Friday, May 2, 2014


The Sales Boards have all been updated today!

You can find  PEACEFUL RETREAT* ~ ONLY 349L - this is a lovely tranquil woodland garden - 60m x 60m so do check your space as it requires a 4096 sq m parcel or larger. If you long for beautiful shady trees to walk in or to sit and relax then this is the garden for you.

SPRING POND 2 ~ JUST 149L - On special offer this is one of our very popular small gardens at just 20m x 20m this will fit just about any plot.  Only 60 prims but including a pretty tree, planting and pond with tiny waterfall this is a real bargain!

THE BLUEBELL PATCH~ 199L - This abound with gorgeous bluebells, they are such wonderful late spring/early summer flowers. Here we have a mini-woodland only 20m x 20m with trees and a real display of these pretty bluebell blooms, yet only 48 prims in total. A really pretty small garden at a great price!

Come along to booty Central aka The Meeting Point and take the Landmarks on the Sales Boards to view the items.


On the ★ 99L SALE ITEMS ★ Modify / Transfer ONLY ★

BRAND NEW - *TROPICAL PATCH 2* - JUST 99L ~M/T - this is one of our new small filler patches. Please take care to note these are ideal for gifting as they are modify and transfer (you cannot copy them). But at the price of just 99L if you need more than one then they are surely still a real bargain! As you can see it has lovely palms and under-planting yet is only 12 prims.

BRAND NEW - *LITTLE GARDEN BORDER 2* - ONLY 99L ~M/T - another of our small filler borders. Nice trees with under-planting to fit on any lawn or border - only 8 prims. Again take note these are also great for gifting being modify and transfer only (another no copy item). Like the Tropical Patch though at this price they are readily affordable should you require two.

To view these take the limo to:



On the Auction Board we have Fat Pack of Pink Trees and Flowers (699L value) and bids start at just 99L - a great chance to grab a DIY bargain. Pack contains 3 trees with lovely blossoms and no less than 20 flowers! Come and take a look for yourself, we are sure you will want to try bidding!

On the Big Prize Board we now have Elegant Falls - Landscaped Path. This makes all other paths and walkways look jealous - remember you will need to stay on the sim (anywhere as long as on sim) for 10 minutes to ensure your name is registered in the lucky draw for this prize.

Lucky Boards - on the other three lucky boards we have some lovely items for one lucky winner in each round - the images below will give you a flavour - or come along and see them for yourself:




There are teleport signs on each of the items on sale or on the lucky boards so make sure you check the items out.

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