Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sales and Board Changes - 23 April 2014

As our hunt is about to begin this blog post will be a little shorter than usual - lots of monkeys to prepare for you all - see previous blog post for hunt details.

Special Sales:

Cuddle Me Under The Palms - A nice small garden filler with cuddle animations and only 18 prims - for just 199L. A great half price bargain.

Delphinium Pink - Only 99L - a great filler too only 1 prim and mod/copy so rez as many as you want.

Lake Topaz is our next bargain - A lovely large lake with 83 prims and only 199L - this is a super price. One of our slightly older but very popular lake gardens - it makes a super addition to any space.

Lucky Boards - on these this week we have

Westfield Path - box includes both the straight and curved versions. Ideal for making your own footpaths as you can use as many of each shape as you wish.

Wisteria Walk - this lovely small pergola with wisteria hanging in a lovely purple, with planting around - it is a lovely prize for one lucky winner in each round.

Horizons - a pretty 40m x 40m garden with winding path and bench under the trees. Well worth coming to slap this board, it is a great addition to any collection of gardens for the lucky winner.

Big Prize Board - one of our stunning big venues - this is a must have. It is 50m x 50m - Majestic Falls in Bloom - complete with sounds and falling blossom, rain generator and mod/copy too this is really a stunning prize. Remember to make sure your name is entered you must stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after hitting the board. Why not look at the hunt gift whilst waiting! Or if the hunt has started - try your luck on finding items.

Auction Board - Caribbean Plaza - with bids starting at 99L - this is a super bargain opportunity. A 50m x 50m garden with seating under thatched roof and lots of lovely paving plus palms and other pretty planting.

Here is the limo to see all the offers and lucky prizes -

Then take the landmarks from the individual board to see that particular garden or item. We hope to see you soon. Remember to check out the hunt - last post!

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