Thursday, April 3, 2014

Boards All Changed - 3 April

Its New Sales and Lucky Boards Time Again here at Two Moon Gardens - how quickly the week's fly by!

Starting with the Big Prize Board - the Amazing NEW *Hearts and Flowers* Sky Globe Garden. Launched only this week, we are thrilled to have it available for one lucky winner in each round. Remember you must stay on the sim for 10 minutes to make sure your name registers. Why not use this time to go and view the ground version of ths stunning design. These two designs have to be the ultimate in romantic gardens, ideal for those summer weddings or special moments with a loved one!

On the other Lucky Boards we have -  Land to Ocean Stream, Beach Passions and A Path to Home - Yellow. All wonderful items to win - so why not come and try your luck today!

Take the teleports from Booty to view these - there is one of the Land to Ocean Streams set up on the ground for you to see, the version that goes to the ocean. Both are in the box so a really great item to win, as are the prizes in the other two boards.

On our Special Sales we have each at half-price or less we have:

..✿ Elegant Falls - Landscaped Path ~ ONLY 350L ✿... At 64m long by 40m wide this is a wonderful waterfall edged pathway, use it to link together parts of your garden or as a walkway to the entrance. Whatever you choose it is sure to please both you and your visitors. Mod/Copy and 234 Prims.

..✿ Sitting by the Flowers - Red ~ JUST 199L ✿... A nice group seating area with 30 animations set amongst pretty blooms. This makes a nice focal point for meeting and greeting visitors or for just sitting and relaxing in lovely surroundings. Again mod/copy with 38 prims but only 18m x 12m!

..✿ Buttercup Grass ~ ONLY 99L ✿... This can be used in meadows and gardens as you wish, really pretty and only 1 prim per plant - 2 plants enclosed in box. Mod/copy as usual.

These are all fantastic bargains, they will not be around very long so make sure you come and see very soon! Take the teleport links from the boards to view.

In the Bid-Board we have -*Landscaped Canal - this comes with all the pieces for you to use as you wish, or if you prefer a rez box ready done for you of the canal, but please note the plants and flowers are in the box but not fitted as part of the landscape in the rez box, so you can place them as you want.

On the 99L Plant Sales Boards we have - Poppy Ground Cover and Pink & Purple Gladioli. Each is one prim per plant or ground cover plant that you can modify and copy to fit your own needs.

Remember to view take the teleport links on each of the boards at Booty Central (aka The Meeting Point) and see for yourself. Here is the link to Booty Central - - we look forward to welcoming you soon!

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