Monday, January 6, 2014

Boards All Change - Our First This Year

This is our first lucky and special offers board change for 2014, so we hope you like the items Bunnie has selected for you.

The 99L Sale Board has Chamomile Flowers - these are pretty white 1 prim flowers that are modifiable and copiable. These are perfect for your spring garden.

On the Auction Board we have Christmas Presence - with bids starting as low as 99L (a real bargain if you can win the bid as this normally costs 950L). This is a lovely winter garden - 50m x 50m and only 161 prims. Modify and copy as usual. a lovely river, snow drifts and gorgeous winter trees with sparkly foliage. Take the link to the view from the Auction Board or take this link:

On the Sale Board we have Romantic Encounters on offer for just 399L. This is a really flexible garden as it comes with 2 versions, a stand alone one that is 40m x 40m with only 113 prims. In addition we have a landscaped path that is another 213 prims but is a full 85m x 42m. When you use both together then this makes a wonderful long path to the pretty garden at the end. You also receive a sky globe and a cuddle bench in the pack so you can select how to use this real dream of a garden. Do come and see for yourself - take a walk along the path and see what a lovely garden it is for such a low price. To view use this limo: or take the link from the Meeting Place - just remember if you wish to purchase make sure you use the ground vendor to benefit from the special offer!

The Promo Board today has Cosy Moments and will cost you only 250L. This garden also has 2 versions in the pack, one that you can rez on the ground - 186 prims and one for the sky with a texture changing globe that adds only one more prim. Both have a footprint of 40m x 40m so will fit most garden space. As you can see from the image below this planting is rich and vibrant - well worth considering for your sping/summer spaces. To view use the link below or take the link from the promo board at the Meeting Place. As before just remember to take advantage of the offer to buy return to the ground to use the sales dispenser.

On the Big Prize Board we have a really super item for you - Forest Walk. Our great country path that you can use in many ways, it stretches 200m x 40m - so by rezzing additional copies you can go all the way around a sim if you wish. Each such path full length path is 258 prims. Or you can use the enclosed pieces and shapes and boxed flowers and plants to fit it to a much smaller space if you prefer. The alternative layouts are numerous. Just remember to stay somewhere on the sim for 10 minutes after slapping the board for your name to register on the draw list.

On the other Lucky Boards we have - ANGELIC PASSIONS, TROPICAL OASIS and   WHISPERING BLOOMS POND, all really nice prizes - so make sure you come and slap the boards and good luck to everyone.

The link for the Meeting Place is below:

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