Saturday, January 18, 2014

Special Sales and Lucky Boards - 18 January

It is hard to believe it has been a whole week now since spring came to Two Moon Gardens but it really is, if you have not been to see the amazing new gardens you then you really should. Just look back to the last blog for the photos, but better still come to the sim and see for yourself.

Anyway, this week we have some super sale items for you once again. Come and check out the Shady Patio for just 275L. This is one of our very popular small gardens and it can be used with or without the furniture, so, if you have your own dance animations, it can  easily be used as a space for you to dance with your loved one. The patio and plants are just 55 prims and the furniture and accessories (if used) add another 28 prims.

Another of our great small garden spaces is on Promo at just 149L, this one is the Butterfly Tree. This has just 13 prims in total and includes the tree with grass and a few flowers around the tree trunk along with some lovely dancing butterflies and a couples bench with 14 poses. Useful for any garden filler or for those of you will limited ground space.

Our 99L special board today is Orange Passion Grass - this as usual is modify and copy and only 1 prim. One of our must buys for using anywhere as it is great for adding to any of your garden spaces.

On the Booty Boards we have Tranquil Rest, A Fat Pack of Tropical Plants and Trees, and Elegant Falls Path - Fat Pack. These are all wonderful prizes so come and check them out. Below as a taster is the superb Elegant Falls Fat Pack.

The Auction Board has another great garden - Caribbean Plaza - its value is 799L so an absolute bidders dream garden as bids start at just 99L. For those of you who are not familiar with this it is just as you might expect from the name a lovely paved area but with tropical touches and included is a pretty covered seating area so you can escape the hot Caribbean sun. It measures 50m x 50m and has a total of 205 prims.

Today's Big Prize Board is one of the newest gardens - barely a week since its launch, so what a great opportunity for some lucky winner in each round. Make sure you come and try to win it for yourself, its Lighthaven in Bloom. It is 40m x 40m and has 164 prims. Modify and copy as usual, a wonderful prize - just remember you must stay on the sim for 10 minutes after slapping this to make sure your name is entered into the draw. Why not go and see it for yourself whilst you wait, we are sure you will love it and have your fingers crossed hoping to be the lucky winner!

Take the landmarks from the boards at the Meeting Place to view these lovely gardens and offers for yourself.  Remember to teleport back to the Meeting Place if you want to take advantage of the special offers and sales prices.

19th January ~ NEW GROUP GIFT ~ Today - Bunnie put out a super new Group Gift - so if you are not yet a member of our group you might like to consider joining and picking up the group gifts and gain the chance to win on our Lucky Boards.

This wonderful little walkway is just 34 prims - modify and copy, plenty of pretty Lavender and some very nice Agapanthus blooms - oh if only you could smell the Lavender in SL! The walkway is right near the Meeting Place so come and have a look and pick up your copy TODAY!

Here is the limo to the Meeting Place:

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