

STEALS & DEALS - Please see information later in the week regarding the items to be offered for the 28 February to 3 March weekend.

Here is your limo to view all the offers and to take part in the lucky board draws.

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